You've met with a pretty good Fate, haven't you?

IN-DEPTH REVIEW OF FATE: It's Torchlight 1, but you don't pick a class. thank you for reading, ill writemoarlater i just zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Okay here's more. Fate is pretty neato. It's actually came first and was made by the same people who made Torchlight, which explains why they're *incredibly* similar, from the animations right down to the purple font used to highlight key words.

Same deal as Diablo 1-- go through a dungeon floor by floor, get loot, come up to town, sell it, go back down. Unlike Diablo, and like Torchlight, there's PETS that you can use as pack mules and send to town to sell your loot so you don't have to go yourself. The further down you go, the longer it takes for pets to return, starting from a few seconds to a few minutes. So this eventually becomes not-so-ideal. But if you're a Charm Chad, you can always send them, Town Portal, follow right after them, and they immediately meet you in town with the gold they made. Then go right back into your portal. This will turn 2 minutes into 10 seconds.

In most ways, FATE's spiritual successor is superior. But something very cool about FATE is that you don't pick a class in the beginning of the game. I'm going to stop capitalizing the entire title now.

Uh... where was I...

Instead of choosing between a warrior, mage, or hot girl with a bow, you're just an adventurer. Where you go from there is up to you. And that's pretty neato, because you're not as locked into a class playstyle as you otherwise would be.

The Destroyer will NEVER be the Vanquisher, no matter how badly he might want to be her.

But in Fate, you can be a rat-summoning swordsman, or a fire-casting uh axeman, or a uhhhhh... idk, a regular archer. Whatever you want. You can be whatever.

That's not *completely* true, but it's more-true than Torchlight or Diablo.

Instead of class abilities, you can find or purchase spells which do everything from summons to elemental magic. But you do actually need to have some points in *magic* to use *magic*. So if you don't want to be "a regular archer" or a regular swordsman, you're going to *have* to invest in at least some magic, too. And if you want to not be torn to pieces, you still have to invest your points wisely. But still-- if you're like me, and just started out as a warrior, thinking you'd just be a warrior, and decide after a little while "ah geeze, I want to summon stuff now", you CAN make that adjustment.

Torchlight and Diablo have dedicated summoner-classes. (Although Torchlight has some purchasable summon-spells as well) Fate says "whatever, just have enough magic, idc"

Now all of that said, there is no respec in Fate. Torchlight 1 has both an official mod to respec skills and a community one to respec everything. It's almost impossible to mess up your "build" in Diablo 1. Diablo 2 has respec. Well, at least one. Torchlight 2 has a terrible minimal-respec mechanic, but again, easy mods to fully respec.

It's probably possible to really box yourself into an unfun time in Fate. Not one that you can't get out of, since the enemies and floors reset after a time, allowing you to grind as much as you need to. But still-- respec would be nice.

But who cares? Not me.

After you finish the game, you can continue dungeon-diving forever with that character-- there's 2 million+ floors, whatever the maximum representation is in whatever, howevermany bits, I'm not going to look it up rn, point being, you will never reach the bottom. OR you can retire your character and play as their descendent, with a piece of heirloom equipment. That's cool. Again, in Torchlight.

It's Torchlight. Or rather, Torchlight is Fate. The only difference really is the classes.

It's not as refined as Torchlight, but I like that Fate allows me to roleplay a little more freely. I don't have to be one of three heroes, I can just be like, an asshole who summons a swarm of rats to bully my enemies. And so that's what I choose.