Resolveeeeeeeee/site change

It’s another beautiful year. Or a few weeks into another beautiful year. It’s time for some new RESOLUTIONS.

A lot of my “resolutions” are really just “everyday tasks that I should have done by now/should already be doing” but whatever. some of them aren’t. Some of them might SEEM unrealistic, especially mixed with others. i dont care. leave me alone. I can do them.

1- get off wordpress. ive been suffering here for way too long.

2- actually- im going to do that right now. i hate wordpress. ive hated it for a long, long time. and im done with it. all i ever wanted or needed was a simple html page like all sites were when websites werent bloated disgusting fat messes. what’s 2? im just going to make a freaking neocities account. i know i should just host something myself, right? but at least i can get used to designing stuff in html there first, right? r-right?

there was more, but im done writing on freaking wordpress. ill uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

post the new site later, and start moving things over. that’s all bye. byebye.byeeeeeeeeeee.