What Is Art? Baby Don't Hurt Me

What a really smart guy

Before I forget to write this for the millionth time, let me just Dewit

Before I address the actual words of this post, I think it might be worth considering what Daniel Baryon himself produces.

Doesn't matter. I know, you don't have to be a doctor to recognize a lump where it shouldn't be, you don't have to be an artist to know something about art and to have a really strong and dumb opinion about it. You can just be a normal guy who knows what a tumor is, or knows what art is. Maybe we'll come back to that. Doesn't matter, let's look at the post.

"Conservatives are incapable of producing good art..." wrong. I'd argue instead that all good art IS Conservative, whether or not it's even produced by "Conservatives". I don't actually believe art is political, I consider it more of a question of what is Good/Beautiful. But no-one would disagree that whether or not they actually demonstrate them, that Conservatives claim to love things like Truth, Strength, Good, Beauty, Heroism. "Good art"(which I certainly agree exists) is art that has *good* qualities. Again, I don't want to make this political, but what choice do I have if I want to dab on this retard? And I do want to. The politics being discussed rn are American if it's that's worth knowing.

No-one would accuse "modern/postmodern art"(disgusting trash) of being Conservative. No-one looks at random paint splashed onto a canvas, or even something intentionally grotesque by a talented hand and says "My, how Conservative." Well, why not? Because it's not. Not only because Conservatives tend not to create them, but because the work itself is not Conservative.

It might be true that much, most, or even ALL art is produced by people who share the same political ideology as Daniel Baryon. I don't believe that's true, and it's annoying to have to group in every type of art in the world under an umbrella-- but if it were true, I'd attribute that more to "having time". Art takes time and comfort to make, things that the truck-driving rednecks who Daniel hates so empathetically just don't have. Most people don't have them, which is why most people aren't artists. If leftists have them more often and produce more art, I don't think it's because they believe in transgenderism or having less White people in the workplace.

Let's continue through this stupid run-on sentence... "...because they lack empathy"

no u.

I mean that. I don't know where the leftist idea of Empathy being a superpower that half of Humanity doesn't have came from. I don't remember it when I was a leftist. But no, it's not a superpower, and people like Daniel Baryon don't actually have nearly as much of it as they brag about. A necessary component of Empathy--in my humble opinion--is generosity. To be truly empathetic would preclude a man from saying something like "Conservatives lack empathy". I understand(because I'm actually empathetic teehee) not liking Conservatives. But you're not a mind-reader, you're kinda just a dimwit.

Let's look at an actually-empathetic quote (Daniel's is not), by beloved/reviled sci-fi author Orson Scott Card, from his famous Ender's Game. A great sci-fi book, by a "Conservative", which is about empathy and blowing up bugs. (And if you're a REAL empathyhead, you'll love the rest of the Ender series even more!)

"In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him. I think it’s impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves."

That's what empathy actually looks like. Unfortunately it comes from a character tasked with destroying his enemies, but it is what it is. (the rest of his life is spent saving people, so that's pretty sweet of him--great series! Heckin' empathetic!)

Let's just continue, even though there's really no point.

"which means they are incapable of creating anything which communicates to a larger audience."

Pure mindlessness. Layers of wrong. Even if we granted that Conservatives "lack empathy"(stupid), and even if we were to define art as "something which communicates to a larger audience"(stupid), it still isn't even necessarily true that someone can't just *make something* that will """communicate to a larger audience"""(when highly-empathetic people like Daniel Baryron say something like this, it just means "I like it").

It's just so ridiculous. When a Hollywood movie appeals to People Like Daniel Baryon, and is despised by Conservatives for being heckin' woke or something, was the creation of the movie not empathetic enough, was it not communicating enough to the larger-audience outside of bugbrained soyboys? Of course not, when some gay movie sucks, it's not the gay movie's fault, it's the Conservative's fault. "Communicating to a larger audience" give me a break, just be honest and say "Me".

"Empathy" to a leftist like Daniel really just means "not caring about what Conservatives think" and they demonstrate it every time they write some retarded post like this. And it's FINE to not care what Conservatives think. But you're not empathetic, you're an asshole just like everyone else. You're also pretty stupid.

Thanks for reading, sry. Oh oops, once last bit: "When they try to produce art, they only end up producing clumsy in-group signaling."

Truly mind numbing. I actually regret taking the time to address this. Really CLUMSY of me. I'll leave it up in case someone else enjoys it, but this is such basic-bitch thinking that it's uh-- it sucks. It just sucks. And it's not Daniel's fault, I used to be a LOT like this, and I still am to a certain extent. I know that sounds condescending but it's just the truth. Daniel's post is just mindless trash, and yes, lacking even a drop of empathy. No understanding of Conservatives, no understanding of art, no understanding of Empathy. Empty, hateful trash. Again, not his fault, everyone's like this. I'm like this. But if you want to be truly empathetic, it means checking yourself. I shouldn't have even bothered. Whatever.

Take care, pls have a good one. God bless.