Christ conquered death (And That's a Good Thing)

it's nice to remember that. Hol on, I'm not comfy... 1 sec...

okay. this is better.

I'm not really EQUIPPED, I'm not a heckin' Theologian, but I can now at least wrap my head around uh...

the necessity of Christ's sacrifice. It had to happen for our sake, because there is no free lunch. No free Forgiveness Lunch. Could there be a free Forgiveness Lunch? Uhhh, idk probably. But why should there be?

God through Christ showed us all at once: -how much we suck, -how much he loves us anyway, -and His power over death.

"Yo dood, i killed 2 birds with 1 stone."

God be like: "Hold my vodka and cigarette, jk I know you're not strong enough nvm, I'll now kill THREE birds at once while drinking and smoking."

And that's what He did. Living as a MAN.

He wasn't dabbing on us. At least I don't see it that way. Remember, the ultimate sin is Pride. If we don't get *checked* every once in a while, what's going to happen to us? You know what's going to happen to us, all of Humanity will become the most autistic and vile creatures possible.

But ENOUGH about that, because the uhh... what am I ... let's focus on Christ instead of us lol

He came, he saw, he taught, he was sentenced to death by ... Lovely People Who We Love ... and he suffered--FOR US, he didn't HAVE TO--and he died.

And then came back, and that coming back--

I'm going all over the place a bit, and I'm sorry, but these are uh... I never thought about any of this as a teenager, I was kinda just like "DUHHH, HOW COME HE HAD TO DO DAT, DAT DONT MAKE SENSE" Of course it makes sense. When someone offers sorrow, you receive it to forgive them. How do you forgive someone who isn't sorry? You take of yourself. You sacrifice yourself. How do you forgive an entire planet who isn't sorry?

So it's not like rocket science why he did it, when you just *try* to imagine Christ's situation. It's impossible to know, but TRYING to imagine I think uh... it helps. It helps me at least.

So what was I-- HE CAME BACK. *That* is an act of love too, isn't it? He could have died and said "Aight, I'm out", and that would have been enough.

But he gave us MORE. On top of what we already didn't deserve, he gave us MORE. He rose again to tell us "No, it's not over lol" and in doing so, took what might have been a much more difficult hope, a much more difficult faith, and just made it... easier. His Resurrection wasn't just a display of power, it was a display of love.

"I'm still here, I'm always going to be here, now stop being cringe. Ttyl."

That lol. I'm a little sleepy. Happy Easter. He is risen.