2023-06-04: The Virgin Tradlarper vs the CHAD Larpagan

an EXCITING e-drama blog post?

Only a little bit, I promise. Pic unrelated too, this isn't about Destiny, I just kept seeing that pic of Gollum and I'm like "Wow, this just needs blue hair ASAP." So, that's that, this post contains 0 Destiny.

kk, soooooo let's seeeeeeeee. What do I waaaaant to taaaaaaaaaaalk about.

Cozy.tv recently had an update to its rules. No drama between Cozy streamers.

This change was made largely because a single streamer called "Big Tech" would just have his every stream be kvetching about everyone else on the platform.

I don't really want to get into the FULL history of Big Tech, because it's not really thaaaaat important for THIS blog post. This exciting blog post.

The quickest possible rundown I can do is this: it's a guy who was in a hippie space-Jesus cult, then started pretending to be a Christian after losing a debate to Orthodox Jay Dyer, and then was recorded saying he'd fake a conversion to Catholicism in order to be accepted in the America First movement,

And then the day after a "no inter-streamer drama" rule was added to Cozy, starts saying "Actually thinking about Jesus is gay, and Catholicism was created by jews, don't think about death, just be like Marcus Aurelius and like, live."

All of that's funny for a ton of reasons, but the reason why I'm writing about this--GOTTA STAY FOCUSED ON 1 THING--is because I think it's a good example of the 2023 Male who pretends to be a stoic.

Like obviously being so upset at not being allowed to be a gossip queen that you do a 180 on how you publicly present yourself isn't stoicism.

I mean really think about the kinda nigga reading Meditations in Current Year. Not that Big Tech read it and not that Meditations is even bad at all, but am I to believe Marcus Aurelius is looking up from Purgatory and smiling at all of the men citing his journal these days? No, because at least half of them just want to "improve themselves" so they can get women to tolerate having sex with them. That's the difference between the Rollo and the Zherka.


Getting a vasectomy so you don't accidentally get a girl pregnant because your IQ is 'Might Accidentally Get a Girl Pregnant',

or doing cocaine and becoming a modern Crusader? Violently shifting the paradigm by having Unpleasant History Facts streams w/ black and arab guys where everyone's throwing up Roman salutes?

The kind of people who need to read Meditations the most aren't going to get anything from it. They're too stupid, it's literally just over. Hopefully they can at least have lots and lots of orgasms.

I've said in the past that Christianity is compatible with Stoicism, I kind of think Christianity's a better version now. Chesterton said Christianity's superior because it's about being joyful, and that's kinda real and great. But no matter how you slice it, even if you granted that Stoicism is actually incompatible and greater than Christianity, is it a really stoic thing to be seething at Christianity?

I'd argue not.

You know who's pretty "stoic"? Uh, Christ. The Christian martyrs who were tortured and killed. Me, for calmly writing thislOL im just kidding.

Big Tech's a total retard, but I don't want this to just be about him. Because all of the "Apollo" shit, We Wuz Vikangs, all of it's uhhhhhh bad. Having identity, culture, that's all good. But "What's goin' on, big guy? You just became a hedonist." The idea of RETVRNing to idk, some pre-Christ religion is just veryyyy... for starters, I don't believe you. Right? Like, there's the idea that a lot of guys are just larping as Traditional Christians online while IRL they're total scum-- that has some validity to it, sure. God knows *I'm* not a good Christian. But what of the anti-Christian Pagan version of this? For starters, elephant in the room, it just "doesn't exist". No-one even knows what the fuck, excuse my language, what the fuck they're doing, how they're doing it, what they believe, what they disbelieve. It's just total nonsense-chaos, like Protestantism 2.

But then, it's also like no dude, Christianity IS your heritage. It's everyone's. If you're able to trace your family soooooooooooooooooooo far back to like, a tree-worshiper dancing naked in the woods, that's great and everything, but, for starters why are you going so far back? That's some "NOOOOOOOOOOO, James is my slave name, call me Tyakawoobroneeka!" shit. And if your great x100 great grandma got CONVERTED, why are you disrespecting your x100 great grandfather? And all of their children? It's worse than pointless, because you're making your racial & cultural identity a conquered one. Because Christianity did conquer. And THAT'S your true identity. Embrace it. Because You Will Never Be a Druid. You CAN'T be, so don't just reject all of your Christian ancestors in favor of the ones who came before. They're gone, okay? Atlantis sunk for a reason, but that's somethin yall aint ready to talk abo lmao im jk idk about that

In a lot of these online Pagan circles, the unifying belief is just "Christ bad". Hmmmm, that sounds familiar to me. Where have I-- nah, nvm I'm sure it's nothing. Probably just a coincidence.

Anyway, so uh, just get the vasectomy, read some more ancient philosophy from better men than yourself, don't ponder too hard about what actually makes them better, just read the words on the page and try to just apply the surface-level practical advice like waking up early. Maybe dive a little deeper into the "be thankful" territory, but make sure to have your floaties equipped just in case. Have lots and lots of sex with as many women as humanly possible. And make sure at every possible opportunity, to explain to Christians that Actually Jesus was jewish, and look, a Scientist drew a picture of him, he was ugly and really really brown :)

Just like Marcus Aurelius would do. Now That's What I Call Stoicism. The Greatest Redpill Never Told.

Aaaaaaaaanyway... is that it? I guess that's it for now. I'm glad I didn't make this just a drama post, it would have sucked.

It still sucks, but at least it's not a drama post.

kk, i'll ttyl. take care pls, God bless.

2023-06-03: If I call out your name like a prayer
Would you leave me alone in my tears

knowing i need you so
would you still turn and go

this took me forever to find again, so before i forget-- here

when i was a kid, i downloaded all of royksopp's songs and i loved this one, but then when i was older i just could never seem to find this one w/ the "if i called out your name..." part. but there it is. i love it. idk why other versions even exist.

uhhh... what are we talking about? im listening to royksopp rn so actually the NEGATIVE blog post i intended to write, i actually dont want to write anymore.

that's a good thing, let's go with that. you like royksopp? like everyone else, the Geico commercial w/ "Remind Me" was how i found them. maybe advertising isn't always so bad?

no, finding good music ONE TIME doesn't save it. what else has there ever been, ever? "Mad World" and "How it Ends" from the Gears of War commercials?

i will NOT turn off the adblockers on the off chance ill find new music to listen to.

ill just go on uhh... pandora if i need new mu-- 1 sec my dog wants something.

ok she's ok. i think she just knows a storm is coming.

dogs are so great. even when they're annoying they're just so delightful. ill be at my desk, and she'll just barge in, get on her hind legs and just throw her paws on the desk. then i'll swipe her off with my arm, and she'll chomp down on my forearm with her mouth like it's a big bone lmao

uhhhhhh... vidya? is that something?... i havent been playing much. tears of the kingdom was good though. one thing that didnt impress me though, quite frankly, is that a pretty sizeable portion of the treasure to find in the game, is stuff you could get w/ amiibos in the last game. it's great that now you can just *get them*, but it's like lol uh this isnt new. dont get me wrong, i love that i found the Biggoron Sword while exploring, can repair it if i want to, and can spend 150 of my 4,000+ poes to re-purchase it if I break it. that's 100%-completely-better.

but idk, it's uhhhhhh. it's something. i know part of it's just me aging and being less-appreciative of things lol. but that cant be the whole problem, since I do generally like TotK better than botw, and not only that, but it also has like a complementary effect that makes me appreciate botw more than I previously did too. I don't think totk is just a "completely better" game. I think it's a kind of OoT/MM relationship. not just because it's a sequel. although that's probably aforget it.

forget it, im gonna go. im tired, my shoulder is acting up and driving me insane

so that'sssssssssit. thats it. kkk ttyl, please have a good day. God bless

2023-06-01:waste of time

my poor injured finger is a little better, i think i can type now.

my retard-friend didnt like that i called something a "gay waste of time" so he thought it'd be a good idea to try to explain to me that actually there's nothing wrong with homosexuality.

im like, an old man now. im not in the midwit "dude let people be themselves" lolbert nihilist phase of my life anymore where "harm" is only defined as "directly causing immediate physical pain", so debating the issue of homosexuality with someone who is in that phase just isnt -- well you might say it's a gay waste of time. that's what you might say. im not going to spend time explaining sex obsession and adult diapers to a guy my own age. we're all too old at this point.

so i told him that and blocked him lol.

this might sound like a familiar story if you've been following me for a while. you might be thinking "Huh, Asked has blocked 109 of his friends, but they're always the ones in the wrong? Hmmmmmm."

But no, it's actually just this same guy over and over. i get sick of him starting with me.

he'll complain about his zoomer coworkers doing the "pronouns" thing, but then he'll turn around and take issue with me calling something "gay"? give me a break, bro. use your brain. get your noggin joggin. you were literally friends with me all throughout my libtard male feminist gay rights phase, and you think you're now going to have an old-school internet debate with me about this? You've got some secret knowledge, some stunning new revelation that's going to revert me to my teenage worldview? ok.

i could write a book shit-talking him right now, but that wouldnt be right so im not going to, it's just TIRING.

AAAAAAAAAAAAnyway, m y shoulder is killing me rn so im just gonna go.

terrible blog post, sry. appropriately titled at least. take care pls, ill ttyl. God bless you.


Independent Fact Check: Probable

In the Lord of the Rings, after the seige of Minas Tirith is broken, we learn the ancient Gondorian lore "The hands of the king are the hands of a healer, and so shall the rightful king be known"

in Breath of the Wild AND Tears of the Kingdom, it's possible to paralyze a lizard by shooting it with an arrow. If you shot a lizard with an arrow IRL, it would at bare minimum permanently damage it. So it's safe to assume that that's the case in Zelda as well. But if Link then picks up the lizard, then takes him out of his pouch and places him back down on the ground, the lizard will be completely healed.

in other words, Link has the hands of a healer.

The king is mysteriously absent in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. We never know what happened to him. The closest thing to a clue we have is the "Old Man" pretending to be the King's ghost. (Ghosts are not real, and the Zelda-equivalent of ghosts, Poes, are not introduced until Tears of the Kingdom when the Old Man is already gone)

While there's other races capable of healing (Zora, the Zelda-analog of Elves) Link is the only Hylian shown to have the hands of a Healer. and it's safe to assum that Zelda games follow LOTR lore because they both have elves (hylians). inter-racial relationships w/ Zora are explored in Breath of the Wild but it is never stated thta the king of Hyrule was a Zora. it'd also mean that Zelda would be half-zora which she does not appear to be.

Like grief, One of the central themes in ALL Zelda games is TIME. We learn in TotK that Zelda has the ability to manipulate time. Why would she not save her father from death in the Calumnity then? Because she already did: she saved Link.

why will she not tell him? For the same reason Saria in Majora's Mask never told Link that he's not a Kakiri: she doens't want to break his heart.

this theory has been fact checked as logical and supported by Science.