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✝️Happy Easter? Yeah, I'm thinkin so

(yes i will also frogpost)

Christ conquered death (And That's a Good Thing)

it's nice to remember that. Hol on, I'm not comfy... 1 sec...

okay. this is better.

I'm not really EQUIPPED, I'm not a heckin' Theologian, but I can now at least wrap my head around uh...

the necessity of Christ's sacrifice. It had to happen for our sake, because there is no free lunch. No free Forgiveness Lunch. Could there be a free Forgiveness Lunch? Uhhh, idk probably. But why should there be?

God through Christ showed us all at once: -how much we suck, -how much he loves us anyway, -and His power over death.

"Yo dood, i killed 2 birds with 1 stone."

God be like: "Hold my vodka and cigarette, jk I know you're not strong enough nvm, I'll now kill THREE birds at once while drinking and smoking."

And that's what He did. Living as a MAN.

He wasn't dabbing on us. At least I don't see it that way. Remember, the ultimate sin is Pride. If we don't get *checked* every once in a while, what's going to happen to us? You know what's going to happen to us, all of Humanity will become the most autistic and vile creatures possible.

But ENOUGH about that, because the uhh... what am I ... let's focus on Christ instead of us lol

He came, he saw, he taught, he was sentenced to death by ... Lovely People Who We Love ... and he suffered--FOR US, he didn't HAVE TO--and he died.

And then came back, and that coming back--

I'm going all over the place a bit, and I'm sorry, but these are uh... I never thought about any of this as a teenager, I was kinda just like "DUHHH, HOW COME HE HAD TO DO DAT, DAT DONT MAKE SENSE" Of course it makes sense. When someone offers sorrow, you receive it to forgive them. How do you forgive someone who isn't sorry? You take of yourself. You sacrifice yourself. How do you forgive an entire planet who isn't sorry?

So it's not like rocket science why he did it, when you just *try* to imagine Christ's situation. It's impossible to know, but TRYING to imagine I think uh... it helps. It helps me at least.

So what was I-- HE CAME BACK. *That* is an act of love too, isn't it? He could have died and said "Aight, I'm out", and that would have been enough.

But he gave us MORE. On top of what we already didn't deserve, he gave us MORE. He rose again to tell us "No, it's not over lol" and in doing so, took what might have been a much more difficult hope, a much more difficult faith, and just made it... easier. His Resurrection wasn't just a display of power, it was a display of love.

"I'm still here, I'm always going to be here, now stop being cringe. Ttyl."

That lol. I'm a little sleepy. Happy Easter. He is risen.

Now, just lol watch this transition,

Just as Christ was sent to save our Rekt Planet, SO TOO was a uh... living-spaceship mommy who would deposit her DNA onto the nearest lifeform and accidentally create a cybernetic froggo. Cyberfrog isn't Jesus Christ, but we can forgive him for that since no-one is. But he's STILL a 5-foot froggo who can grow guns out of his arms.

Rekt Planet isssss. a great book. EVS sold these previews for $5 as a joke since Eric July's charging like obscene amounts for really bad art, bUTTT-- but. but.--that's another story. This isn't a ComicsGate DRAMA post.

Look at that art though. I love that. Idr who did that cover... *Jae Lee. I'm such a casual. I love the way it looks. They all just look so *cool*. And it has a kind of... uh "movement" to it, you know? idk the word I'm looking for-- am I looking for "dynamic"? Maybe Cyberfrog's a bit too serious looking... mmm... no, I like him too. Frogs aren't supposed to be cute. W... well they are, but... whatever.

Little spoiler for you though, Heather Swain (mommy on left) and her daughter Lily (tiny girl on right) are *not* killing alien hornets with hatchets and knives in the book. They're both pretty cool, Heather's seen it all and Lily's got *dumb kid bravery*, but those friggin hornets, THE VYZZPZ? They'll kill any human ez pz. Only Cyberfrog and his brother Salamandroid can save them!

Buy Cyberfrog's been cut off from *his* mommy, so he can't access his weaponry... and Sal's MIA! What's gonna happen!?

ok im looool im done. Happy Easter, pls take care of yourself aaaand have a relaxing day.

God bless, fren

she could get hurt or something

Stay or forever go

Play or you'll never know

heeeeey hey. hey . how are you? Good i hope. me? i'm uh... gimme a sec...

ask me again in a minute...

I'm okay. Thanks for asking.

Bit of a rough day. Life's getting to me in a lot of ways. It's hard to cope sometimes lmao. aaand. idk, just a rough day. I like night time. Ideally, I'd never have to sleep, ever.

You know what I'd like? A finger Rosary that I can actually wear all day. I've got one of those "full" ones with the cross and the 10 beads around the ring (which is sharp and thin), but you can't wear it on your finger all day, you'll never get anything done...

heyyyyyyyy there's like lol there's like an autism fidget Rosary spinner ring that has the 10 beads, but thin, and the cross in the ring rather than sticking out. THAT seems comfy. Of course I got the "regular" finger Rosary becuase I want to be a REGULAR person, and uh... it's nice. I've worn it around and found it useful, but I uhh... it'd be nice to have something that can *always* be on my finger without the beads pushing into my other fingers aaad,zzzzzzzzzzzzz pls i'm supposed to have ... I'm supposed to always carry a full Rosary as a Knight of Columbus, but for some reason, I'm like, dumb, and always leave mine hanging on my doorknob... that's weird, isn't it? why don't I put it by my wallet and keys... let me just do that rn before i forget... there.

sry what was i...

Oh so this is SALAMANDROID, Cyberfrog's brother. Isn't he cool? Canonically, Cyberfrog's not supposed to kill humans, and Salamandroid's supposed to be like his bodyguard and *is* able to kill humans if he has to, BUT...

originally, Cyberfrog was killing criminals left and right, and from the limited Salamandroid I've read, he's basically about the same. He kills some mafiosos to save a little girl, and then just like, watches over her until she grows up. IDK if she's still alive in the reboot, I HOPE she is, that'd be really cool.

I still have like... about half of the '90s books to read. VERY EXCITING.

uhhhh... idk. I'm still kinda in a bad mood lmao please forgive me.

I cracked to temptation and got some more Cyberfrog stuff lmao, the BLOOD HONEY STORFOLIO to keep books in, and a copy of the ART OF JON MALIN, with the SHANE DAVIS COVER-- Shane being the guy who did uhh... Inglorious Rex. Also, an All Caps Comics beanie, because i need a new beanie anyway.

And then, uh. lol they're selling like 25 old marvel/dc comics on eBay for $15. so i thought it'd be fun to look at some old stuff.

These might have been unhealthy cope purchases. hmm... no, I do want to see Jon Malin's art though, I really like Shane Davis's cover too... the storfolio I guess I didn't NEEEEED, but --

kk i treated myself WHAT OF IT i...zzzzzz whatever.

uh... happy news? i think the stomach issues that've caused me to lose like... 20lbs over the last 2 years? I think i might finally be recovering from them, so hopefully i can start going harder in the gym again. i've barely been managing to keep myself alive with pull-upslmao. the greatest and most fun exercise in existence. I love pulling myself up so much, I think ill do some after i post this--

btw, if you are a guy, find some way to do pull-ups at home. if you dont have space for a uh... my brain isn't work... a *station*, get one of the things that hang over your doorway. they can be dangerous, but ffs, you gotta do some pull-ups man, they're such a blessed exercise. in the meantime, do your push-ups: which i myself haven't been doing because MY TUMMY doesnt like me going down like that on the floor, so pull-ups have just been a blessing. i think ill be able to uh... get back to normal. pls God lol.

uhhhhh. that's all? did i ha-- yeah, im forgetting things, but let's just wrap it up.

FIRE EMBLEM: 2 more chapters and ive finished my first game. very happy. illlllllll. revieww it. i promise. Tears of the Kingdom review too, that's like... 1/3 done so far... im juusttttt lazy? no im not, give me a break IM IN PAIN REEEE

ill ttyl. pls take care of yourself. pray for me if you don't mind, but no matter what, have a relaxing day.

God bless, fren

was it good for you?

Zzzzzz where am i...

Hey, I hope you're feeling well rn.

This is Cyberfrog beating the tar out of Deathfly. Deathfly comes back though. That's not a spoiler.

Hey, YOU shouldlmao you should read Cyberfrog with me too! Get a copy of Blood Honey and Rekt Planet on eBay. He's reprinting the '90s stuff next year.

Uhhhhhhh... what do you wanna talk about?

I said I'd get into ED PISKOR, the cartoonist that was OUTED as a CREEPY WEEPY ICKY WICKY YIKES ON A TRIKE pestarooni. But Iiii... don't care that much. So I'll just say: he deserves it, fuck him, male feminists should be HAPPY when their VICTIMS speak out, right? It's your world, enjoy it. Freedom of Sex doesn't mean Freedom From Consequences :)

If this wasn't like, the millionth time this has happened, maybe I could force myself to come up with more, but at this point, lmao who cares about anything

Uhhhhhh, don't talk to members of the opposite sex unless you're both far-right Christian extremists who feel morally obligated to not mistreat each other. That's all. You both have to be, and you have to uh... how do I....

Look. I'm not happy about my lmao I'm not happy about or proud of my life, but the majority of girls I've dated have been normal, conservative Christians, and nONE of them ever uh, defamed me. And if you think I'm an asshole now, imagine me 5, 10 years ago.

Actually one of them did screw over the guy after me, but-- ...idk, I wasn't there, maybe he... What am I even talking about? [edit: THAT HAPPENED AFTER SHE BECAME A LIBERAL ATHEIST, WHEN SHE WAS WITH ME, SHE WAS A CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN. COINCIDENCE??? no.]

DO NOT DATE FEMINISTS. AND DO NOT DATE MALE FEMINISTS. ALL MEN WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU. ALL WOMEN WANT TO DESTR--It's not a "wom-- okay, it's not ENTIRELY a "woman" thing, men and women both completely FUCK each other over in different ways, it's just more of a public experience for men. So uhhh...

if the woman you're interested in likes to paint vaginas, instead of messaging her, just don't instead. And then you'll be saved.

that's all

what else...

LOOK, --sry, caps... life is hard. everyone's lonely, everyone wants to go on the Internet and talk big to the opposite sex, but just... don't. I'm not going to call Ed Pisco... piss core? what a stupid name, I'm not going to call him "creepy", he's just retarded. Ooooh baby, I'd totally F the S out of you rn, well, if you were here right now, instead of a person on the Internet that I don't actually have to face. Too bad you're not here rn, because if you WERE, maaan, we'd totally be DOIN IT. Hmm? No, I don't really want to travel a few states over to see you, I don't like you THAT much.

It's all sexual larping, and it's not healthy. Guys get it into their heads that they're rockstars, because they can TYPE. Being a rockstar and using women in REAL LIFE isn't a good thing, it's extra-gay to PRETEND to be that on the Internet. No wonder all those women TURNED on him lmao he probably promised them the best sex of their lives, and he didn't deliver did he? No, just sendin SEXY MESSAGES.

The Internet's gelded men. It's so easy to TALK, to make promises, to yap yap yapyapyapyapyap-- im doing it right now, see? How about looking another human in the eyes IRL? lmaaaoo reeeeee

uh... idk, I feel bad about everything. Ed. His idiot "victims". Society. We shouldn't be communicating like this.

When Ed was... 8 years old he should have met a nice girl at the local uh farm lmao and asked her father for her hand in marriage and the father's like "HAW HAW! SURE LITTLE GUY!" jokingly, but then they grew up together and never left each others' side, and finally they DID end up getting married, and then Ed never even talked to another woman for the rest of his life. And he only ever used the Internet for his stupid cartoons. That's how things should be. But . everything's just so gay. i feel guilty even blogging right now thinking about this, so id better change the topic...

...Fire Emblem? 27/30. im so close... recruited Jaffar and Nino. Jaffar's cool, but Nino's kinda useless. But I want her to be with Jaffar so I brought her into the battle. Hmm... I don't think I even have anything to upgrade her class... I won't be able to make her good. that's OK. I-- im boring both of us now.

I'll ttyl. im forgetting something, but i cant remember what it is.

so pls take care and have a comforting day

God bless, fren

somehow i doubt that

Something in the way she knows

And all I have to do is think of her

hey hey, how are you. Uhhhhh... my head... i have a lot of bad habits. i feel like im just unraveling-- yooo that's such a good song lmao

you ever heard Johnathan Young's cover of Unvravel? DAMAGED AND



so good so good

Tokyo Ghoul was really good. The first season. The second was uh-- I can't even remember anything. I just remember wondering "who are all of these people?"

I read the manga... i think starting with the 2nd part, iirc because people said it was different than the anime. and it was. but I still wasn't thrilled with it, and I was definitely extra-critical of it because it had a girl pretending to be a boy.

but uhh, . i was probably too critical. probably just fed up at the time. what was i talking about...

You Will Never Be a Ghoul lmao

uhhh... topics. we've got... Quartering conversion... Star Wars: The Acolyte?... Quills made homemade oreos... cap's website is leaking... hm...

Well as far as the Quartering's conversion goes, I'll try to keep it short:

it's normal to be very-skeptical of like, "influencers" doing anything sincere ever, BUT I see people suggesting that his REASON for turning to Christianity isn't good enough and can't be sincere. Being "pushed over the edge" by --idk, im not paying attention, probably some culture war stuff.

BUT: "Omg he's literally me" --me

I'm not going to pretend to be a good Christian. But I would die for Christ. I would die for any random Catholic priest. I'm a rabid, seething, zealous convert who has found a reason for his faith. There's nothing fake about my love for Christ, as STRANGE as it started (not appreciating Whites and men being hated on facebook). I'm as sincere as a lazy & horny Italian could ever be. The spirit is willing.

There's no going back, I'm HOME now. The Church is everyone's home, and idk if you necessarily need some kind of a...BIG reason for coming back to it.

It helps, I think. People generally need to be broken to be changed. I'm still essentially the same person I was when I was an atheist. I'm a prick, I'm vindictive, I'm prideful, I'm uh, certainly too horny. I'm kinda just *aware* of it now, and realize they're sins. And I tryyyyy to mitigate them.

Maybe the only major change in myself is that I think I'm a better friend than I ever was, because now I don't like to compete with my friends, I prefer to help them however I can. And uhhh... I don't take delight in anyone suffering, even if they're some kind of adversary. I just want everyone to be OK...

what am i ... QUARTERING. so uh... even if he doesn't CHANGE ANYTHING, it's-- I think people are expecting him to become a saint now. That's a really hard thing to do lmao. As long as he's sincerely coming to Christ, good for him, I knoooooooooow "it's a grift, it's a grift", and it's good to be skeptical.

But ultimately GOD knows what's in your heart, I DON'T. I can judge actions, and I know "actions speak louder than words", but I think people forget that being like, a human is lmao being a human is hard. We're ALL sinners, NOT ONE of us is free of sin. (And I don't want to get into this, but 'grift' is like, really really overused, that's another post tho)

Sooooooooooo... good for him. Hope it goes well. Pray it goes well, he's got a big fat platform, it'd be good for him to drop an ocassional Christpill. I think it's unfair to expect him to drastically change overnight or even over years. Guy's a YouTuber, no-one even knows anything about him on the day-to-day LOL. And I mean what, was he that EVIL to begin with? Pretty normal modern male.

He's probably already a better Christian than I am LOL

So good for him, God bless him, aaaand.

The Acolololoyte? This might have to be another post, I'm running out of steam, BUT i just wanted to say... that trailer... there was a line like

"It's not about good and evil", something like that. And it's a perfect example of writing that I cannot FFFFFFFFF...king STAND. it's like when Old Luke said something like, what was it... "everything you just said was wrong!"

What kind of lunatic WRITES like this? that's -- "it's not about good and evil" WHAT'S Not about good and evil? first of all-- untrue, EVERYTHING is about good and evil, BUT: WHAT IS THE "IT'S" AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY "ABOUT"?

there's some obnoxious line that's been around since I was kid that goes something like "rape isn't about sex, it's about power", and it's just mind-numbing. "it isn't *ABOUT* sex? I understand the message you're trying to convey, but it's like... I don't think *you* do, I think you're like, an airhead who doesn't think about anything that comes out of your mouth. Power. Can you define what power is? btw while we're at it, what is a womanLOL aaaaaaaaaaaaaalright off topic

im just gonna go-- the Ackololyte looks like garbage, i dont CARE, i just wanted to pick at that line because it's ATROCIOUS writing, and YES, this is coming from a guy who writes insane fanfiction, and YES, I'm correct.

But what about GOOD writing?

Cyberfrog. Cyberfrog has good writing. And the '90s Cyberfrog, written by a 20yo doomer Ethan Van Sciver, a self-aware edgy nihilist just seething at his ex-gf and society, you can FEEL the soul in it. When Cyberfrog meets his first friend, Heather Swain? Things go from soul to SOUL.

I sent my friend some funny pieces of it, I'll try to remember to post them here later... uhhhhh... just a funny guy, EVS. Even back then. I think he's only gotten funnier with age, although the new Cyberfrogs are a bit(lot) more serious. Better-written, but not as light-hearted. Or uh, bloody.

OKAY IM LOSING TRACK, let's wrap up. keep cap's site dry & congrats to quill on a bake well done, very yummy looking

illllllllll. ttyl, okay?

pls take care of yourself and have a relaxing day. God bless, fren

I must destroy her.

You can really see young-EVS's frustration with women lmao

Hey hey, hope you're feeling good. Not well, GOOD.

I made a lot of topic-promises, didn't I? Lemme see...

let's start out with Eldenborn.

I hate it.

No I don't, it's pretty good. It started giving me a headache though. That might be souring my mood as I type this.

Mmmm... how am I gonna do this. I have to do this quickly. Whatever just

iT'S OKAY, the melee combat issss good. It's fun to parry attacks, it has good pacing w/ a flask you use to heal yourself that's recharged by killing enemies, so you don't need to keep Dark Soulsing back at the bonfire(wells) and bringing all the enemies back.

You can be a swoll barbarian man or woman. The woman is that kind of absurd build where she's as large and shredded as a bodybuilder but simultaneously manages to have big breasts, BUT they're fake-looking balloon ones, which I've always thought was weird in art, and it's weird in the art of this game.

If y-- am I going off track? Maybe, but if you have a pencil and want to draw an unnatty big muscular woman, why are you drawing her with grotesque fake breasts? Is it too "unrealistic" for them to *not* be fake when she's roided out? Yeah, that is unrealistic, but I mean it's ART, just make them natural-looking.

Boomers and Gen-Xers are real SICKOS, they love plastic surgery.

I'm not talking about this anymore.

What w... oh, so lmao Eldenborn is pretty good. Enemies are pretty constantly fed to you, it's fun fighting them, it's all pretty Simple and Clean. And the music is prettyyyyyyy good. Idk if it's going to be worth a loooong review when I'm done, but for now, 7/10.

What next... "tropes"? One of my least-favorite words in the world... I can feel myself getting mad. So, IIRC, "MEN WITH BOOBS" is a trrrrrrrroooopppeeee tropey trope, troperino, gosh I love that word-- that I probably first heard from, idk probably ANITA Sarekekekeeezian. And I was thinking about it today, how fucking impossible it is to please social critics. You have to trick people into liking something. Like give ANITA a game and say it was made by a black woman and she'll adore it, but then you go "AH-HA!" and reveal it was actually made by a White man, and then Anita would accuse you of rape and say the game was bad the entire time.

Think about the name "MEN WITH BOOBS". How fuc-- excuse my language, but ffs, you know what a man with boobs is called? A fat guy. A guy who's coming off steroids. A guy who's eating too much soy. Those are men with boobs. A female character you think acts too much like a man(um yikes, transphobic much???) isn't a fucking "man with boobs", that's so fucking obnoxious. MEN WITH BOOBS ARE MEN WITH BOOBS. Calling women that is like... I don't really care about "hypocrisy" like, ever, but also it's just so fucking annoying because it's like being a MAN is just the worst thing that anyone could ever be. That's the "vibe" of that stupid "trope". And yeah, men should be masculine and women should be feminine. You know what's not feminine, though? Being fucking insufferable.

But the entire world of uh... what are these retards called again... intersectional feminists? Something like that. [Danger: Hot Takes You've NEVER HEARD BEFORE Inbound]

The entire world of the intersectional feminist revolves around KVETCHING. Ten trillion men can have their heads sawed off slowly as a plot device, and ANITA won't care. One woman's death is used as a plot device and it's the End of the World. And hey, guess what? I agree with you, ANITA, women are very precious and must be protected at all times. I unironically completely think that. I'm totally on the same page as you. BUT: it's a cOoOoOooooomic book, it's a viiIiIiIiiiiideo game, it's not REAL, Anita. And there *has* to be conflict in hero stories, otherwise it's not a hero story. You think I don't love a nice comfy uh, slice o'life school days tale? Love them. My own life is usually enough of a Hero's Journey. BUT: in a story with heroes, they have to be uh, facing conflict, danger, suffering, villains, and sometimes, maybe after a trillion men are killed, a woman gets killed too. It sucks, I AGREE. But it's a story. In real life, you(Anita) are a wealthy witch who makes money complaining about the plight of your sex because sometimes in a story one of them dies. That's called privilege.

I know that's not a hot take, but I don't care, it's *a* take, so just take it.

I don't like tropeshit.

Why did I write "Amazon"? Maybe I was just going to say something like "men with boobs are just Amazons, and...blah blah blah" who cares? I don't care about any of this.

Neither does Anita, or any kind of uh... lit/media analyist. The analysis is "Does this person politically align with me?" and if the answer's "yes", they're treated generously, and if the answer's "no", nothing they do will be right or good. It's not rocket science, it's very human. But why it's so obnoxious with like, retards, complete bird-brain idiots, is 1- I'm jealous of them because they get to make a living from it and 2- They're pushed to tons of impressionable people. So, idk, fuck Anitaaaa, I can't wait until Gamergate THREE when things start getting really bad, really "I'd better flee for my life" balmao I'm just kidding.

Tomboy Supremacy? What did I mean by that? I was probably going to compare them to Amazons. What's the difference? "Tomboy" definitely is more pleasing to say, it's only two syllables and they leave your lips more easily. "Aa mah zon" takes like a hundred years to speak and uh... it evokes a feeling of a mean woman who's going to be a pain in your ass for any number of reasons.

The tomboy might be a pain in your ass, but you'll also love her. Won't you?

But beyond their names, is there a difference? Maybe the Amazon is more physically-imposing. Which isn't actually attractive to healthy men.

I'm boring myself, I need to stop making topic lists...

"Over-analyzing everything"-- let's skip that one.

Finally, I will CLOSE this laundry list with the following:

No matter how much I don't like the word "woke", I LOVE seeing people just BAM, slap it on something and let that be the reason why they're not buying/participating/etc. it's PURRFECT. Compare that to the Kind of Person who will write an essay about why Hogwarts Legacy is Transphobic to explain why it shouldn't be bought. WRONG. Simplify your life. "It's woke, I'm not getting it."

"Hogwarts Legacy is woke, I'm not getting it." It's so funny. And yeah, it's *true* too, but who cares about stuff like that?

Okay, I'm now free to talk about anything I wantahahahahahaa. Ahhhh... I'm a tired man. A big, strong, handsome, tired man. And -- does my tummy hurt? It might.

I'm in a bad mood, but a kinda-good one too. Idk i--

oops, I forgot to write about COMICS. I FROGot, get it?

Cyberfrog: Warts and All, the complete '90s Cyberfrog came in today. I started reading, and it's like a time-machine. Ethan Van Sciver is uhhh... I think 50 now. Fifty years old. And I'm reading what he wrote and drew when he was like, 20. Isn't that CRAZY?

He's calling his ex-girlfriend a "cretin" in the author's notes of #1 lmao And now, 30 years later, he's married with 3 kids, is a grandfather, and he's the leader of a big indie-comic revolution 🐸 Cool story, bro.

I love that. God bless him, what a KING.

I've got a very smol collection of comic books now, mostly Cyberfrog, and it's because I found this crazy old man being funny on the Internet. Now I've got a SURPRISE comic coming in the mail, and a Doug Ten.. T.. Tenn.. ...Tenennenaaepal book coming soon, too. Inglorious Rex was freakin GREAT, I'm looking forward to #2,

Comics outside the mainstream are pretty neato. Idk, I guess I'm glad I was never into them when I was younger, because I'd be SEETHING about all of them being made gay and/or black. Instead I get to waltz right in and enjoy this based Mormon man's story about a giant talking frog, and I get to see who his friends are, and check out their comics. ComicsGate is ComicsGreat.

How does it compare to manga? Uhhhhhh. Well idk. Quality-wise, these old comics pros are basically unmatched, but STYLE? I love the way manga/anime characters look, they're beautiful, the scenary is often beautiful, those BIGGG rolling Japanese hills, the mountains, the rural/ sub-urban towns, it's all very pleasant to look at.

Plus, mangas release like, idk, 2 issues every single day? I'm kidding, but you know, compare it to indie comics, where these OLD MEN can barely put out a book a year.

It is what it is, though. The bottom line is this: I loved Demon Slayer, I would have waited for it if it wasn't finished. I love Cyberfrog, I'm going to wait for the story to conclude.

Is the blog post over NOW? SURELY it's over now, right? Yeah, I think so-- lmao wait.

Okay, we had a Python challenge tonight and I got MAD. I'll just tell you next time. Right? Okay, ssooooo...

I'll ttyl. Pls take care of yourself, aaaand. Have a comforting day. God bless you, fren.

how to win frens

this could be us, but you were rude to me on Neocities

Hey hey, hope you're having a good one.

I could probably write a more proper aaaarticle about this, and I probably should. staaaaaanding heeeeeeeere, i reeeeeeeaaaalizeeeee, you were just like meeee-- sry, sry...

But I'm feeling too lazy rn, so no. The subject is

uhhhh. Communicating with other people. Where do I staaaaart...

I got an interesting comment & follow on my profile today and itttt. wasn't good. That's all. It was the kind of comment that you could leave me that makes me want to not get involved with you. as opposed to a few other people recently who I'm like "Yeah, I like these people", because they were just nice and polite.

it's not an uncommon problem for like, younger guys and even older guys, to be kinda full of themselves and unable to talk to other people, but it is still a problem.

I want to see if I can write this without actually showing you what the comment was. I probably can.

It was just freakin rude, that's all lol. It was aggressive autism that amounted to "Your website sucks, but it's different than all the other ones that suck and are schizo so I appreciate that."

I just don't want to be involved with a person like that. Why would I? Would you? Am I the crazy one? I'm on a call with my friend when I see this comment, and I send it to him like "what kind of a first impression is this?" and he was MAD about it, he thought it was ridiculous.

but I know it's just like, an autistic male thing, so I can't be *mad* about it.

There's no good way to respond to it. I'm not going to thank you for "half-insulting" me and thus encourage bad behavior, but I'm not going to scold you either like I'm your parent, even if I'd be right. I'm not going to follow you back, because you're just not interesting enough for me to cope with your rudeness(very few people are)

So I did what I felt would be the least-embarrassing thing for everyone and just deleted the comment, and updated. I knew he'd see the update, see that I deleted his comment, and if he had any sense at all, unfollow me. And he at least did that. So, good.

So is this a uh... a LESSON in How to Win Frens and Influence People?

just a short one: Don't try to like, flex on other men. You can dominate dumber men and have fake-frenships, but it's not uhh.. it doesn't feel good. It's not real. Friendship is LOVE and if love isn't real, it doesn't feel good. If you try it on someone smarter than you, they're just going to like, ignore you and write a blog post about it.

In the past I've not followed-back just because I don't like something on someone's site, and then they get the message and unfollow, but I've never had someone START OFF with like an OkCupid-- an OKNeocities "ok ok im gonna message this girl..." kinda thing. And that was like sending me a pic of yo-- alright, I'm sorry, let's just wrap up, I'm exhasted today.

I wanted to write about something else earlier, but this SPRUNG UP, so just to uhhhhh... recap...

be nice to people. Don't try to neg me, don't try to fucking impress me, almost no-one does. You know who impresses me? Ongezell when he does some crazy new multi-media project. That's one example. And if Ongezell had introduced himself to me with "Hello, you're a bad writer, but all these other websites are '90s-inspired schizo trash", I wouldn't have followed him, and then *I'D* be harmed because I'd miss out on all his stuff.

So that's all, just try to be cool with people, especially when you're talking 1-on-1 with them. Like, at all times. Whether you're trying to avoid an argument with a friend, or get someone to follow you on Neocities. It's simple.

"Hey nice website, I like your ______." I don't need to hear about how much you hate everyone's schizo websites. Just don't follow them. I don't need you to tell me my writing is "low effort", I'm the one who's writing it, I know how little effort I put into it.

When you're introducing yourself to someone, you're asking them for something. A place in their heart and mind. You can be a quiet, peaceful tenant, a nice & pleasant one, a funny one, or uh, just an asshole.

Everyone has enough assholes in their lives already. MAKE ME WANT TO KNOW YOU. I don't have the time or energy to cope with people that are just unpleasant. That's all. Kinda rambling, it's no-- It's not a big deal, I'm not mad about it, I'm uhh... I feel bad. Because I've known a lot of guys who can't talk--

and btw, this is a Pride issue, I don't mean to start Christposting on you(yes I do), but as always, the root of the issue is Pride. It's *literally* where rudness comes from. There it always is. Even now, I feel it nibbling at my own heart, so I'd better change the topic.

Fire Emblem? No, no progress. I fell for the DLC for Warriors, and it's actually-- I mean, idk if I'd say it's WORTH it, but it DOES introduce some spear-grils who aren't mounted units. A biiig problem in the main game is that all your spear-units are Pegasus Knights. So if you need spears, but there's archers in the map, it's daaaangerous. These two NEW spear grils aren't just on foot, but ONE of them issss... what was she... a ... i cant remember, a musician that regens allies' special gauges, so she's GREAT, that's all. im so tireddddddddd

letsss-- ill ttyl. right? so pls take care and have a relaxing day. God bless, fren

the kind of person complaining about poor writing in an anime game.

im thirsty

Actual screenshot of my Fire Emblem save.

I've decided to take the day to rest LOL.

Uhhh... that's it. I'm relaxing today. I'm gonnaaaaa... work on muh site a bit, but that's probably it.

Other than that, veg out, maybe finish Inglorious Rex and start some UnFROGgetable Tales. Ye.

I'lllllllllll... ttyl. Pls just take care and have a comforting day. God bless, fren

Object Oriented Blogging

OOB. hey, how are you feeling?

i doodled some crap so im allowed to blog now. i was working on my figures though, so instead of posting a nude woman here, pls just enjoy this oooold pic i drew of a book from my Kingdom Hearts fanfiction.

Mickey wrote the book and left it on Max Goof's pillow. The book is about how Mickey's been mentally and physically abusing Goofy for years without him knowing.

it's a fun part of the story. Mickey's in hiding with Max and Donald, because Kylo Ren attacked the castle. Max and Donald saved Mickey's life, but because they interrupted him trying to have sex, Mickey is now tormenting them inside the safehouse.

Very IMPORTANT part of the story, Ren's hunt for Mickey.

ok im .............. am i already sleepy..

..yeah... im gonna go, im out of it. uh... python... learning about objects now... fun...

Fire Emblem... i went insane and stayed on the same map to grind. all my units are now max level, so im ready to continue lol

zzzzzzzz im gone. im just . im tired or something. my head is like, killing me.

INGLORIOUS REX is rly fun so far. im about... 1/3 through... cool protag, funny villains, hot girls, it's a FUN book, glad it came just in time for me to back #2, because i didnt want to until i'd at least gotten to see 1. i saw, i like, im on boarddd

im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo -- theres something up, my head is jusssss

ill ttyl

pls take care of yourself &have a warm day. God bless fren.

what it is, is what it be

zzzzzzz hi, i doodled a bad cyberfrog real quick so im allowed to write a blog post.

uhhhh... what's new? how are you feeling? i didnt feel good yesterday, today, and tomorrow's looking like a "maybe"

i feel like my brain's going to explode, lemme just... f...

python? still pickling. finished last CHALLENGE in the chapter on my own because friend's sleepy from memelight savings. im sleepy too, i shouldgrdrgdr

fire emblem. found a good place to grind. chapter 24, and it's so disgustingly perfect lmao it's so good that it's making me feel better just thinking about it.

an ARENA to train your units and make money, 2 armories, 2 stores, and 2 forts right by the arena so you can heal up your bois and grils from the arena. and to finish the level, you need to just go rpe the boss on the other side of the map.

so im going to be here a while just making everyone buffffff and making sure i have a good stockpile. i think this is the LAST PLACE to buy stuff before the end of the game... also uh... Supports. i wasnt doing SUPPORTS for like... the entire game... so. i...

anything else........... im so. i feel lke i . im forgetting something. idk.

uhhhh... Im gonna go read Salamandroid lol. he's really cool HE SAVED A LITT-- sorry, caps lock, he saved al ittle girl from the MOB who killed her dad like a minute after he(Salamandroid, not the dad) was born, and then he, i guess looked after her until she grew up because uhh... you see her visit him like... idk, 10 years later in a different book. he's so BIG and cool. ok. oh, a figure of him and Cyberfrog came with the bundle of books i got, illlll.. take a pic of them later.

im not forgetting anything, right?


i ordered a uhhhh... thing. you know. a ... so out of it..

a PHONE stand. i got a phone stand so i can record my dessssk. so Cyyyyberfrooooog video reviews? that might be fun

pls take care of yourself, have a pleasant day. God bless,fren.

ive been waiting for this moment all my life

butit's not qui right

hey, hope you're well. lemme see here...

i dont feeeeeeeeel good. lemme pick out an image for the post... lmao oh no no no

being a man is the most difficult thing in the world. I don't blame anyone for not wanting to be a man. Every waking moment is like that -- that's that Sharingan ability where Itachi was torturing Kakashi for what seemed like days in just a few moments? That's what being a man is.

Unrelenting mental and physical torture.


BUT THIS IS NOT A DEAD HORSE BEATING POST. I bet you actually thought I was gonna write a genderpost LOL you don't know me at all do you?

pfffthahahaha *pats your head* You're so attractive when you read my blog.

Instead, I'm going to talk at you about... Fire Emblem. This is a Fire Emblem post.

I'm on Chapter 24 now. I think this is the last map where you can stock up on supplies, so I'd better not dick up. I've got my PEGUSUS KNIGHT ready to save a village, I'm gonna give her a TORCH so s-- should I give her a torch? I've never actually used one, so idk how effective they are. I think I have to ACT QUICK though, that was what the uh... augery said.

I hate acting quick. The worst battles are the ones where a village is being targeted by a gang of ... ... vibrant youths... and you have to save them before they get culturally enriched.

It goes against my ultra-cautious playstyle. And--

Ha-ha look, he's dog whistling!! Haaaaaaaa!!!! LOL!!! Yeah, what about it? What, I'm not BASED enough for you anymore because I'm not screaming the N WORD in my blog?

Sometimes I just worry that it'll affect my site's uhhh-- ranking in some way. You know what I'm saying. So just imagine me screaming the N WORD right now, okay? I don't want you to think I'm AGAINST it. My voice is deep and cool, so imagine that.

Okay? Am I done screaming yet? Is it safe to continue?

Okay. Fire Emblem. Hey, did you know that Roy actually FIRST appeared in Super Smash? And his game came out LATER, but only in Japan? But he and Marth were so popular it helped bring Fire Emblem to the West.

And then the first game that was released here, which is the 2nd for the GBA, is a *prequel* to Roy's game. Th-- I think I got that order correct...

I like that, it helps make Roy and Marth *fit in* more. I think sword-users felt out of place for a long time in Smash. And then when all the latest characters were releasing, people kvetched about them, but I SAY GOOD.

It used to feeeeel like uh, they have an unfair advantage, even if they actually don't. Like in the first game, Link has his sword, and everyone else is just using their fists. But now there's a good mix of characters and I can mentally cope with it like "Ohh, the weapons are a crucial part of their identity, it'd be unfair of Link *not* to have his sword against Mario" Which I always could have, but it's EASIER when there's MORE characters with weapons. You know what I mean? You get me. I can always trust that you'll get me.

I'm putting more thought in it rn than I ever did, but I know it was always the vague feeling I had.

Hey, you know what's kinda cool? In the first game I used to pretend that Captain Falcon in his black outfit was Ganondorf, and then Ganondorf was like a Captain Falcon clone. That'ssssss neeeaaaaaaaattt

oaky aoijoaregij okay let's just wrap up, im . idk i dont feel great, im . hmm.

meh. Oh, PYTHON? lmao uh. Pickling. We're doing some ... pickling challenges. You know, uh... serialization. I don't like the word pickling, but that's what it is in Python. I'm bad at it. I understand everything logically, but the syntax is getting too much for me to remember rn. I've gottaaaaa. slow down alit..

im just tired. God help me.

I'll ttyl. pls take care of yourself and have a comfortable day. God bless, fren

wanna do it again?

Hey, hey. Hope you're having a good one. Wanna cyblmao-- wanna cyber...frog?

I just finished reading HEARTSICK HORROR, which takes place before Rekt Planet, and has a short in it that's before the end of Rekt Planet. It's good. Short, has a character I'm not familiar with, but I get who he is, it makes it clear. Or at least, I hope it does since again, idk who he is.

I'm tiiiired, am I okay? i think so. i hope you are too.

I've got a few more Cyberfrog books coming in. One, I'm actually "ehh, whats this?" about because there's like, a monstrous nun or something on the cover being torn to shreds. Idk what the story is there. I think in the '90s, EVS wasn't really religious.

I can forgive him lmao I uhhh. Idk, it's-- I've got a big problem with nuns being disrespected, that's all. It's something that makes me seethe. But that aside,

I'm really looking forward to the books. They've been enjoyable so far. And ther's some SALAMANDROID to read next. I think it's another one from the '90s... I think Th... it's getting a little "what's the reading order?"ish. but so far it's been easy. Am I even missing anyt-- yeah, I think I'll be missing like most of the books from the '90s, but I'm not like DYING to read them, I want what's happening NEXT.

I hope RED EXTERMINATION gets finished soon. The last few pages of Rekt Planet made me go "ohhhh ho hooo shit." It gets craaaazy. So uhhhh yeah. Cyberfrog's great. Love it. Funny, wholesome, good ACTION against monsters.

I refuse to get into comics beyond this though. I CAN'T. But still, freaking great. Very enjoyable, unlike this BLOG POST which I am ending now because we're both tired.

ill ttyl, pls take care of yourself aaaasaerafefr and . have a relaxing day. God bless, fren

Hey, wanna cyber? ;3

When I was a kid playing Runescape, it had to be spelled "ciber" to get past the filter. I had no idea what it was, but my single-day Runescape gf asked if I wanted to. I only have the vaguest memory of what was said, but I think it went pretty well. I'm going to say I did a good job.

What kind of post is this? I definitely want to talk about Cyberfrog a little, BUT. How about this:

Do you think it's possible that my Runescape gf was actually a man? It wasn't, men and women write very differently, and I've recognized it my entire life. It's how I managed to get my *better* Runescape gf who I actually got to see, but that's another story for another day. I was a very brave kid in forums and on AIM messengerlmao.

Instead let's go back to the one who CIBERED me, who stole my innocence and permanently traumatized mlmao jk but it's relevant to the following topic, which will then lead to Cyberfrog:

Women(female) being horny.

Women aren't good at it, but they love writing(im kidding, relax, men are unironically worse). And they love writing HORNY fanfiction. Everyone knows that. Everyone ALSO knows that Inuyasha was one of the greatest shows on television, period. And because it was, at its core, about a girl giving a guy a hard time, it is very popular with women. IIRC wasn't it even made by a woman? I think that's real.

In case you don't know, Inuyasha's a dude with doggo ears, and he just goes around having adventures with this girl Kagome. Very comfy show, a lotta action, a ton of cool characters, and it ends perfectly. I consider it basically a PERFECT show. And YEA, there's ROMANCE between the guy, who is a normal guy but with doggo ears, and the girl.

There's some stupid fuck YouTuber called Yellow Flash, who is a complete weeb, a bigger weeb than I am, who has seen more anime than me and read more manga than me,

who is PRETENDING that he doesn't fucking know what Inuyasha is, and accusing a woman of wanting to *fuck dogs* because she wrote Inuyasha fanfiction.

I don't like it when people lie. I'm a liar, I lie all the time, but they're like, tiny little lies to make my life and the lives of people around me easier and more pleasant. Lying with malice to harm another person, some might say BEARING FALSE WITNESS, is just atrocious.

And it's just extra-bad because ffs, you're like... a YouTuber who's an expert on pop culture media... and you're... pretending to think Inuyasha is like, a physical dog?

How fucking fake can someone be?

And he's just doing it to run cover for the Soska Sisters, who are uh, lmao *Satanists who produce torture porn* and writing comics for Flash's friend. Yeah, pay no attention to these two lunatics, look over there, it's a woman who's horny for an anime boy! Icky!!

lmfao kill yourself Yellow Flash, you fake fucking prick. What a joke.

If it wasn't about Inuyasha, it wouldn't be so bad. I don't expect Yellow Flash to know anything about women, but since it IS about Inuyasha, I KNOW that HE KNOWS Inuyasha is not an ACTUAL dog.

Btw, not for anything? If Inuyasha WAS a dog in the anime-- yeah, I'm going here, watch me go here-- it'd still be less disgusting than the Soska Sisters, doing shit in reeeeeEEEEEEEAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL LIIIIIIIIIIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

So fuck Yellow Flash, which leads me to what he's trying to damage:

ComicsGate. I've never in my entire life cared about comics, BUT--

I randomly started listening to Ethan Van Sciver's streams, I love them, he's a VERY entertaining guy, very based, very wholesome, so I figured I'd get some CYBERFROG to not only support him, but enjoy what I thought would be a cool story with cool art, unlike the TRASH that Yellowflash is pushing.

And I was right. I usually am. It's awesome, I really am enjoying the story. The only other non-manga comics I've ever read were the Amory Wars, because Coheed and Cambria are great and I wanted to know wtf was going on in the songs.

But Cyberfrog's art is reallyyy pleasant, and the WRITING?

The writing has to be another post actually. Because I like it a lot, and I've got a lot to say about it. I actually really wish I had a -- I need to think about how to do a video review. I'm kinda like the -- there's some critic named Mike... Parteeka? or something, and he's like, a total idiot. He nitpicked the everloving shit out of Cyberfrog, which isn't necessarily bad, but the problem is all his notes were bad. Like he's not a good writer. His suggestions for changes are just shit.

And I think I'm kinda like the anti-Mike, because for some reason I find myself picking at every word too (there's Criticism in the air or something), but more than finding wording I'd change, I'm finding a ton of things that I really appreciate. And combined with the artwork, it makes for a really fun experience. BUT. I uh, I can't write it, it's way too much. I need to do a video or something, it's the only hway.

okay. Did I... did I cover what I wanted to? I just see a note to myself:

"Rem: Inuyasha". I just wanted to talk about the Inuyasha Fanfic SCANDAL I guess.

I guarantee I've written and read more degenerate fanfiction than that poor woman wrote.

But hey, idk, I guess it's kinda cool for a professional nerd vlogger to pretend to not know what Inuyasha is and slander some random woman and tell people to look her up on Null's gay stalking website so they can call all her family and friends to let them know that she wants to fuck dogs.

Such a scumbag lol. They're such fucking scum. Yellow Flash, Eric July, the Soska Sisters.

Eric July, "every day we stray further from the Lord!!!" as he commits the sin of calumny. And as he did and continues to over and over and over against -- oh no... I wanted to Vitopost... no. No, forget it, the post is too long.

We're going to cut it here, okay? okay. I'll ttyl.

Pls take care of yourself, and have a cozy day. God bless, fren.

adult human females

(and their consequences?)

Francis Nganananou got KO'd on International Women's Day.

Unfortunately this means that he is now a woman.

Excuse me, *she.

So Francesca now has 0 wins, but TWO losses. One for each gender.

I have mixed feels about it. I love seeing fanboys get btfo, but I don't like actually seeing the *train itself* be derailed.

It sucks seeing a man get knocked out. I think people who can look at that and not feel bad are uhhhhhhhh-- they're missing something. I don't like seeing people humbled, broken, defeated, etc. And Anthony Joshua beat his ass baaaaaaad.

The cope of course is "at least he beat Tyson Fury!"(he didn't, he lost 7 rounds arguably 8, of a 10 round fight) So at least there's something to hold on to. An extra cope is the money, but that's just subhuman levels of cope that isn't even worth addressing.

For REAL guys livin in the REAL world(like me), seeing someone clobbered is just sad.


Idk how he's gonna do it. He's lived his entire life as a man, and now suddenly, he-- wait, what do you mean you don't become a woman if you get KO'd on International Women's Day?

Huh. I see. Hmm. Well if you're sure.

International Women's Day, to me, is uh... nothing, I'm just making this up as I go along lol...

I did saylmao okay so I had to Google something when I was on the phone with my friend, and that's the only reason I knew it was uh... today. So HAPPY INTERNATIONAL FRANCIS LOST DAY.

Let's dedicate this one to a REAL NGGA. A REAL FEMALE NGGA. JAY. KAY. RO. LING., YAEAAAAAAAAA boi

I like JK Rowling because she demonstrates what a woman--... hmm... let me think about this actually lmao... okay, look: she is so rich from writing 3 and a half comfy slice-of-life magical school days stories, that you can't gaslight her. You can't like rob her of her female intuition, because she doesn't RELY on anyone. She can't be bullied into pretending that men can have periods. So even though when it comes to politics she might be DUMB, a real BIRD BRAIN who can't understand WHY there's legions of insane men threatening her on a daily basis in the first place,

For this ONE ISSUE, she's an immovable object: which is SOMETHING THAT ALL MEN WANT TO BE.

It's what Francis Nganganoeu wanted to be, when Anthony Joshua was sending his ass to the canvas over and over.

And that's why JK Rowling is uhhhh, cool. For this one thing. It's COOL to be able to say "Fuck you, you're not a woman, and there's nothing you can do to me."

As for ALL THE OTHER WOMEN of the world, who are not extremely wealthy--

uuuuuuuuuuuuh. they're cute. You know what's nice? When they smile. And when they talk. Aren't their voices very pleasant? A little too much sometimes. Ya gotta SHUT EM UP sometimes, but isn't it just as great that you can do that with a kiss? Women are 1/2 of Humanity, and I love Humanity. Men and women need each other. I know it's funny to clown on them(it is), tease them, call them names, put them through walls, but at the END. OF. THE. DAY., we're not whole without them. They're so great. Have you ever heard one sing a lullaby? It's hard to believe women are even real, they're so great. So take just a minute--you can do it at the same time that you're mourning Francis's loss--to think about how nice women are. And so uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah, happy International Women's Day. the end. That's the end.

Was I going to write something else ? Probably, but ffs good night

TTYL pls take care, aaaaaaaaand have a relaxing day, God bless fren.

There Are Levels to This Game

Poor guy, what a loser.

Wallace is the kind of guy to get into the Top 15, but then get the tar beaten out of him in his next 3 fights and get CUT from the promotion.

The kinda guy with 15 wins and 11 losses.

HELLO, I'm sitting uncomfortably at my desk for some reason. I'm just gonna go with it, I want to write a blog post.

I started writing a new HP LONGBOTTOM chapter but I was doing it on my laptop and I only saved it locally, so zzzzzzzzzi'll do it later. It's gonna be a DOOZY.

Wannaaaaaa... talk about fighting?

UFC 299's this weekend. It actually has a TON of cool fights. Idk if there's ever been a card where I've been interested in so many of the fights. Very neato.

Actually no, I'm not going to talk about the UFC because it's GAY

You know what ISN'T gay? Jorge Masvidal's BARE-KNUCKLE MMA promotion LOL iiiiiiiiiii... idk, there's so much I don't like about the rules in the UFC. I've talked about it a bit before, how it just favors wrestling soooo much.

But then I was watching this video of old Bas Rutten fights from... what's it called... not Shooto... the other... Pancrase. I was watching his Pancrase fights, and he(Catholic btw) is just mauling Japanese men, and thEYRE NOT WEARING GLOVES, and it's SO COOL.


AND? WHEN THEY GO TO THE GROUND, THEY-- sorry, caps... they can like, GRAB THE ROPE and eat a point deduction to get stood back up. I think that's cool, there should be SOME WAY for guys to get back to their feet. If this was REAL LIFE, I'd be headbutting you, biting your fucking ear off, you're not going to LIE DOWN on top of me. So I don't like the reputation that MMA has--particularly the UFC--of being like "pure fighting", when even ONE FC has some looser(better) rules, like allowing knees to downed opponents.

"Noooooooooo, you might concuss them!" UH YEAH. Okay, that's unacceptable? Fine, then have fighters wear helmets.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! My knockoutaroonis!!!"

Okay fine, then stop judging based on """damage""" and don't give fighters gloves.

*deep inhale* "NNNNNNNNN--

anyway... the Pancrase fights were really cool. But even THEY were imperfect, since punches to the head weren't allowed, only palm-strikes. Which are still freakin devastating, so it's like...

Whatever. I don't care.

Oh, in Pancrase, they also wore those cool wrestling uh... shin guards. So if anyone's really super concerned about fighter safety, how about giving them shin guards so they stop breaking their fucking legs like idiots?

Besides, those sh-- and they had I think, kneeguards too? You know what I'm talking about, they're like boots, they cover the shins, and then they have a knee piece too. They're awesome, they're like freakin armor.

Pancrase NOW I think is basically the same as UFC, so it doesn't matter.

Bare knuckle boxing is just retarded because kicking is cool. If we have legs, why don't we use them?

Kickboxing is okay I guess, but WRESTLING IS VALID. Just because it's OP and men shouldn't be allowed to just lie on top of you for an entire round doesn't mean you throw the Dagestani out with the bath water.

So only Jorge Masvidal, GAME. BRED., has the VISION to give us A TRUE, PURE COMBAT SPORT. Bare knuckle MMA.

I'm half-kidding because I haven't even watched any of it, because who the hell cares

UFC 299 is gonna be great. I'm rooooooting for ... Benoit... Vera, because O'Malley is a cuckold and it's a stain on the company and the entire sport to allow someone who lets other men fuck his wife to be a championlmao like what the hell-- pls just end him, Vera...

and uhh... Jailton Almeidmieieada, i actua--lmfao

I actually do want him to just lie on top of Curtis Blaydes for 15 minutes. Because it makes people really mad. So that's exactly how I want him to winlmao I just wrote a post about why the UFC is bad because it encourages men to lie on top of each other doing nothing, but that's also exactly how I want Jailton Almeieida to win because it makes everyone mad ahahahahhtahaha

reeeeeeee... okay anyway... idk, there's more i want to talk about, but ive wasted enough of your ti-- oh "there are levels to this game"? I hate npc phrases like that. And "he's gonna drag him into deep waters!!!" SHUUUUUT UPPPPPPPPPP

I don't want Dustin Porierierier to get hurt, but he has to lose because his DUMB, GAY fans won't stop repeating "there are levels to this game". I feel like I'm -- this world is so fucking insane. i dont care

ill ttyl. pls take care of yourself.aaaaaaaaaand. have a comfy day. God bless, fren

my dog hates grifters

if slave owners treated their slaves like I treat my dog, then let's stop saying it was a bad thing.

I'd rather be owned by someone who loves me and gives me a piece of his sandwich when I beg than work at A COMPANY WHERE I HAVE TO CLOCK IN AND BE ABUSED BY POWERTRIPPING WOMEN(female) ALL DAY AND THEY DON'T EVEN GIVE ME A PLACE TO LIVE.

My dog is pretty, funny, stupid, big, and tolerant of me hugging and kissing her. I make up songs about her. All day long I'm singing songs about my dog, to my dog.

But that's not what this blog post is about. Actually... ... no, it's not. Uhhh... idk, do you care about/even know who tf Eric July is?

He's some Le Based Black anti-SJW Lolbertarian YouTuber who started making his own comics to totally own Marvel and DC and their stupid gay trash.

The problem ended up being that his comics are also terrible.

Which, "okay fine". So what? But THEN:

he hired 2 very special women as editors for his book.

And they're uhh... let's see...

Twin sisters who kiss each other(shut up, they're ugly), produce ... *substances that come out of your body* porn with drug addicted women, their director called himself Lucifer, they say they're witches, they call themselves uhhh, "the daughters of Chaos? Evil? the Devil?--idr what the fuck ever, they've got like a million stupid Satanic nicknames for themselves, you get the picture. They're into trans-mutilating kids, they never shut the fuck up about "sex workers", they talk about how "gorgeous" women look when they're being tortured, they've posted at least once about preying on little boys irl,

"Okay, so what?"

ERIC JULY IS SUPPOSED TO BE AN ANTI-SJW LE BASED CHRISTIAN BLACK MAN. His main superhero has a cross on his belt (terrible design but w/e)

Because their new book with him is releasing soon, they're now claiming to have "found God", and it's pretty obviously uhh... not real lmao. It's actually offensively obvious, like I would be INSULTED if I was an Eric July fan and these two retarded women were trying to convince me that they're suddenly good Christians. Like a week ago, they were still being their real selves, and now suddenly "Thank you God for putting me on my path *smiley* " hahhahahahahhtjoaiAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

I don't blame them, they're women.

It's ERIC JEWLIE'S fault, because he hired them to WRIIITEEEE HISSSS COMICSSSS for his "anti-es jay dubayoo" audience. What the fuck is the difference?

The cope is that they're just reeeeeeeally talented, they're like suuuuuuuch good writers, how could Eric *not* hire them?

But even if that were true(it's not), why not just hire good writers who *aren't* uhh... deranged sickos who are everything that you claim to be against?

Libertarians are so fucking worthless. This is like Nick Rekieta enjoying "Ghetto Gaggers" but even worse because at least Rekieta never sold a product and paid them. Besides for his subscription.

I hate calling people GRIFTERS, I think it's a pretty abused word, especially tossed at like, YouTubers. But what else is this? NOW is the time to use this word.

"Hey what's up based go-- i mean guys, please buy my new comic written by these demon sisters who are in every way your enemy. You don't wanna be part of CANCEL CULTURE, do you? You can trust me, I'm your based black friend online. I am not having sex with these two pornographers, I'm definitely not giving them money for their film industry connections, this isn't at all about networking, they are JUST. SUCH. GOOD. WRITERS. Maybe you've heard of their film 'Pee Pee Poo Poo Vomit Torture Rape II: The Return of the Prostitute Butcher?' They're ARTISTS."

Eric July is a faggot and he deserves to fail for hiring these disgusting, deranged women. Fuck them, everything about them is evil, they're sick, they're not good writers uhh they write fucking trashy horror-porn movies for retards, and not for anything, they're ugly and their eyebrows are silly.

Anyway my Cyberfrog books are coming in a few days, so those'll be fun to read :)

now uh... oops... downer post. ill uhhhhh... make it up to you. later. Sorry, I DONT LIKE BEING A DOWNER, a gloomer or a doomer, but wwwwwwwwgr. whatever.

later. pls just take care for now aaaaand. da. God bless, fren.

That's not very equitable of you, Blogger...

He called me a blogger with the hard R... it should be legal for me to physically assault him now... words have power...

I used to think people were insane for not listening to music-- actually i still do, that's the point.

i think not listening to music is insane, and I'm more sure of it now than I used to be, because I haven't been listening to music lately, and I'm aware that I'm losing my mind.

I'm losing my soul. I won't though, I'll snatch it back. Surely. SURELYOooijj. God help me.

Uh... video games?...

I'm atttt... 21/30 in Fire Emblem for GBA. I actually started Sacred Stones too because I read you could grind in places, and, you know, I'm a sicko who wants everything to be perfect.

but I've gone back to 1. I mean, the first on the GBA. It's the uh... idk, 200thFE game altogether, who knows.

I LIKE THE GAMES. They're good. I have mixed feelings about the permadeath. I thiiiiiiink... it's... implemented... decently. Like "just restart the level, bro". Which as far as I can tell, is what most people tend to do, rather than cope with their units dying. The game isn't crushingly difficult. Although sometimes, there are "timed" opportunities you won't want to miss, and you can't afford to be too conservative.

The reality of American and European localizers makes me not want to buy any of the new games. Which isn't TOO bad, because I still have to do the one on Gamecube, the one on Wii, aaaaaaand I've heard Three Houses's intentional mistranslations at least aren't as bad as the "All property is theft, kiddo!" scandal. I even read a few of the changes, and one of them I, AMAZINGLY, like MORE than the original Japanese. Like the original line was something like "I think you're afraid of women" and the localizer's intentional mistranslation is "I think you don't care about women who..."-- something about them wanting his crest or something. Whatever. That still doesn't make it right, but it at least makes it easier to cope.

FIRE. EMBLEM. is fun. It'sssssss... idk. you know what it is? The characters are great, and I don't want any of them to die. But with the ability to just... restart the level, how is that REALLY any different than ANY OTHER GAME?

It's not. It's up to me, right? I can choose to be a weirdo who doesn't care about protecting his Pegasus Knights and doesn't mind never seeing them again, or I can be a Restart Chapter Chad who will be more careful next time.

But it is... unique. And I don't know if the cope I just wrote is good or bad. Wouldn't it be nice to resurrect them? I think you can in a later game. If I'm going to restart the level anyway, why don't you just let me "let them die" *temporarily* and pay a hefty sum to bring them back?

Look, just as sure as no-one lives forever, no-one DIES forever, either. We either enter the embrace of our Father, or uh-- well, who cares? lmao if you're not with God, it doesn't matter where you are. THE GREAT DIVORCE was such a good book. I have to re-read it. What was I...

Fire Emblem? Oh, let me bring back ded character prease, that's all.

Fire Emblem WARRIORS was reallyyyyy good. And Camilla tells you "my eyes are up here" as the camera goes to her chest. So they didn't get hit too hard by sensitivity readersOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

there's some vidya news, right? Some ... ah geeze, I'm not prepared for this... some terrible company that provides "diversity" services, that has a suspicious record of getting involved with studios that close right after their new trans-friendly game is ma-- okay, I'm TALKIN CONSPIRACY, but PEOPLE WERE TALKING ABOUT THESE STUDIOS CLOSING ALREADY, AND *I* JUST SO HAPPENED TO KNOW OF *ANOTHER ONE* THAT *ALSO* CLOSED IMMEDIATELY AFTER THIS COMPANY CONTRIBUTED TO THEIR LAST GAME, so it's like, mmmmm hi this is money laundering or something lmao NYWAY ANYWAY-AF-- anyway th epoint is uh...

some people on Steam are now tracking the games that they-- idk what this stupid company's name is "Something Baby Inc" or something, something fucking creepy, who cares. People are tracking what games they're contributing to now, so they can be avoided, and it's gotten BIGGGGG like 100+ thousand people following in a day, the employees are freaking out, they're buying rope,

and real life is just like Fire Emblem, so hopefully they just see the error of their ways and stop hating Straight White Christian Males. It's for their own good, it's for EVERYONE'S own good. Oh, I-- this was gonna be a "pic unrelated" post, but we're getting close enough for it to be related, aren't we?

I know "muh sjws" thing is old, and I know "woke" was ALWAYS a gay way of describing uh... you know... the Devil. The work of the Devil. I don't want to be mean rn, but you know both the Symptoms and The Root Cause of everything. But uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... idk. I'm not The Guy. I wouldn't even be able to be a Friend of the Guy. I like to think that in my way, my small little ways, that I contribute to this WAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR. Because I don't want to NOT contribute. But I'm like, a guy with a headache. All the time. And I can't even THINK RIGHT AGOIJGROIJSGGSOI

And that's why Fire Emblem is a good game. btw-- JOIN THAT STEAM GROUP, FOLLOW THAT CURATOR "SOMETHING BABY DETECTED" IS The name, idr what the something is, but you'll find it, they're one of the top curators now. This is the way, these CREEPY ASS COMPANIES, WITH THEIR SUPER-MYSTERIOUS FUNDING, DEDICATED TO MAKING VIDEO GAMES HAVE MORE ANAL "SEX", THEY HAVE GOT TO HA--sry caps lock, they've got to have the spotlight put on them. It's a solid start. Employees one day smugly posting about how they're destroying Whiteness and then the next day locking their twitters is a nice thing to see. We need to see more of it.

Well I guess that's all, talk to you later. pls take care of yourself. aaaaaand have a relaxing, comforting day. God bless, fren.

Casual Reminders in a Hardcore World

Yesterdaaaaaay, all my troubles seemed so faar awaaaaaay

Yesterday by the Beatles is a good song. It's such a good song that it distracted me from what I was going to originally write about.

"Suddenly I'm not half the man I used to be" Every man who grows old will feel this feel. Whether it's age, injury, or both; at a certain point, we're all going to become lesser men. We're going to lose speed, strength, int, dex, hp, mp, and Luck. sry, by turning that into an rpg joke I made it gay so let's just move on. If I'm not going to be serious, why even talk about it?

"Think of what you're saying. You can get it wrong and still you think that it'sall right." LIFE IS VERY SHORT AND THERE'S NO TIIIiiiiiiiime AHHHH I HAVE to stop i have to stop PAUSE THE MUSIC

They're so appropriately-rated. Adulthood is realizing that the Beatles are not overrated.

Now who's in this screenshot I saved... JACOB? I don't know who Jacob is, other than that he's a faggot.

The Internet has detached men so far from reality that it's sickening. Jacob wants women to be fired from their jobs for, let's see... 1- disrespecting anal "sex" and 2- believing that dehumanizing people leads to their persecution.

Obviously Gina's right, but the CONSEQUENCE of her being right in a world that's wrong is losing her... job as an actress, which is a profession where you dress up and pretend to be something that you're not. Whatever that has to do with anal "sex" or holocausts, idk, but Jacob knows. He's giving casual reminders.

When Gina OUTED HERSELF as a trans-exclusionary radical feminist who thinks she's being politically persecuted, it activated the Cosmic Force of Consequences, and gave Jacobs permission to financially rape her. Hopefully she'll lose her house and be unable to feed-- ah, shit Ben Shapiro rescued her. Whatever... dammit... I was really hoping that she'd never make any money again because I'm a good person...

People like Jacob suck because they have no sense of uh... what's the word I'm looking for... proportion. No sense of proportion. Jacob, with his tiny little faggot brain, can't imagine the stress another person feels being out of a job and being uncertain about how you're going to make money to continue existing. So it's very easy for him, and other Consequence Warriors to give "casual reminders" about how She Was Asking For It.

"Oh, you said something that's rude? Heh, thank you, I'll be taking your means of feeding yourself now :) "

It's disgusting. People like Jacob n-- and btw, it's funny to just call him a faggot like this BASED E-GIRL is here, but it might be better to like EXPLAIN to them WHY they're faggots. That's all. Twitter's probably not the place, idk. And idk if it's even possible, I -- it's uhh... yeah "I don't know" about sums it up. It's kinda impossible to change the way people are without them going through something extremely traumatic. Like I'm assuming Jacob is in his 30s or 40s, and he has the kind of thoughtlessness of a teenager. That's not something you can *argue* out of a person, and I know that because *I* used to be -- well never as bad as Jacob, but uhh... I don't think I was ever... -- btw, I hate the word "cancel", I hate the term "cancel culture", it sounds so un-serious for what it is. It's real, and it's like a fucking nightmare, and it has this goofy name? What is that? "Cancel" is like a term airheaded 20yo valley girls popularized. What's going to be next, Tea Culture? JustAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH I WANNA BE A MISOGYNIST

No, I'm just kidding. Because look at Jacob. Jacob is a "man". So with that in mind, what's the point of hating women? A girl will adopt your politics when you're involved with her. You literally *can* save her. Jacobs can only be saved by God Almighty.

I'm a believer that everything is ultimately the fault of men, which includes women actin' a fool, and ALSO JACOB being such a GAY LITTLE SHIT. Who taught him to act like this? His father?

If my father saw me acting like Jacob on Twitter, he'd be SO DISAPPOINTED in me, that even the thought of it hurts me. He's a very Conservative Catholic man who doesn't believe in dancing on people's graves or dancing on their lost jobs. He would never try to get someone fired, that'd be like a completely alien idea to him. He'd never even imagine trying to hurt anyone unless it was a *literal* self-defense situation, in which case he'd -- I mean he's the strongest man I've ever known, including men twice his size, he's like an anime character lmao. Like one that's shredded, but not a giant, but able to 1-hit the giants anyway. My dad's built different, maybe he's got something from his family that I didn't get-- I'm physically about the same size as he is, but he's so absurdly strong even as an old man he'd probably kill Jacob in a single punch (it would take me 2). Anyway, he's such a peaceful man. This kind of freakish Jacob behavior is just something my father would never do, and it's something *I'd* never do, even though I'm a lesser man than my father. My mom--lmfao my mom's a little more mean, maybe I get some of my aggression from her, but uhhhhhh... ultimately, it's our fathers that solidify who we are.

Yes, I'm calling Jacob's father a failure. lol I'm just kidding, I-- well, no I'm not kidding. Am I kidding? I can't decide, because now I'm starting to think about Free Will, and this post is going to end up being way too long. So let me just end it with this:

The way that people make money is a very important component of their lives, and it'd be super-neat if American society (we live in a society) wasn't composed of Jacobs who want to see women suffer for not believing that he can be a woman just like them. I think that's like, ummmm, kinda misogynistic, creepy, and quite frankly, rapey.

Presumably, Jacob would like to keep his OWN job. So let's recap: Jacob wants women to be fired, but he wants to keep working and making money. So he wants all the power. So little Baby-Dick Jacob, with his pale fragile ass, wants to prey on women by disempowering them anlmao okay I'll stop I'm sorry.

Anyway, I-- I felt like I wanted to write about something else entirely, but... ah, whatever. Sorry. I accidentally made another feel-bad post, but NEXT TIME, I promise, I'll just talk about vidya. Okay?

Anyway, pls take care of yourself, stay safe, steer clear of Jacobs, and have a comforting day. God bless, fren.

turning to dust in a world that's twisted

pic unrelated, just funny.

hey fren hope youreee. I jhop-- 1 sec, my shoulder...kk. I'm okay.

I'm going to talk at you about FIRE EMBLEM WARRIORS.

It's pretty good. I like it a lot. My first Warriors game *I think* was Hyrule Warriors, and that kinda got me into Dynasty Warriors and really any uh... Musou games. Any game where you swing your sword and yeet a dozen people at once is good is good to me.

BUT WAIT. Because Fire Emblem Warriors is a little UNIQUE. Kinda. There's some Le Battlefield Tactics in Dynasty Warriorsssss... 8 I think. There was basically none in Hyrule Warriors, until I *think* they added orders in the definitive edition, but idr. It doesn't really matter, WHAT MATTERS IS THIS:

btw, Young Link is the best, I absolutely love that he's wearing the Keaton Mask. Impa I think is 2nd best. That feels right. What a freaking great game, they--

WHAT MATTERS IS THIS: Fire Emblem Warriors COMBINES the satisfying hack-n-slash gameplay of Warriors with the GALAXY BRAIN tactics of Fire Emblem by implementing the WEAPON TRIANGLE.

Swords beat axes which beat spears which beat swords. So simple, but it mixes things up waaaaaaaaaay more than Hyrule Warriors ever did: you've gotta manage your units, send them to defend the right bases, attacc the right enemies, think about your own character's weaknesses.

You think you're just gonna fly around and do whatever you want with Camilla and her Wyvern? WRONG. Camilla's going to have to use that big chest as an air bag when she's sent CRASHING DOWN if she's get caught by an Archer. And unlike in NORMAL Fire Emblem, you can't just bum rush an Archer and -- well okay, you CAN, but it's WAY more risky now. So what do? Send someone ELSE to deal with the Archer, or bring a non-flying unit with you!

You're constantly switching characters and sending others around the map to complete appropriate tasks. It's exactly what I always WANTED from Hyrule Warriors.

It gets even better.

In Hyrule Warriors, capturing forts was basically meaningless. It really only served to continue the "story" of the level.

In Fire Emblem Warriors, forts will now heeeeaaalllll yooooouuuuu. They're actually useful to have. They're safe places to fall back to. They're like FORTS.

In Hyrule Warriors, if enemies started capturing your fort, the "lol you lost your fort" control bar stays put at the level they brought it down to, even if you defend it. So if you almost lose a fort, take it back, 10 minutes later an enemy could waltz in and push the bar the last itty-bitty bit and take the fort. It was BULLSHIT.

In Fire Emblem, when you defend a fort, your "control bar" *GOES BACK UP SINCE YOU'VE REGAINED CONTROL*. Enemies can't just keep working it.

Therefore i uh, rly like Fire Emblem Warriors. it is good.

I am not going to hornypost about Hinoka's armpits other than this sentence.

I've got a lot to say about how good the game is, but i think im thirsty. am i thirsty? maybe im hungry. ill ttyl, pls take care of yourself. aaaaaand. have a relaxing day. God bless, fren.

Corporal Betsy is Important

Games were never good.

Hey fren, hope you're feeling well today.

This isn't going to be a critique of New Vegas. I like New Vegas a lot. I just wanted to remind you that there's a mind-numbingly bitchy lesbian in it.

New Vegas was released innnn... 1 sec... Hey Google, when was New Vegas released? 2010.

If you know your video game history, you know that games stopped being good in 2007. If you know your numbers, you know that 2010 comes after 2007.

New Vegas is a fun game, but it's also got a lot of atrocious writing. But that's NOT A BAD THING. Corporal Betsy is a GOOD CHARACTER, because she's a complete nasty bitch that you want to kill, but you can't because the NCR will do to you what that junkie lunatic did to her and her entire squad. OK? That's FEELS being thrown at you.

A lot of people incorrectly believe that George RR Martin is a good writer. Oh really? Name one character from his books. You can't. They're all boring losers with no personality.

Corporal Betsy is a sexually aggressive d-word who will totally beat yo ass because she's a very strong woman. Corporal Betsy would solo the entire GAYme of Thrones cast, and also George RE RE Martin IRL too.

Every time I play New Vegas, I have to come up with a creative way of killing Corporal Betsy, and that's something that no other game (especially Elden Ring, unsurprisingly "inspired" by disgraced former writer Jorge Ar Ar Marteen) offers.

When I'm exploding Corporal Betsy's head, it doesn't matter that she was a crappy character, what matters is that I exploded her head.

I'm just talking nonsense, I don't even know what I'm saying, ignore all of it.

Corporal Betsy sucks, New Vegas's writing sucks, it's DUMB and GAY that the fashy faction of the game are both psychopathic literal larpers, who are all probably feds, and they no-like technology BUT ALSO they're the greatest threat in the land. I just this moment created an INCREDIBLE fan-theory that they're so dominant because they actually are all feds and they've got endless resources, which is why they're actually able to give YOU so much equipment in the game, but that genius explanation is not in the game. Somehow, a bunch of guys put on skirts and started dominating the desert. Wow, look how dumb and mean and ignorant they are. Look, every time you go to their base, you see a woman being used as a pack-mule! Aren't they so evil? Come on over to the NCR, we've got DEMOCRACY.

TRASH. It's a great game though. Why is it so good? Idk, maybe everything is just worse now. Corporal Betsy would be in charge of your loot crates now.

In the 70s or 80s, idr, on the infamous social-programming teevee show "The Jeffersons", they hired an actress to pretend to be a transgender individual, and they told the audience-- impressionable ppl who didn't have the Internet-- that through the power of Science, there is an incredible new surgery that will ACTUALLY turn YOU, yes YOU my guy, into a real-deal woman, like Pinocchio becoming a real boi.

"George, I'm a woman now!" And it was true, she *literally* was a woman. Why'd they hire her, instead of one of the countless Total-Success Cases from this amazing surgery? Idk, but sometimes I remember that that happened, and it's like

lol even in the 80s. Like, nothing is new. There's no going back, and even if there was, it wouldn't be good enough. Nick Fuentes is right, Christian FUTURISM is the answer.

Nothing is new, not even Corporal Betsy, my favorite character from New Vegas, one of my favorite games. I'm gonna go now, sorry lol. i iiiiiiiiiiiii. well, whatever.

ttyl, sorry for the downer post, ill writer somethintergohsirthnosrihtjsrht ill write something less bad later

The Racist and Transphobic History of Pegasus Knights

I love Pegasus Knights.

Hi btw, I hope you're doing well today.

Pegasus Knights are cool for a lot of reasons. They're all women (women are pleasant to look at), because Pegasi hate men. And horses, like you and I, can always tell the genuine article. No-one's fooling anyone, this isn't Reddit, this is REAL LIFE(Fire Emblem).

If you try to place your ass on a Pegasus, and you're not Heracles, you'd better be a woman, or you're going to have your skull caved in by a big fat HOOF.

A human man punches with a few hundred pounds of force.

I assume that a woman punches with a few dozen pounds of force. Maybe less. Maybe 2 pounds. or 1. I'm kidding.

A GORILLA punches with two THOUSAND pounds of force, which is also what a horse KICKS with.

Can you imagine being kicked in the face by a horse? I can't.

Okay, so women punch with roughly 100 pounds of force; an untrained man several hundred; and a trained boxer supposedly can crack 1000.

Still HALF of a horse kick. Add a steel horse shoe to that, and sweet dreams for eternity. I hope you made your peace with Christ.

I'm looking at horse-kick injuries rn and like 90% of these pictures are women. What's going on, ladies? A girl I used to work with had a farm and she showed me her horses one time. One of the top misses of my life, but that's a story for another day. She's much better off lmao

Anyway, Pegaus Knights are cool because girls in armor are cool, especially(only) when they're attractive. Everyone KNOWS that. But that's not all. They're also racist, which is ALSO cool, BUT THAT'S STILL NOT ALL. Any girl can throw on armor and be racist. And if they can stop getting kicked by horses, they can learn to ride them.

What makes Pegasus Knights so GREAT? It's simple. They're unstumpable. They can fly across a mountain so units can't get them, they can traverse the entire battlefield in like 2 turns, they're great for performing rescues, they can handle bizniz with their spears and javelins-- and they're so agile they can rush in, and clobber an Archer(their one """weakness""") before he can even do jack sheeeeeeit about it!

"Oh no, you've got a bow? Oh nooo, whatever am I going to do?" *flies across the map and impales him*

Uh oh, is that an axe wielder? Well how is she going to deal with THA-- oh, she chucked a javelin through his skull from 2 spaces away and he couldn't do anything about it.

Pegasus Knights are so versatile. They can do anything and the only enemies who are truly dangerous to them are the WEAKEST CLOWNS, who will NEVER be able to even get CLOSE to them unless YOU'RE just not paying attention.

Take care of your Pegasus Knight and she'll take care of you!

So let's recap. Pegasus Knights call people monkeys, just like Freeza(strongest being in the Universe) and Fun-loving Guys on The Internet. So Pegasus Knights are one of the guys, they're total bros. Next, they're all women, and everyone loves women, ALL my homies love and respect women and all they do to make life less miserable, no matter how ANNOYING and DUMB they are, there's nothing on this Earth that will move the heart of Man more than a Woman. So we've got these armored tomboys flying around on horses, totally cute, totally based, and ON TOP OF IT ALL,

they can fly in like an angel and rescue you from getting eaten by a giant spider. Then drop you off, go back, and Finish the Fight with a spear.

And that's why Pegasus Knights are awesome.

Thank you for reading, pls take care havea relaxxing day ill ttyl .God bless.

Negative Wisdom and My Inability To Sleep

No, you will NOT subtract a large amount of one stat to spread it across your others. I liek the idea of being a clumsy goofball, but I need to set a cap.

Idk how exactly I want to do it yet, but what I have rn actually works in a pretty funny way. Now he's just weak, frail, clumsy, AND dumb as hell.

He'll never survive Mickey's cruel world.

I might actually use a variation of this in muh RPG. Right now, I've just got classes with set attributes, right? Your standard Knight, Mage, Tomboy, Catboy, Rogue. But it's kinda cool to choose your own stats. There's got to be class restrictions, though. A Mage can't be too strong, and a Knight can't be running around like he's Naked Dumbledore. This is going to be a VERY SERIOUS, GROUNDED rpg experience for HARDCORE gamers. Hardcore text-based gamers lmao. I am uh... I'm confident I can add some basic graphics in, maaaaaaaybe even sound effects, but that's not the priority at all. I need it to have a funny story and funny enemy encounters. Like how my dog just this moment waltzed into my room and jumped up on my bed like she owns it, even though her own bed is right down next to it. That's a funny encounter.

She's so smug, I can't believe her.

I haven't been sleeping well. I think. But that's actually another story for another day, because I'm typing too much and I wanna play Fire Emblem or something. So I'll ttyl. Pls take care of yourself and have a comforting day. God bless, fren.

I am ORDERING you, to Read My Blog Post!!!

hey fren, hope you're well today.

idk who this woman is, who is in Every Single Current-Year Game but i cannot stand her face.

My friend and I do a funny skit together where she's like ordering people, especially the Justice League, to do different things, usually "stand the fuck down". idk what her actual voice is like, but we just do it sassy and nasty as possible.

FLASH, the Speed Force CANNOT help you outrun your racist-ass history. I am ORDERING you, to stand. the. FUCK. doooooown.

Bruce Wayne, your racist-ass wealthy-ass privileged-ass time is up. You have been TOO comfortable in your whiteness to harrass the marginalized communities of Gotham, over-policing folks who do not have the LUXURY of livin in mansions like yo ass. You are to vacate Wayne Manor within 24 hours. As of this moment, you are NO LONGER the Batman.

SUPAMAN, you are to FIND yoself a BOYfriend within ONE WEEK, or your contract with the Justice League of Israel and America is TERMINATED. There is NO EXCUSE for yo supa ass to be propagating harmful heteronormativity in a civilized country. Dis AINT the desert.

SPIDAMAAAN, TURN IN YO ORIGINAL SUIT, YO DO *NOT* HAVE PERMISSION TO-- wait, Spiderman is Marvel lmao. Idk, who cares.

I can't believe Moon Knight is jewish. Well, *was*, he's canonically converted to Catholicism now in the Didn't Ask Marvel Definitive Multiverse. But were his intentions pure? Or is he merely trying to escape the righteous hunt of the Inquisition? Find out next t

no, comics are fun and neat. I was never into them, but I've been listening to a looooot of Ethan Van Sk.. Sc..Sciver, the comic artist, lately. Just because he's very, very entertaining. In the American "Culture War" (which is real, but it's kinda cringe to call it a war when the entire thing is just "Do White people have a right to exist?" and "Is a man literally whatever he says he is?"

War never changes. Except in comics I guess where you have to come up with a new way of destroying the Universe that sounds different-enough from thre last time the Universe was destroyed. Actually nvm, no-one cares, just use SHEER POWER again. You see, my lame-ass gay character is a FORCE OF NATURE, and merely being NEAR him is enough toaegoiaejrgoaiejrzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I'm being too critical because I like nonsense, but I don't like that lmao nvm, I'm just being too critical.

I did see a short vid about "The Hulk" becoming "body horror" now, where instead of transforming, "HULK" now actually *erupts* out from Bruce Whatever's body and makes him explode and it's as painful as humanly possible, and it's just

Yooooo dis shit's gay as hell lmao. There's really a lot of ultra-violent comics and it's. Idk, it's gay. I liked drawing zombies and gore when I was a little kid, and then I kinda stopped. I've never liked even fictional characters suffering, so when people are like "WAWOWWOWWIEE YIPPIEE BODY HORROR IS EXACTLY WHAT THE HULK NEEDED!!!!" i think there's some screws loose. I know there are. If you've ever dated girls who are into horror movies, you know there's some fuckery going on. In fact, I am now asserting that it's a womanly thing, which *also* explains why so many *gay nggas* like violence, which *also* ties into the near-complete overlap between BDSM and n-- okay, I'm gonna get a sandwich.

I like violence, Okay? relax, I'm not liek, uuum, yucking ur YUM if you love seeing people's limbs flying off. I'd NEVER yuck a yum, everything that's yummy to somebody is as heckin' valid as anything ever, ever in the whole wide experience of humanity. YUMMY YUMMY IN MY TUMMY.

No, I like violence. I just watched men in an octagon mauling each other for hours last night. I just don't like people suffering, becauselmao I'm liiiike, reeeeeeally empathetic, ya' know?

Empathy is a masculine trait. Which is why no woman will EVER understand what it's like to have to reset your Fire Emblem chapter because you accidentally over-exposed your Pegasus Knight and she got swarmed by a PACK OF FILTHY N--AXE WIELDERS, AND SHE'S WEAK TO AXES. A WOMAN playing Fire Emblem's like, "Oh, my Paladin died? lmao He did his job :) " im just KIDDING

And therefore I am ORDERING YOU, to have a good, relaxing, peaceful day. aaand I'll ttyl. God bless, fren.

Study: Writing is the Hardest Job in the Whole Wide World

Pic unrelated.

You Didn't Ask, but Did You Know? Among my fellow Amerimutts, I'm in the top 3% at reading & writing in English. I'm not even a lit major. If I was, I'd be a terrible writer like all lit majors. I'd argue(correctly) that even when I'm typing like a lazy chimpanzee without a care in the world for grammar or punctuatnauition, I'm still a better writer than everyone else around me. But there is value in having objective standards. The "Language is always evolving!" cope was created by Racist Libtards who would change the very fabric of reality like a Marvel character if it'd let them harm White Christians who are *checks notes* literate.

I guess I started getting lazy aroundddddd... 8 years ago lmao. Thanks, DRUMPF. You know if you've been following me for any amount of time that I have a lot of bad writing habits. It's Trump's fault. Bahnald Blump, the Orange Menace, who destroyed the entire planet and caused me to stop capitalizing my I's. My... eyes. It's Trump's fault.


Of course none of this really matters if I don't actually wwwwwrrrrriiiiiiiitttttteeeeeeeee anything. So maybe I should try to start wrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttiiiingggg more. Blogging is not writing.

Anyway, this is really just a TEST post because I... I can't remember words anymore... I ARCHIVED my old posts. Idk what I'll ever do with them, but I don't like this page getting too lengthy. So I'mmmmmmm typing this in a py form that Perplexity cooked up for me. But idk if I like it yet. It works, but -- I'm going to stop boring us both.

Let's just wrap up. Fire Emblem's almost donezo. REVIEW? No. Maybe. I like it.


I'll ttyl, pls take care of yourself. Have a comforting day. God bless, fren.