what if girls were actually battleships?
i want Bismarck to sink me

i started pla-- "playing" Azur Lane. Aaaaand. it's good. Despite all the menus, and me having no clue what's going on with equipment or organizing muh fleet,

it's good. simple gameplay, and you unlock girls that are battleships.

honestly the idea of *things* being anime girls-- what is that called, personifaction?... no, ok -- "Moe anthropomorphism".

That's just uh, great. Forget the human history of people doing it with the planets and stars (they are actually beings anyway)-- it is specifically genius to make *things* into anime girls.

and ships, that are already referred to as "she" to begin with?

that's just extra great. I wonder if it was intentional.

im pretty good at resisting spending money, because I'm .00014% Ashkenazi j*wish, or at least I'm saying I am for this point. That point being, I don't really spend money on games. I think yeeeeears ago, I might have bought a single lunchbox pack in Fallout Shelter.

But the overwhelming hot Latin blood pumping through my veins is literally helpless against attractive f*males. Some very lewd shipgirl told me to take a nap with her while she holds me, and I had to go take a freezing shower.

i can see how people would get horribly addicted to this and spend thousands of dollarydoos on it. it's simple, colorful, the writing's very pleasant, it feels rewarding, and you're doing it all to unlock anime girls. They're anime girls, so they're all hot, they're all thin whether they're flat or have tetes gigantes, they're cute and funny, they're all nice to you, and they're voiced by the Japanese women you wish you were with IRL.

it really makes you FEEL like the Commander.

idk what there is to even say about it. It's a great time collecting shipgirls. It's fun to COLLECT stuff in general, so it might as well be anime girls. But it's probably not safe for a lot of young men who are prone to crippling hentai/porn addictions and the roads that leads down.

I'm not going to uhh... it'd be like really easy to just dismiss the game as coomer trash. But I'm not going to do that. And it might just be because I'm tired of seeing People Who Just Wish They Were Cute Anime Girls complaining about "fanservice." I've been seeing that a lot recently, it's like dude, get over it lmao play the hand God dealt you.

No, that's not the only reason. Another one is that the game is actually good. Like all-around. And none of its critics will ever write anything as charming, or humorous, or dramatic, ever in their lives, as what I read from like an hour of playing. A lot of it's just silly nonsense. And that has more value than the seething of beauty-haters on the Internet.

Beauty's another good reason. It's a uhhhh...

It's not good to be too horny. But a certain amount of Stuff Like This is like--portrayals of women who are actually attractive--is a shield lmao it's a shield against Ugly World. And man the world's ugly. I saw some horrific post the other day comparing a cute McDonald's ad in Japan vs an American one telling you to stop killing fat transgender black people, and it's like maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN

We sure are living in a gross society lmao so I really dont uh... i dont care that anime and anime games have nice-looking women. It's not good for guys to be obsessed with them, but people need entertainment and it's Anime Girls or uh, idk, whatever demented trash created by literal Satanists is on Netflix rn.

And I'm not even being fair to anime, given all of the great non-horny ones there are. There's tons. People(homosexual millennials) really aren't fair to anime. That's okay, they don't have to be.

"Anime profile pic, opinion discarded"? How about if you DON'T have an anime profile pic, I'm going to discard your opinion and spam you with pictures of neo-vaginas?


Azur Lane is the cure to society's ills. I don't know how EXACTLY, but you GET what I'm basically trying to say, okay?


anyway, I'll ttyl, i uh, sorry

that's all for now. please take care of yourself fren, and have a cozy day. God bless.

potions out of rats
ai prompt: Fallout New Vegas Ranger

hey fren

started playing OBLIVION the other day. With the intent of actually finishing it for the first time.

im taking what i learned from fallout and having a better than i ever did in the past. first of all, im not looting heavy armor/weapons anymore just to sell them for 20 gold.

for the very first time, i actually found the alchemy kit at the beginning, and ive just been making tons of trash potions and selling them. It's neat because they weigh almost nothing and say, idk 3 of them will net me as much gold as 40lb armor. ive almost-certainly made more gold in a few hours this way than i ever did before, and im not constantly overencumbered, like ive always been before. I'm not just wandering aimlessly either. So, uh cool. I found whatshisface the Emperor's son from the ... uh, Hell. And I'm going to bring him back to the uh, guy.

so thaat's neat.

I forgave New Vegas too, and made a new character. His name is Mojave Groyper. I'm instantly having more fun there too, because IM NOT DOING MELEE.

this time though, im going with the NCR and my head-canon is that I'm infiltrating it so I can turn it into a Christian fascist dictatorship from the inside.

That'll make me feel better.

oh: it's really neat that alchemy in Oblivion's like... easy, too. i expected it to be like stupidly-complex. But "just mix ingredients with same effects". Okay cool. And it's funny that you can name them.

you know what's stupidly-complex, though? Caravan in New Vegas.

i have no idea what im doing. Even after i read the rules, i still have no idea what I'm doing. and that's just with the numbers, then the face cards all do different things, and against different car-- what


in school, i used to win 1v2 games of magic the gathering pretty consistently. 1v1, if I played 100 games, I'd win 88 of them.

but Caravan's just too hard for me. What do the numbers mean, Mason?

and im not going to spend time learning, forget that.

i wish it was fun and cool like TRIPLE TRIAD.

Triple Triad... now there was a good card game.

okay. uhhhhhhhhhhhh

PokeUPDATE- not ready for the Elite Four yet, they've got lvl50s, all my boys except Moltres are in the 40s. so back into victory road i go. boring.


i was going to start playing Azur Lane, but it lmao there's a 10 gig update, and im on like 3rd world internet now, so i cant do that rn. maybe tonight ill download it.

ok my neck hurts so im going to go suffer

ill ttyl, pls have a goooood day. God bless

im challenging your sacred cows (with logic)

hey fren hope youre ok--

i was listening to a beardson stream on COZY the other night while suffering through New Vegas

it was just a replay so i missed it but some guy apparently was in the chat shilling his "redpill" youtube channel. you know, the redpill that's not the one about You Know, but the one where men just whine about how stupid women are(granted) for all eternity.

and it was -- basically the guy was advising people to "pretend to cheat on your wife" in order to spice up the relationship. And his channel intro video is him saying like... MY GOAL... IS TO CHALLENGE EVERY ONE OF THE BELIEFS YOU HOLD DEAR... MAYBE YOU'LL BE OFFENDED, SO GO DOWN IN THE COMMENTS AND LET ME KNOW, AND MAYBE, JUST MAYBE... YOU'LL REALIZE YOU AGREE WITH ME MORE THAN YOU THOUGHT.

like there was just no possibility that he'd ever be wrong about anything lol. like, for example, the idea that it's wise to make your wife think you're cheating on her.

i get the "logic" behind it. i understand every retarded idea under the Sun. it's just like, not reality. There's other ways of defeating relationship boredom. And sure, that'd be something that would shock her into suddenly caring more about you again. And all it cost you was her trust and now this is going to be--

look if you want to have a really exciting and miserable love life, or life in general, then fine, be machiavelli, turn everything into a grand neurotic game where you're scoring points on other people.

it's jus-- nevermind, i just wanted to say this guy was a gigantic faggot, and it was really funny because Beardson wasnt taking him seriously whatsoever. he was just like "yeah i dont think so" and started making suggestions about theme music for the guy's channel

and i could tell it was bothering him. "It's over for this website, so much for cozy... i thought this place was"blah blah

real quote, "it's over" lmao.

you thought what? a bunch of Tradcath incels would appreciate you saying "cheat on your wife".

everyone's sacred cows are shocked to shit. very challenging.

HARD MODE: Explain from a Catholic perspective why even feigning infidelity is wrong, when you made a vow before God to always be faithful to your wife.

DANTE MUST DIE, BLOODY PALACE LEVEL 99: Explain from a Secular perspective why it's perhaps not wise to fuck with a person you live with and have to see every day, who you are also legally binded to, and who can financially ruin you, easily, by using your Epic Prank against you in a divorce.

Neverending Horde Mode: do both.

Sacred Cows on suicide watch, it's never been more over for everyone. No-one can solve this riddle, it's like the Epicurean PARADOX.

If my wife doesn't appreciate me making her think I'm cheating on her, then why call her my wife?

Unmarried millennial atheists give the best relationship advice. Zoomers best pay attention.

anyway, uh-- i just wantted to talk about that guy a little bit, sorry. a really bad kind of midwit that's going to have a fair amount of success on youtube and make at least one 20 year old guy think life is a video game and all the men and women around you are enemies you can farm for free XP--dont worry, your own mind is like a sword with infinite durability, just like your body.

you know what is a video game? New Vegas.

i hate it, and im taking a break from it. i was having fun, but it really BLACKPILLED me that something messed up muh Legion supplies. because you get SO MUCH from them, and what, now i dont get it? reeee. and there's like no helpful explanations or ideas online. i have some thoughts, like i checked my reputation and it actually had for some reason gone down, which it shouldnt have because im a good boy who dindu nuffin, unironically. i havent acted against Ceasar the entire game. I THOUGHT. i guess it's possible i did something in a quest the faction didnt like, and i didnt pay attention or-- it's whatever. and then when i turned in a gorillion NCR tags and got it back up, im still not seeing the supply crates, it's just.

juuuuuuuuuuust. so, taking a break. it was fun though. i got the Mexican ghoul. he's OKAY, i really liked him at first because he has 100% repair. but then i also realized i can just disguise myself as NCR, walk into the camp at the beginning and be like "Hello yes, can you repair my Centurion armor?" lmao

disguises are something i havent been utilizing enough, so maybe next time ill do that a bit more. im definitely not doing a melee build next time, and im definitely not doing Hardcore mode. it really wasn't too difficult, it was even kinda cool, but i made it far enough the first time: ive EARNED the right to have weightless ammo and instant heals. i JUST WANTED MY LEGION SUPPLY CRATES IT'S SO UNFAIR

there might be a fix w/ the console. maybe ill try that, idk. im just so blackpilledlmao.

that's all. uhhh PokeUPDATE: on victory road, going slow. caught an Onix, a Sandslash, aaaand... what else... there was something else... ah! A Marowak, and a Machoke. Very cool.

THAT'S IT. ill ttyl, pls take care & have a relaxing day. God bless fren

The Abolition of Man v.2
literally worse than that Uncharted cutscene

hey fren, hope youreeee well.

lemme try to blog when im not feeling like death. i had to delete last night's because it just uhh, i didnt feel good about it for some reason. it was too short, or not uh... whatever. anyway let me try again, sorry. so lemme make a list for myself realquick-- Lewis,Fallout/Bond,Pokemon

I started reading the Abolition of Man the other day. And the opening chapter is Lewis reviewing an English textbook and very politely explaining why it's worthless trash. Looooong explanations made short, the writers, instead of critiquing various examples of English on the basis of how they're written, give their personal opinions about the content itself. In other words, you're not getting English lessons, you're getting Philosophy lessons.

And the kind of Philosophy lessons you'd get from The Kind of Person Who Doesn't Realize They're Giving Them. Lewis goes much deeper into it and I will/could, but the point being even 80 years ago, college professors were basically worthless airheads harming their students' ability to think logically. Exactly what's wrong with this English book is a lot of things a normal person wouldn't pick up on. (That itself is a problem) The problems are very "hidden", but they're also VERY BIG problems. So it's like uh, you know constructing a building with garbage material. And it's gotten so much worse that it's lmao it's-- it's just a reminder that

This shit has always been going on.

There's a core-issue, and it's hard to name it. Well, no it's easy to name it: Satan. Yes, I am unironically saying that Satan doesn't want you to learn English, and the proof is in the pudding because no-one who's college-educated can fucking understand English anymore: They're philosophers now, and the philosophy is "I want to cut my genitals off and God doesn't exist." Incredible.

And it's basically all the fault of midwit anti-Catholic Britbong English professors who lived too comfortably and stopped being able to Just Teach Their Actual Subjects Without Complaining About Unrelated Topics. Anyway, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhAbolition of Man's good, but I shouldn't have started it because I still want to finish his young doomer phase poetry collection first. So it'll be next.

anywayyyyyy... New Vegas update?

im enjoying it. I hate it, but it's good I GUESS. i do like the aimdownsights, i like that on HARDCOOORE mode (which im playing) ammunition has weight and you have to not dehydrate, etccccccc-- it's good. it's a good game.

you know, as a Conservative Christian Right Wing Monarchist Radical Neo-Fuentes Reactionary, i take issue with lmao i take issue with some of the writing. You could say that. But uhh... so what? Like so what?

am I going to let myself be like a Genderperson who can't enjoy Harry Potter? (books 1-3 and 4 up until the end are very comfy)

I can't do that. You know what a New Vegas that doesn't offend me at all would look like? It'd just be you joining a less-larpy/needlessly cruel Legion, who are Obviously the Good Guys, instead of Obviously the Bad Guys, and you'd be, idk attacking NCR-sponsored Drag Queen pre-war book story hours.

Then you'd infiltrate the NCR and oust all of the nevermind

nevermind. i like New Vegas though, it's fun. you know uh... some fun weird stuff, it's interesting, all that good stuff. I don't like it better than Fallout 3 though. I maybe like it as-much. 3's map was nicer, and the more-linear story isn't troubling. Okay, my Dad's a hero oh noooo. What do you mean I can't choose to side with either the Stupid Wiggeroman Larpers or the Homosexual Girlboss Military With Cooler Equipment? Noooooooo you can't just force me into the Brotherhood of Steel.

i dont care, that's all.

uhhh New Vegas progress? I have to figure out how to get the wealthy cannibal freaks to side with Legion. I repaired the flying robot, and he makes me really happy. The Rangers are after me now though. I killed the dumb bitch who came to tell me and i baaarely survived, so i need uhh... i need to better prepare. At least i have the cool armor now. im still upset that Legion SOMEHOW still doesnt like me. im out here being attacked by NCR kill squads for Caesar and all he can do is be grumpy and have headaches? Great.

ohhhh, one issue i guess i have is i dont love the crafting system. im carrying around like a million pounds of all these different parts (i guess i can at least use my robot now) just to hopefully craft something, and i never can. cooking? ive got another million lbs of plants and insects and meat and everything, and i can only ever make borgers. im always missing *something*, and you know what? the crap i *could* craft is barely even worth it. Like i have *everything else*, and im just missing, idk some random rare bullshit thing like a medical brace or something, and then i can make: a doctor's bag, which i could buy easily. Im running around almost at max weight so i can once-in-a-while craft something like a doctor's bag. im being salty.

but it's also true. NEW VEGAS. iiiiiiiii... yaeh. it's fun, i dont hate it. so im gonna go talk to cannibals.

pls take care fren, have a gooooood comfy day and God bless you.


bad mood, blog cancelled sorry. ill ttyl, pls take care & have a comfortable day, God bless fren

you will never be a lumen
ai prompt: a brilliant young man acquiring stellar lumens, the hottest new crypto

hey.fren hope yur well

my shouldr got messed up so i wanna die rn

gimme a sec, im gonnaok

im okay. sorry. im gona put my keryboard on my lap

thats a little better. hey. hope youre ok

i beat fallout3 yesterday, it was good. Fawkes is a little OP, but you know what? it's the end of the game, i deserve to be given a giant green man that obliterates everything for me. ive put my work in, paid my dues.

and yes, i killed the doctor in megaton with the shitty attitude. enough was enough.

i think im gonna go right into New Vegas. im not going to go full-EVIL, but im definitely going to try to be more of an asshole this time.

i started reading the Catechism, it's really good. im on uh, chaaaaapter 2.

pokeUPDATE? i caught Moltres and now im on muh way to the Elite Foh

KMY SHOULDER ill ttyl, new longbottom later if i dont tear my own arm off. PLS take care of yourself, haveat good day, God bless

this Scapular is itchy
Jon Zherka - On God (AI)

As Nick will be the future President/King, Zherka will undoubtedly one day be the Pope. Believe.

hey fren, hope ur well. uhhhhh... a little Christposting, Fallout, and Pokemon...

I was gifted a Brown Scapular today. Coincidentally, I started writing a page about Mary. I was in a pissy mood when I wrote it, so don't actually read it rn

Since it's related to Mary, maybe I'll add someeee Scapular info into the page at some point. Like when I actually understand it better myself.

More importantly, I'm not even living in a state of grace anyway L O L. So maybe if I order a nice non-itchy silver Scapular, by the time it arrives, I'll have gone to Confession. Although I did read *somewhere* that the brown wool is important. I'll have to... find that...

I really need to grow as a Catholic, I'm not uhh... I'm still too lay.

but I just ordered the Catechism, so that'll be good to read.

this thing is so itchy. and you're supposed to wear it so both parts are centered, I know a lot of people let one of the "tags" just go up to their neck--that's not correct apparently. Not that like if you're moving around, it's a huge deal that it gets messed up. but the correct way to wear it is straight down the middle, one side on your chest, the other on your back, not your neck. That is so awkward. i can probably get used to it and stop being a baby since i've written all of this without remembering I'm wearing it correctly anyway.

FALLOUT 3. I can wear Power Armor now. Let's go. It's marginally-better than my great-condition combat armor and only a thousand llbs heavier. If I can repairrrrrr it, then that'd be great.

the metal armor is so stupid lmao. Shoulder spikes, can you imagine? Just shoot me instead.

I really want to kill the doctor in Megaton. I'm REALLY sick of him giving me attitude, but I'm a Good Guy and he's worth more to me alive since I can sell to him. It's just a shame, because he's such a prick.


im off those weird islands and in the 8th gym now. lets gooo. i have to return to the islands though because there was something called "Mt. Ember" that i didnt check out and i wanna know wha-- i really dont remember any of this, it's s-- no it HAS to have not been in the original, there was no freaking Berry Forest in the -- okay. so. whattevagregrgrg.

ill ttyl. i dont feel so hot rn.

i just neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to relax. ill-- k. pls take care of yourself, have a good day. God bless fren.

Watarya buyin?
The Dragon Balls are ridiculous


Hey fren, i hope you're well. im gonna look at this meme here and uh... come up with an answer. Let's waste some time together.

That'll be fun, right?

1- For starters, I want to AVOID the Dragon Balls. It feels like cheating. Something I and I think a lot of people forgot is that originally, Shenron could only grant 1 wish. Even THAT is overpowered, isn't it? There's just not a lot of restrictions beyond resurrection of people multiple times/affecting other dimensions. So what, you could wish for a better version of something else from the list? No fun. So let's forget the balls for now, let's look at the rest of the list.

2- The Death Note. Part 2 of the normie's "Only Correct Answer". At first, it does seem great, right? The possibilites. You could basically save America. You could save the entire planet. And there is no "L" in real life. The world's intelligence agencies working in unison don't have the capability to do anything like L did, they're a bunch of retarded faggots who just happen to have access to everyone's computers and phones. They're not genius detectives. They'd never catch you, if they ever even realized what was happening anyway. You could even use the Covid "vaccine" heart attacks as a perfect cover. A single rapid blitz of [Whoever You're Thinking Of] would change the world in a way that Light never did. You could just yeet all of the Satanic faggots off the face of the Earth, and no-one could stop you. As I type this, I'm almost convincing myself it'd be worth it. But remember the "it"-- when you use the Death Note, you're fucked for eternity. You'll never go to Heaven. There might be a kind of tragic heroism in being stuck in Purgatory as punishment for making the world a better place. But idk. Would you do it? Forever is a long time. At least you'd also potentially save yourself from Hell, that's got to sweeten the pot. But imagine being gloomy, always. Remember the last depressed day you had? Imagine always being like that. But "Muh selfless sacrifice" Yeah, I just don't know about that. Given enough time, the good you could accomplish would end up being reversed anyway, wouldn't it? It WAS good that you did, but-- well? I'm going to say no to the Death Note, as awesome as it could be. If I can pray my way out of Purgatory, then it'd probably be worth it.

3- What's next, Itachi's Mangekyō Sharingan? I think I remember everything he could do, and I think it's probably the first *definite* buy. Imagine even having a normal Sharingan. Predicting your opponents moves? Copying their abilities? Different forms of hypnotism? You could become a professional fighter and just win, always, and never worry about being injured. Unlimited money and fame. Then with Mangekyō, you can what, summon fire that burns everything including steel beams? A giant chakra avatar to fight for you? And if you're a real sicko, you can trap people in illusions. With some creativity, you can almost change the world as effectively as you could with the Death Note. Downside, you start going blind. Okay, get eye surgery. "NO, EYE SURGERY WON'T WORK", OKAY FINE, then use it very selectively to maximize the good you get out of it, and cope with things being blurry. It's the best buy so far.

4- NEXT. The Arrow. Too much risk of dying or getting a stupid Stand. A Stand you'd want would be something like the Sharingan anyway. Next.

5- The GS Ball. I'm not too familiar with Pokemon after the 2nd gen(I know Celebi's technically 2nd-gen, but we never got it in the games back then) but Celebi--if we're assuming Celebi is in the ball like originally intended and we can actually open the ball--can time-travel apparently. Time-travel is really great. I don't know if Celebi can *bring you along* though, can it? If it can, then it's a very solid buy. Maybe even better than the Sh-- well, it's a solid buy. The only issue might be keeping Celebi safe and hidden. Consider that the Government is the real-life Team Rocket, and they don't just have like, an Arbok and a Victreebel. They're going to murder you and steal Celebi if they find out about it. And then after they steal Celebi, they'll use it as proof that aliens exist therefore somehow also there is no God, and we need a One-World Government. Even just consider the possibility of getting randomly accosted and robbed either by a Vibrant Doctor/Engineer of Colour, or a Police officer. Can you reach into your pocket, grab your Poke ball, and throw out Celebi before a cop shoots you? So the Sharingan has the advantage here since it can't be taken from you and is easily concealable. Going back in time is neat, but it's not worth the risk. Besides, OK, you're going back in time. You're still just you. What are you going to do back in time? I guess you could use Celebi too, but would it be comfortable uh, killing for you lmao idk. Either way, good, but Sharingan still wins out. Unless your goal is just to go back in time to when women weren't in the workplace and you could afford to buy a home and have a family. No, Sharingan still wins out, doesn't it? Make your dreams come true, here and now, with the Sharingan.

6- I didn't know what this was at first, but I'm pretty proud of myself because I said "this looks like something from One Piece". So okay, the uh GOMU GOMU NO MI. You can be a rubber person. That's a nice way to be kidnapped and murdered by the government. Pass.

7- I had to look this one up. The SPLIT SOUL KATANA from Jujutsu Kaisen. "a katana that bypasses all resistance and cuts directly to the soul." Very cool. But I asked my friend this: outside of the anime that it's actually in, how is that sword especially useful? Are there a lot of deadly swordfights that you need to participate in on a daily basis where your opponent is wearing special armor you couldn't cut through with a regular sword? That said, I kinda want to check out Jujutsu Kaisen now because it looks kinda cool. I actually don't watch as much anime as I should lmao yeah, I SERIOUSLY DON'T SPEND ENOUGH TIME JUST RELAXING, I'M ALWAYS SO STRESSED OUT, IT NEVER ENDS, I AM *ALWAYS* AT ALL TIMES, EVERY WAKING MOMENT, STRESSED OUT, I JUST WANT TO WATCH SOME FUCKING ANIME FOR ONCE. SO I THINk maybe I'll check out Jujutsu Kaisen. Or I'll find something else to watch, idk. I really need t.. I'm so stressed out, friend. I really haven't been at peace, calm, or happy in like, mmmm about... 8 years now? lmao I... I'm okay. I really am. I just don't have any more uh... *something*, in my life. That kind of like stupid shameless emotion you get from a good anime. Whatever the emotion is, hype over something cool and action-packed, or sadness from something SAAAAD like uh-- I took a sec to look this up--nakige,"crying game" with a happy ending. I'm not into visual novels(maybe I should be), but you know, any SAD story with a HAPPY ending is just uh. You know, it's something. I'm so tired of uh... I'm like a drone now. And I'm tired of being a drone. And that's why YES, I WILL PAY $5 FOR THE SPLIT SOUL KATANA.

8- The Dark Magician card. Mago Negro. I don't know the point of this. I stopped watching Yu-Gi-Oh after the uh, you know, the island w/ MAXIMILLION PEGASUS-- hands-down one of the greatest names, ever. It's like "Dick Masterson", it's just a name that's as powerful as a magical spell. Maximillion Pegasus. And it's even better because he's a villain. So he's like a ruthless ultra-rich businessman who's a total asshole to you, and also like physically perfect with a glorious silver mane, and you have to call him Maximillion Pegasus. Because that's his name. It's a name like a compliment or a title of honor. With a name like that, you might as well be calling him "king". What was... oh anyway, I guess if he can come out of the card, it's a good buy. Probably better than the Split Soul Katana. Really, none of us are getting into swordfights and we don't need a katan-- well, *Americans* don't need melee weapons for self-defense. Yet. Dark Magician could help you with like chores and stuff. If it was Dark Magician Girl, just forget it.

9- Are we about done here? Okay, what the hell is this. I guess it's from Chainsaw Man. I don't know anything about Chainsaw man, so give me a sec... lmao he "ate" the Holocaust? No comment.

Okaaaaaaaaay that wraps everything up, right? Thanks for reading this stupid essay, and I apologize for wasting your time with it.

So again for me, it'll be the Sharingan and The Dark Magician. What about you? Did you agree or disagree with my assessment? Let me know in the comments down below and make sure to Like the post, it really helps with The Algorithm. Ha-ha, he's making a YouTuber joke DUUUUUUUUUUHHHH

Please take care, fren. Have a warm and relaxing day, God bless you.

>they don't know about Sean's face-offs

hey fren

this isn't an MMA post, i wanna talk about vidya, so just real quick:

it was a great fight. I loved it. Sean dominated "the greatest striker/the greatest middleweight in UFC history" by walking forward, keeping his posture straight, and not getting greedy. It was ridiculous. And those-- I'm not putting those in quotes to uh... look, Izzy *is* one of the greatest strikers and middleweights, but what Sean did to him last night was so bad it felt like an exposure.

Only 10%~ of shots landed to Sean's 50%+. Playing possum didn't work this time-- Sean didn't get greedy like Alex did, and he didn't try to "trade" with an elite kickboxer. He just kept his hands up, and walked forward.

"Don't get hit" waow, what a strategy, right? But he was so unique. He just KEPT STRAIGHT UP in that awkward way he does, threw one or two at a time (minus dropping Izzy in the 1st), never got baited, and it was SO EFFECTIVE. Perfect pressure, perfect defense. And some poor idiot lost $200,000 on Izzy. Hope he's doing okay.

And yeah, obviously "White W", too, whatever. I can't watch a fight without *somehow* getting dragged into a race war in the chat. It's-- [i promised not to be negative nvm] I bet you thought I was gonna start being negative here, right? Wrong. I'll just say I ended the war by buck breaking someone so badly they changed their username to "femboy". The End.

Anyway, great fight, it'll be really interesting to see how Sean defends his title.

Fallout 3..................

i uh, did whatever. found the old guy in Rivet City... uh... now I'm at the library and there's a bunch of Brotherhood of Steel guys fighting raiders. I started using a sniper rifle. I don't really like its scope though. but idk, im having fun. i think this game is finally "clicking" for me in a way it never did before. maybe I'll even try uh... new vegas again. idk.

am i... i must have done something else, right? i cant remember. i dont like Rivet City, it's too ... it's a boat. lmao. oh-- there's some guy called Sister. I want to kill him. i have to look into that. and i have to deliver lingerie because some uh... bdsm-freak tried to murder me. i have no idea what's going on in this game.


i have no idea where i am still. im in the islands. I caught a geodude though, so that's cool. I don't like Geodude at all. Graveler's similarly bleh. Golem is AWESOME, but of course he's a stupid trade evolution. Also I didn't realize Alakazam is too, so Shazam the Kadabra is always going to be a Kadabra. Which I guess I'm okay with, because I like Kadabra more anyway... he's not in my party anymore anyway.

I might trade out my Pideigeiotto for the uh.. Tactyl. idk though, AND I CANT ANYWAY because the stupid computers dont work on these islands. i have to go run an errand for Bill or something. i dont remember any of this at all. This is new, right? It has to be. There's some Game Corner i have to go to. I hate game corners because i dont like gambling.


okay immmmm hungry. pls take care of yourself. have a niiiiice chill Sunday. God bless you.

The Intersectionally-Racist Implications of Fallout 3 Through a Trans-Historical Lens
so true, Jessie!

The Wizarding World has never been in this much danger.

new HP Longbottom later? i'll try. I kinda want the Hogwarts game because it actually seems kinda neat. but I'm worried that I won't be able to run it so well. My poor PC's gettin on in years. I don't really want to upgrade anything. But, who knows. I heard there was a mod that makes people less-ugly, so that'd be nice.

I -- well, first let me be a little shitty because I want to get this off my chest, so I'm sorry. I was listenan to POLITICALLY PROVOKED with Brittany and Miyo last night, and they were talking to a Person of Gender, and I had to turn it off. This poor dummy decided he was a woman because "I was always a late bloomer, and I've failed as a man."

And he was just... so smug lmao. Like he was telling them to "read books" that have "disproven fascism". Yes, of course neither of them mentioned anything about fascism.

But I *guess* I'd grant that fascism and "pretending men are women" aren't compatible. But...

He was just so smug-- he was so smug, so--bless his heart, there but for the grace of God go I--such a poor stupid idiot. It actually gave me a serious "I know-longer care what happens to White people" moment.

Like he didn't even try to do the "I've always been a woman" lie. He literally just admitted "I've failed as a man" and when Miyo asked him what porn he watched, he avoided the question and tried to blame his "Conservative Christian" father, because uh... for uh... hmm... well, I'm sure it's his fault somehow. It's highly-accepted by Sexologists and Sexperts that if you don't watch enough porn, you'll become a woman.

I think if more people listened to their Conservative Christian fathers, there'd be a lot less eviscerated genitals in America. and btw- everyone knows circumcision's bad, idk why leftoids and lolberts ever try to use it to deflect. First of all-- same people who love to kvetch about "whataboutism", but secondly if you're going to "what about something", it's a better idea for it to be something that's actually worse, instead of "Bad, but not even close to as bad"

As if losing an admittedly-important part of your dick is as bad as losing it AND EVERYTHING ELSE.

I c-- im sorry.

Anyway I do blame it partially on his father, but not for the reasons any of them ever say. I think their parents were actually too lenient and not strict enough. "My parents were too strict" Okay. Well obviously they weren't, because now you're a demented freak. They might have been too strict in *the wrong ways*, I'll grant that. Maybe they belted you over petty shit. But they were NOT strict in areas that MATTER, like teaching you right from wrong or teaching you to be honest or even teaching you to be CURIOUS and having a truly-critical mindset. They didn't teach you to THINK. That's why at the age of 25, you're an atheist who's going to FUBAR your genitals because "I'm a late bloomer". My Magical Sky-daddy has more pity for you than I do, but that's because I'm not a good person.

i... i wanted to talk about Fallout 3... look, ... whatever.

I'm sorry. I uh... I don't like Guys Fucking Themselves Up Trying To Be Women, I don't like Atheism, I don't like Leftism, so when you combine them all into one goblin, it's too much for me.

It's a tragedy that the fall of the New Rome is actually a Catholic W. It is, and it is.

And I don't care because in Fallout 3,

I'm at the Jefferson Memorial.

I killed a bunch of Super Mutants, who I'm not scared of anymore. But I'll leave the Memorial for later.

I met the Outkasts, i tried selling them their own power armor, they stole it from me, I killed them and reloaded

I made it to Rivet City

I have Dogmeat

I want another companion, but I think I'm ... I can only get Charon, Fawkes, or Cross. I don't want Cross unless I can put a helmet on her head, no offense. idk where to get Charon of Fawkes, but either of them would be nice. Maybe I should look for them... maybe I will. I can't believe some companions require you to be NEUTRAL, that's so stupid. They should just be like Charon and be like "Whatever". YOU'RE TELLING ME I HAVE TO BE A "JUST OKAY" GUY? THAT'S RIDICULOUS. I guess it's cool to have incentives to kinda be bad sometimes, but DON'T MAKE A FREAKIN ROBOT NOT WANT TO BE MY COMPANION BECAUSE I'M TOO-GOOD OF A PERSON, THAT'S RIDICULOUS. HE'S A ROBOT. And you're telling me after I save Butch's stupid mother, he doesn't want to be a good guy? I guess I buy that, people really do tend to not change their ways... okay fine. I don't really want the robot or Butch anyway, so what am I even complaining about lmao

Look-- it's not because Cross is black, okay? It's because she's a woman.

Put a helmet on, you stupid bitch. I hate women so much, I'm going to BECOME a woman and show them how it's done! IN THE OCTAGON.

Anyway... Moira's stupid book, I'm on the "last chapter", so that's been fun. My character's mostly Barter/Speech/Smol guns/lockpicking/repairs rn.

im trying to uh... just not go crazy worrying about stats.

so far so good.

anythiiiiiing else? probably. it's a fun game, I'm enjoying it a lot more than I ever have before. Making good use of fast-travel for selling things is keeping me much better equipped than I've ever been. So thaaaaaaaat's neat.

kkk, -- im gonna go, sorry for , you know. I really am sorry, I don't like being mean to people. Everyone's equal in t-- and people get this confused. People being equal in the Eyes of God does not mean that "everyone's equal". God being infinitely greater than me, you, and that stupid troon, does not mean that WE should regard me, you, and that stupid fucking idiot troon the same, okay? It's just a uh... it's a reminder. it's a reminder of your Humanity, because instead of looking downwards, we should always be looking UPWARDS. Even Evola wrote about that, it's something even ePagans (claimto) believe. And no matter how great of a man you are, you will never approach God in greatness. In fact, your own greatness only further-glorifies Him. If it were a game, it'd seem unfair, like cheating, but you and Him aren't competing in a game-- you're playing His game. And even if He rewards you uniquely, gives you what seems to you or I to be preferential treatment-- to us it might seem like the world. But to God, the world is as nothing. It's not preferential treatment in Infinity.

Point being, uh-- I'm sorry. And even though I SEETHED, I need to remember that every poor stupid autist who smugly rejects God and pays tens of thousands of dollars to emasculate themselves-- lmao on Earth I might be better than them, MAYBE(hopefully) God is more pleased with me, but He gave us all life. And that knowledge is crucial for keeping my Pride in check. There's already enough stronger and smarter men to look up to on Earth. If I was truly the greatest living man--stronger, smarter, faster than any other--I'd still be one of God's creations, owing everything to Him. And that knowledge alone would NOT ONLY keep me in CHECK, it's not ONLY something to humble you, but it'd also set an infinitely-high bar to strive towards. There is no limit to your OWN greatness when you acknowledge God's.

So I think that's what it means to be equal in the Eyes of God, and why it's important to never forget it. Even if I pointlessly seethe at some stupid troon in a blog post. Sorry.


I beat the uh, Fire-guy gym leader. Now I'm in some weird islands that Bill took me to. Was this in the original game? I can't even remember. But here I am anyway. I'll keep you updated.

Sorry again, fren. Please take care of yourself today, and have a warm day. God bless you.

HEY, jet addicts!

hi fren i hope ur ok.

wanna talk abovt video games? uh... in FO3 some mutants -- what are they called... ghouls? some ghoul guy called Murphy asked me to help him make drugs. im not going to do that.

jet. ultrajet? ultrajet.

the fallout wiki says "Ultrajet is harder to get addicted to than standard Jet, but the addiction to it is permanent, should someone abuse it too much."

it's great that it's simultaneously stronger and harder to get addicted to, but the permanent addiction is no good, right?

i cant let this be made. i've got to kill Murphy.

does that affect karma? i should check. this game sucks lol. no, it doesnt but-- the ... dialogue choices sometimes are kinda gay. new vegas isn't better. i dont remember 4, but im sure it's worse. im just being gay though, like wow big deal sometimes i dont like dialogue in a game packed with like a trillion lines of dialogue lmao. meanwhile i loved the opening w/ your dad. So why dont i focus on stuff i like instead of stuff i take issue with?

Critics have no souls, so ill try not to be one. you know there's validity in rejecting garbage in games, like intentional mistranslations like "all property is theft", censorship, gay writing in general, and even seemingly-trivial attempts at normalizing "A/B bodies" and the pronoun meme. but idk. just dont buy it and forget about it. dont seethe. there's more important things to seethe about if you're going to seethe at all.


i went through the mansion, and im in the gym now on cinnamon island. just powering through w/ lapras. she's a good girl.

REMEMBER In Pokemon silver/gold how Mom's specialty is Cinnabar Volcano Burgers?

doesnt that sound so good

cinnabar volcano burgers.

oh, i caught grimer, muk, and a koffing. 3 of the 4 pokemon who are so vile that i dont even remember that they exist until they're in front of me. you might remember me saying that electabuzz is my least-favorite pokemon. that's because i forgot that koffing, weezing, grimer, and muk even exist. absolutely disgusting.

the mansion was chock full of awful pokemon. i had raticates too, which are ALSO awful and even worse htan electabuzz.

but. i did snag a Vulpix, so im happy.

what else... got my uh, stupid fossil mons. dactyl and uh.. kabutops.

ill never choose that hideous oyster

kk i think that's all for now. uh. ok. pls take care of yourself, and have a good, comfortable day. God bless.

Sheriff... I'm sorry...
ai prompt: Monday

hey friend

i dont want to overuse fren, even if that's what we are.

uhhhhhhh... i feel ok rn. i hope you're well too. im just gonna talk aboooooooout vidya :')

i was playing some fallout 3 earlier. i saved black sheriff man from bomb man, but then something ridiculous happened.

after i was finished looting bomb man, i walked out of the bar and apparently collided with the sheriff, killing him.

he just dropped dead. God rest his soul, but i got a nice chinese assault rifle out of it.

when i went to check out his house, i met his son, and that was just funny. "My dad used to say... oh..." It's only been like 30 seconds and he knows he's dead.

sry kid, we had some kinda "if you teleport into someone else..." moment. But my presence was more powerful than your father's.

what a waste. i saved his life, and i accidentally obliterate his soul 10 seconds later.

anywaaaaaaay. good game. same issue i had w/ new vegas though-- cant play radio songs. but im trying not to let that ruin my enjoyment this time. it'll probably get to me eventually, but it's still a fun game and it's good practice to not be an autistic perfectionist freak. see, something ridiculous like that--killing the sheriff would have ruined the game for me when i was younger and caused me to restart. this time, i dont care and i'll just carry on. Like his son will have to.


got fly & surf, caught a rhyhorn... aaand a tangela... and a venomoth and a ... not a Pinsir. i was just looking up what's in the safari zone. and it's the only place to get a pinsir. I'm not a big pincerhead, but i always thought it was cool. remember in the show when Ash imagined one KILLING Metapod?


okay, am i forgetting anything? Sacred. a little progress. just relaxing, taking my time. i dont think i can ever play Diablo 1 or 2 again after experiencing this. it's just an absolute freaking joy. it's SO good.

i wish 2 was like, playable.

OKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY im gonna go. i-- no, that's it. right? yeeeeeeah. pls take care of yourself and have a niiiiiice warm day. God bless fren <3

everything is ok
pic unrelated, sry

I dont know, im just uhh-- im ok. hey, i got my new bedside table. it's very nice.

it has 2 drawers, which is great. i needed more... drawers. i also got one of those L-shaped led lamps, and it-- i dont like that they're not uh... you know, that you can't replace the lit-- i cant focus sry, there's a lot of noise around me rn. what.... oh, i dont like that they dont use lightbulbslmao. but if it lives up to its promised lifetime (im sure it wont), then that's like 5 years, so thats good enough. even half of that is at least good enough.

sometimes -- sry, i cant sti... i cant focus right now. anyway, i... when i buy things like this, i imagine us living in like, Metro2033, and we're not able to get replacement *anythings* anymore-- so what d... what difference does any of it really make anyway...

i bought my desktop's monitor 9 and a half years ago and it's flickering now. only sometimes. im not going to replace it yet. but im looking at monitors now, and better ones are nice and cheap.

the benefit of waiting a decade before you upgrade something. maybe ill even stay at 1080p. i think i will.

uhhhhhhhhhhh... im gonna go lie down a bit. i hope you're ok. pls take care of yourself, and haveeeeeeee a good day. God bless, fren

Steak, Crime, and Purity
ai prompt: Saturday

HEY sry caps lock. *hey fren,hope you're well.

i uh, before i forget *even more*, i have a few voice memos i recorded so i wouldnt forget some things i wanted to write about. the first's a few weeks old, so let's just knock them out already. i need to remember to actually check these. let's see what they are...

"people who complain about people who like well done steaks" ... "Patton Oswalt is the real Golden State killer and killed Michelle McNamara because she was getting too close." ... *some personal reminder* ... "Neo-Puritan"

Okay, that's all. Hmm.

I like well-done steaks. You know who else does? Our President-in-Exile, Donald Trump. Even if such a great man DIDN'T like them, I wouldn't care, I'm just appealing to authority here so I can move right along because idc about this

Patton Oswalt. It was an interesting theory I came up with, but now I'm remembering that the killer overpowered a lot of men. Patton Oswalt couldn't actually even overpower a woman, that's why he had to poison his wife. But obviously not because she was getting too close to unmasking him: he was physically incapable of the crimes, and she wasn't really "investigating" the killer, she just came up with the nickname. He probably just hated her. So this CRIME THEORY seems unlikely. They caught the real OG Night Stalker after all.

Let's see... "Neo-Puritan"? iirc, I just saw some [person] calling someone a Neo-Puritan on Nitter. And I thought it was funny because it just sounds cool. Neo-Puritan. What a great insult you dumb faggot.

It sounds like some kind of Paladin class for real life. And it basically is.

I wish I had the fortitude to be a Neo-Puritan. Alas, I remain Italian. Eternally horny.

For he never travelled without a case of swords, with which he had fought many brilliant duels, or without a corresponding case for his mandolin, with which he had actually serenaded Miss Ethel Harrogate, the highly conventional daughter of a Yorkshire banker on a holiday. Yet he was neither a charlatan nor a child; but a hot, logical Latin who liked a certain thing and was it. His poetry was as straightforward as anyone else’s prose. He desired fame or wine or the beauty of women with a torrid directness inconceivable among the cloudy ideals or cloudy compromises of the north; to vaguer races his intensity smelt of danger or even crime. Like fire or the sea, he was too simple to be trusted.

Well I can finally delete all these voice memos. Done. Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. that's nice. i had them for too long. This entire post could have been about any one of those things, but all of them are stulmao all of them are stupid, so who cares.

Was there anything else? Do you want to hear me whining about Amazon? Does that interest you? Well here it comes.

Last night I ordered a new bedside table and lamp, and I was happy because they'd be coming today. Right? WRONG.

Because I just hit "Buy Now" on both of them, which apparently instead of giving you the earliest-delivery available, the one it SAAAAAYYYYSSSSSSS, it defaults to the "regular" Prime-shipping.

They TRICKED ME. So I cancelled the orders today and redid them so that they'd come tomorrow instead of Monday.

Can you believe that? What a scam. "Buy Now... but we won't deliver it on the date it states on the item page :) "

reeeeeeeee. ok im done complaining, it doesnt matter. who cares? not me. but you know-- th-- nevermind. count your blessings, don't seethe about mild inconveniences.

extremely difficult lesson for me.

im gonnaaaaaaaaaa go. im gonna go. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. something something... anyway, pls take care of yourself and have a pleasant day. HP Longbottom later????????

ttyl, God bless fren

Eat the Rich Men North of Richmond
Nick Fuentes Sings "Rich Men North of Richmond" (AI Cover)

Rich Men North of Richmond is an. ok song. i dont like it. but it's ok.

the chorus is nice and the guy's voice is nice. but it's all over the place. too much. you know, uh, coal industry being destroyed -> billionaires having sex slaves -> FAT PEOPLE ABUSING WELFARE -> male suicide.

also there's something particularly vulgar about "if you're 5'3 and weigh 300lbs". i dont want to think about fat people, ever. it's like a crime against art to put them into... anything.

doesnt matter. this isn't a negative post btw, IM NOT BEING NEGATIVE. i had a lot more to say about the song, but i actually dont want this post to be about it. it's a song. uh... nice chorus. Nick's right as usual, though. It's defeatist. And if that's the song of the people, then the people are defeated.

i killed a dragon in Sacred. that's TRIUMPHANT. it was hard, but i did it. ive got some completely useless companion who keeps getting KO'd. and i can summon a unicorn. which keeps dying, because it's really weak compared to how far i am in the game.

in Sacred, you get spells/special abilities as random drops from enemies, or from completing quests. you level up the spell by getting moar of them. im level uh, idk say 20, and i just now have gotten the spell that lets me summon a unicorn, so it's the first level of the spell, and summons a lvl-5 unicorn. which against a uh, lvl-20 orc, is kinda worthless. but that's OK because i can fire arrows rly fast.

i dont care. anyway. fun game. im excited to leave the freaking desert now.

i have a fren from Church, and we started texting more recently, and they're currently reading The Everlasting Man by Chesterton, and im like YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

so THEN they recommended Orthodoxy "if you can handle sass" and I'm like YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Chesterton's "sass" being one my favorite things about him.

I was already excited to read Heretics and Orthodoxy.

Turns out they ONLY read nonfiction. So while I'm over here almost exclusively reading fiction the last year, and almost all of Chesterton's fiction, they're working on Chesterton's nonfiction. That's incredible, right?

That just uh, made me happy. It's a happy coincidence. They want to start reading fiction, too. Maybe we can uhh... what's the word I'm looking for? Idk, "benefit" from each other for lack of a better word. Or maybe that's a good enough word.

Anyway................................ im tired. ive gotta go...... yeah. that's... that's it for now. im. idk. maybe HP Longbottom later.

SO -- you please take care of yourself. hav a pleasant, soothing day. aaaand ill ttyl. God bless fren

Spirits in Bondage


hope you're well.

i started reading Spirits in Bondage. CS Lewis was only TWENTY when it was published, and younger when he wrote it. imagine that.

he was a genius. just came back from war (or /in/ the trenches while writing), going through his doomer atheist phase, but it's good poetry. could you write Spirits in Bondage? I can't, and I'm 1,493 years old. I'm not going to pretend poetry in general is good, it's awful. but CS Lewis's angsty teenage poetry is good, it's really good.

and knowing who he'd grow up to become is very-- well it probably makes it easier to get through the "Satan Speaks" poems. But it's just cool being able to read his young writing.

"""eventually""" i have to make a CS Lewis page and go over all his work. a whiiiile ago i-- look, this isn't negative, [me being negative re: poor criticism of him] i just love CS Lewis.

it's probably safe to say Mere Christianity and Miracles pulled me the last 10% of the way.

you know, im reading, coming up with arguments against what he's saying--and then a sentence later he'll address what I thought at minimum in a way that satisfied me. i think ONE time i remember not agreeing that something necessarily followed something else, but it wa-- it wasn't important, i cant even remember it.

just a uh. great writer, great man, great Christian. very unfairly criticized by some schizochristians for "pagan" characters in Narnia. sry fag, God made river dryads and Merlin obviously knew Christ was king.


im in city. about to kill everyone in the gym. Shazam the Kadabra is 2 levels from evolving, aaand Youch! the Meowth is i think 3 levels away. very exciting.

Sacred? im already as far w/ my elf as i was with the gladiator because im not just running around mindlessly this time. she's very fun, but kinda a glass cannon so ive gotta be careful.

kk. i -- that's it for now. i, yeeeeeah. that's it. i have to really like... change the site up. a lot, but owie owie my shoulderrrrrrrrrim okay

im gonna relax a little, ill ttyl PLS take care of yourself, and have a happy day. God bless, fren