George Carlin Wasn't Funny

"You can't say pee pee poo poo on teevee!"

"If ConservaTARDS are 'pro-life', then how come they want people to be self-sufficient?"

*Audience erupts in applause but not laughter, just like with every smug late-night talkshow schmuck*

Even when I was the biggest idiot far-left beta soyboy male-feminist atheist in the world--even worse than YOU--I never thought Carlin was funny.

I remember after Carlin died, some guy I knew bought some gigantic book about him or written by him, whatever, does it even matter?

I couldn't help but notice that he never laughed while he was reading it.

In preparation for this, just to make extra sure I wasn't crazy, I watched some different vids of George Carlin's "greatest" bits.

"Christianity is dumb!"


"I wish the world would burn!"


The one video of him I found that actually had the word "funniest" instead of "greatest" in the title was a 20 second clip of him doing a strange dance. I guess to be fair, it was funnier than anything else I saw of him.

The truth is George Carlin wasn't any more of a comedian than... idk, Trevor Noah. I'd love to call George Carlin what he was, but even though his cultists think it's SO STUPID that you can't say "fuck" on television because they're 500-IQ Humanist philosopher-kings who've supposedly discovered words can't hurt you, there's still PLENTY of words, phrases, and ideas they think should never be said or written anywhere, ever.

And I don't want to offend the delicate sensibilities of any Carliniites any more than I already have.

But no, George Carlin wasn't funny. He was a bugman comedian for bugmen who enjoy clapping and cheering instead of laughing. I saw through it even when my worldview exactly-aligned with him, and I see through it even better now that I stopped being a [CENSORED] little [CENSORED] [CENSORED] just like he was.

Sometimes you'll see some DUMMY say something like "Ooohh if only George Carlin was alive, he'd totally tear this system apart" and it's like dooood George Carlin... was a faggot... lmao he wasn't some brilliant truth-seeker, he was just anti-social. Is that impressive to you? If George Carlin was alive today, maybe the ABSOLUTE edgiest and most offensive he would get would be telling a joke about that while he totally respects "trans women" and believes they are in fact women no different than actual women, he still wouldn't suck the girldick. That's really cool George Carlin. I'm sorry, I'm putting words in the mouth of a dead man, maybe he would suck the girldick. In fact, the joke would probably be "Hey, I'm straight, I'm sucking a girl's dick!!!" That feels more likely. I'm not a Carlin Scholar to be fair though, so I don't know as much as I don't care.