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Godlike by Jon Malin / Inglorious Rex by Shane Davis and Yanzi Lin / Cyberfrog by Ethan Van Sciver

Fun Update 2024-04-28: C2E2 Wins and Losses

That Star Wars Girl lost her press pass fot c2e2 because she was White, and her response is "b-but I'm a mutt" and it's like-- bruuuuuuuhhhhhhhhlmao. Libertarians STIIIIIIIILL don't get it.

Anna's nice, but what a dummy.

After having their booth unfairly taken from them, Jon Malin and Shane Davis still attended, with Jon almost being yeeted by security. Snatching a giant W from the jaws of defeat, somehow Jon Malin talked security into letting him stay? It feels like securitybro's going to get fired-- or actually nvmlmao, nothing's going to happen because it's surely a separate company and theylmao he'll be fine. As in, the literal-who con runners (that one homosexual man, and that woman in charge of the con, their names aren't stored in my brain) who got the Davis/Malin/EVS table removed aren't actually going to be able to do anything to the security guard that let Jon stay lmao. That's just my thought. Unsurprisingly, the table that was lost was not filled, costing the convention money. Who cares? No-one. A ComicsGate "For The Fans" convention is now in the works, with multiple con runners offering their assistance. The future looks bright.

Fun Update 2024-04-16: Tom King Should Have Stayed at the CIA

The two often go hand-in-hand

jk obviously he still works for them, but he's also apparently a comic book writer too. He wrote Wonder Woman getting mad at God for saying wives are to submit to their husbands, but Wonder Woman's not even married. So it was like totally pointless, Tom King just wanted Wonder Woman to hate God, because he does. He just hates Christians for some reason, idk I wonder why that might be, I'll check his Wikipedia page later to see if I can find something that might make it make sense. But yeah, weird stuff. Makes more sense as a self-insert, so hopefully Tom doesn't decide he wants to be a wonder woman too, but those CIA types, who knows what's going on in their heads. Not very good writing, though. Wonder Woman deserves betterlmao she deserves a REAL man, a good writer to LEAD her to do something cool, instead of just screaming that she doesn't believe in God. Not a great superhero comic, it's a shame Tom couldn't do better with Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman's like really strong and can fly and stuff, but Tom King has her tied to a chair crying about traditional marriage because Tom King doesn't like traditional marriage.
Editorino: I started writing a joke theory about how it could make sense canonically for Wonder Woman to be so pathetic, but who the hell cares? Tom King just hates Christians, so Christians shouldn't buy DC comics. It's not rocket science.

Hey hey.

just a place to jot down some fun notes. maybe review some lore, etc. et.c.cece.ce. doesnt matter.


Idk, I don't care, I just love it. As far as I can tell, it's, similar to GamerGate, a self-defense movement against extremism in the comics industry. It's people crowd-funding comics instead of having to work at toxic hyper-leftist companies like Marvel and DC. I know that a "Richard Meyer" was at least one of the "founders", creating his own crowdfunded comic called "Jawbreakers", which was supposed to be sold in stores until a bad comic writer named Mark Waid-- the kind of person everyone's sick to death of, like part of the reason for American comics being considered dead, and worse, *bad* now--threatened Meyer's publisher, forcing him to break his contract with Meyer.

Meyer went on to sue, but everyone familiar with the American legal system knows that it cost Infinity Money to get anything done, even if you're a victim, so the lawsuit didn't really do much beyond humiliate Mark Waid. There was of course a similar situation with beloved voice actor Vic Lasagna*

It's effectively legal to defame people and interfere with their business contracts in the United States if you're weaselly enough about it.

But what does this have to DOOOOO with ComicsGate? Everything, I guess. ComicsGate was born out of some combination of readers being fatigued by relentless leftist social politics in comics, and comics artists and writers either being "cancelled" or getting fed up with their hostile work environments at Marvel/DC, and deciding to do indie projects. What makes ComicsGate cooler and more fun than GamerGate ever was, is that it's more than just ineffectual kvetching. It takes way less resources to make comics than games, so there's a lot of creators who you can actually support, instead of just seething at EA for whatever dumb shit they're doing. It's a productive movement, and therefore a positive one.


Yes lol. I can vouch for EVS and Davis personally, but I'll write more another time.

I'm a pretty normal guy, so I've never in my life really cared about comics. Read a few as a kid(Marvel, some team, will remember later one was The New Warriors #24 lmao), read Amory Wars because I'm a Coheed fan. But who the FFFFCK cares about comics? Especially when the people making them are like, evil freaks who want to mutilate kids? And even separating the "art" from the "artist"(as much as they'll possibly allow)whether you like it or not, manga is just better than capeshit. But EVS got me into Cyberfrog, and now here I am wishing he'd make more than 1 book a year.

Comics really are Heckin' Valid, as creepy 20-somethings would say. The art's(by ComicsGate creators) fantastic, and the stories(by ComicsGate creators) are 🤌 and comics DESERVE better than to be buried by the glory of manga. They DESERVE better creators than disgusting millennial gender-lunatics inserting themselves into established characters. It's time for America to RETVRN to tradition, where the Green Lantern wasn't hiring male prostitutes. Comics are old American culture and it's cool that there's an answer to the disgusting mainstream slop being made now.

I'm just a comics normie, I'm not qualified to talk about HOW MUCH trash there is. But there shouldn't even be a PERCEPTION that Marvel and DC have an obsession with anal "sex" and erasing White characters, whether or not it's even true(it is true)

So as a NORMIE, who's only been into comics for a SMALL while, I'm open to like-- maybe there's some cool Predator comics I'd like? I'm reading Green Lantern Rebirth rn and it's good. But really what I want rn is Inglorious Rex 2. I want Cyberfrog 3. I want to check out some SHI by Billy Tucci(also old, but Tucci is a 👑), I want to try BATTLE BRICK ROAD, I want to see Paul R(terrible at spelling names, will fix later)--thefriggin Canadian guy who competed with Mayazaki for Best Animation.

I don't really want uh... Hawk Girl telling me she might be a boy. She's not a boy, I'm looking right at her, and uhhhhhhhh-- I'm sick of the most harmful shit imaginable being pushed everywhere we turn in our society, and impressionable people are just having their little brains devoured by Pure Fucking Nonsense, and it's -- well I guess that's partially why manga is curb-stomping comics. At least when manga throws in a "trap" it's significantly less obnoxious and they're not actually insisting that they're literally a woman. Yes, it's Literally Okay When Japan Does It.

Anyway Cyberfrog is really goodlmao

ComicsGate/adjacent-books I've read & recommend

check out COMICSGATE KINGS on ComicartistproSecrets for a bunch of old pros presenting their new projects 👑

Cyberfrog(new + '90s)

New stuff is great(#1 Blood Honey, #2 Rekt Planet) Fun, heartwarming. Old stuff is '90s nihilism, but it has a ton of cool lore that's in the new books. And it's cool seeing Ethan Van Sciver grow up from a young punk to a Christian family man. '90s stuff supposed to be reprinted in 2025.

Inglorious Rex

MMA with mutant dinosaurs. Very cool. #1's available to buy, #2's campaign is ended and afaik it's shipping RIGHT MEOW, but there will be a SECOND CHANCE campaign after they're done & it'll probably be available to buy from their site & eBay store, 9 Lives Comics

Godlike by Jon Malin (soon)

Malin's bigg project is "Graveyard Shift", I think it might be too violent for me, so ayy, if you like violence, da, also check out GRAVEYARD SHIFT. His are all ended, have to go to eBay.

Battle Brick Road

Military Post-Apocyalypse Wizard of Oz. Absolutely awesome. #1 is available, Issue #2 can still be backed.


by Billy Tucci is reallyyyy good. It's from the early '90s. Tucci has some omnibuses available on his website. Buy from him to support him & then read it online while you're waiting.

Jawbreakers: Lost Souls

Preddy cool and whacky. Haven't read GØD-K1NG. Campaigns are clooooosed, so get it on eBay I guess.

Deus Vult

Jon Del Arroz might not consider himself ComicsGate, but he's a Christian author who sometimes makes comics. Deus Vult is about a Crusader saving a race of cat people from a demon king, and it's pretty fun. Jon is pretty based. (I DID spot a minor error in a Bible quote in the book though!)

Joke Read: Isom 1 & 2

It gave me a headache. The art is pre-made assests, which is one thing, but the writing is just agony. I can forgive bad art, because I'm not really an artist. But I am a writer, and I suffer enough without having to read shitty books. I think it's good that there's some bad comics though, it helpslmao it helps elevate better ones. afaik the creator of Isom, Eric Julyyyy of THE RIPPAVERSE, no-longer considers himself aligned with ComicsGate. I can't in good conscious recommend paying money for it--the RIPPAVERSE employs pro-"trans kid" Satanists who produce torture porn as its editors (it's unclear if Eric is retarded or having sex with them)-- but that's OK because I also can't recommend reading it to begin with, except for laughs if you're already familiar with THE DRAAAAAAMA revolving around it.

the following site is a more useful resource than this page atm, im just a guy who likes fun stories.


*who was defamed by some voice actress and her fiance because she and Vic kissed, and fiance found out. Despite exposing them in court as having *literally* lied about him in HUNDREDS of Twitter posts, having him fired from his job, and having him blacklisted from conventions, Vic wasn't able to get justice beyond the Court of Public Opinion, which is *nice*, but it'd be nicer still if he'd gotten actual money from the harm they caused him.