Hunter x Hunter: Wraith Wars

This is the story of a man without a destiny. His name was Bilbo Baggins, the greatest Ringwraith in Middle Earth.

"Gon," said Killua. "Do you feel that menacing aura?"

"Yeah," replied Gon, "This nen is off the charts, it's even greater than Pitou's! By a LOT!"

Bilbo appeared before them. "Heh. I don't know who this 'Pitou' is, but you're right. No-one is a match for me."

!!! He was able to conceal his presence to that extent?! thought Killua, who jumped back with lightning speed. Gon was not quick enough, and took Bilbo's sword Sting right into the tummy.

"Ackkk!" Gon sputtered.

"GON!!!!!" cried Killua, and he used lightning speed to grab him and pull him out of Bilbo's attack range and into a tree.

"RUN!" cried Bilbo. "Don't come back until you're strong enough to face me!" And with that, he disappeared once more.

Killua was paralyzed in fear. Is he gone? Dammit, I can't sense him anymore!

"Killua..." Gon gasped. "Leave me..."

"Don't be an idiot!" yelled Killua, and he jumped out of the tree and away from the Fence. "I'm getting you to underground hospital!"


"I'm afraid the wound is infected," said Doktor.

"Huh?" asked Killua.

"The sword Gon was stabbed with... it contained a corrupting evil. If we cannot find a way to heal Gon... he will become like the creature who attacked him..."

"I'll ask my sister to heal him!" said Killua.

"NO!" roared Doktor. "This evil is outside our world, if she tried to heal it, it would only turn back on her and uh... idk! Nothing good, though!"

Killua slammed his fist through a table. "THEN WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?"

"Ging might have an idea, but he's off exploring some place or something. FIND HIM, Killua. In the meantime, Leorio and I will keep Gon alive."

"Okay, I will." The determination on Killua's face was GREAT.

"Not so fast, Killua, take this guy with you. I have a feeling the two of you will make a great team!"

"Hi, I'm Jango Fett," said Jango Fett. "I'm a 1-star bounty hunter."

"You look weak," said Killua.

Jango Fett shot him with his blaster. Killua dodged it with ease, and stabbed Jango through the chest with his hand. Jango Fett fell to the ground, dead.

"Ah, nevermind," said Doktor. "Just go yourself then. FIND GING, KILLUA! Gon's life depends on it!"

Killua nodded, and ran off lightnan quick.

Not lightning quick enough.

"Do you feel like a man?" asked Bilbo Baggins.

Killua gasped. He was running as fast as he could, how--

"The power that the One Ring has granted me is beyond what your puny mind can comprehend," chuckled the Hobbit, running alongside him, but looking straight ahead. "And you see... you may be an assassin... But us hobbits are natural buglars. And I've just burgled all of your spirit energy."

Killua tripped and fell. The impact send him tearing through the road, and gave his elbows one hell of a scrape. He looked up at the triumphant Hobbit with terror on his face.

Biblo looked down at him and spat. "You'll never save your boyfriend if you can't even defend yourself from my weakest burgling attacks. You're not even worth my time rn. I should kill you and put you out of your misery... but it'll be so much more delicious to see the look on Gon's face when I kill you in front of him. So go ahead, find Ging. Cure Gon. It'll only make my victory more scrumptious, like a second breakfast. HA HA HA!"

And with that, Bilbo Baggins had vanished. Killua could feel his power returning to him.

So... at least he can't take it permanently... thought Killua, getting to his feet. "I can't let him scare me. I've got to find Ging before Gon turns into... that... thing..."

Images of a wraith-Gon flashed through Killua's mind and tears flooded his eyes. "Gon..."

"Hey, I heard you're looking for Ging," said that Ninja Guy whose name I can't remember. "I can't help you, but maybe Hisoka can."

"Hisoka?!" gasped Killua.


"Kid, you've got guts," said Morel over the phone. "But the Association's lost track of Hisoka. We think he joined the Spiders. For real this time."

"Then I need to find Kurapika!" said Killua. "Surely HE'LL know where I can find the Spiders!"

"Not so fast, Killua," said Morel. "Kurapika's gone ROGUE. He's headed to Whale Tail Island to continue the Kurta Klan bloodline."

"Oh that's good!"

"EH" MOREL MADE A BUZZER NOISE. "EH WRONG, kiddo. Did I ever tell you why the Spiders wiped out the Kurta Clan in the first place?"

"Wasn't it just for their eyes."

"EH. BZZZT. EHHHH. BZZZZRRT. WRONG. Have you ever seen Naruto?"

"Are you telling me the Kurta Clan was planning on taking over the Hunter Association!"

"I am telling you, but I'm telling you even MORE as well. Because the Spider who single-handedly killed THE ENTIRE CLAN... was none-other than KURAPIKA HIMSELF."


"It's possible. He used Hisoka's Bungee Gum to Bungee back in time, at the behest of the Hunter Association, to prevent his Clan from taking over the Association, and then the ENTIRE WORLD. It was an A- ranked mission performed with the cooperation of The Spiders. They broke through the Kurta's defenses, but they weren't strong enough--yes, not even they were strong enough to finish the job. It had to be Kurapika. And SO IT WAS."

"Wow. So you're saying Kurapika won't help me track down the Spiders?"

"No, I didn't tell you that. I just told you he's left the Association to go impregnate as many women as humanly possible. If you try to interrupt him... we can't guarantee your safety."

"That's OK. I need to do this... to save Gon from turning into a Hobbit Wraith... so please... tell me. Where is Whale Tail Island???"

"Okay kid, I admire your courage. The only person who knows Whale Tail Island's exact location besides Kurapika... is Ging."

"Ok great."

Killua was running with all the spee3d his smol body could produce. He HAD to find Ging, so he could find Whale Tail Island, so he could find Kurapika, so he could find Hisoka, so he could find Ging!

"Still havent given up yet, eh?" said Bilbo Baggins, appearing in front of him. Killua couldnt stop and rammed into him, bounching off him like hitting a brick wall made of steel.

Bilbo Baggins smirked at him. He seemed so much taller than usual, but that might have been the blow Killua had sustained to his head. "Let me give you a little hint, kid. You'll never find Ging without finding Hisoka, so skip all the stuff you're doing right now and concentrate on that."

"But no-one knows where the Spiders are except Kurapika!" growled Killua, rubbing his head.

"Incorrect," said Bilbo, pulling off his face. It was Hisoka! He'd used his Texture Surprise to only LOOK like Bilbo!"

"Hisoka! What are you doing here?"

"I'm looking for you, Killua. I want to recruit you into the Spiders because I killed one of them. Uhh... I killed the big guy with the gun fingers."

"Why do you want me to join the Spiders?"

Hisoka licked his lips. "So you can realize your full potential. Turn around for a sec."

"No I'm not gonna do that! Tell me where Ging is!"

"Ging is in York New City, working undercover to find someone for the Association."

"LIAR," said Killua, growling and baring his teeth. "Ging would never do work."

"He needs money to fund his latest expedition to Whale Tail Island," said Hisoka. i cant believe im writing this "IT'S A PLACE that only can be reached with a very large amount of money."

"Kurapika had more money than Ging? That can't be true," said Killua, suspicious.

"It would seem Gon's daddy is less skilled with finances than he is at hunting... do you hear that?"

Cackling in the wind. The pitch suggested a short cackler.

"Yeah... I heard it." Truth be told, Killua could SENSE Bilbo's Nen now. Had Killua become stronger? Or was Bilbo simply not concealing himself, in order to strike fear into their hearts?

"So will you come with me? Or will you stay here and die?"

"You know how to escape him?" asked Killua.

"Yes, hold on to me. Like this. Mmmm yesss,"

Killua groaned as he reluctantly wrapped his arms around Hisoka's waist, from the front for some reason. Hisoka popped a squat and launched into the air with his Bungee Gum!

S-so fast! thought Killua.

With the power of Hisoka's Nen-launch, they rivaled Killua's Lightning God Speed!! Except they were shooting through the air!

"So they fly now, do they?" chuckled Bilbo. He'd not yet learned the talent himself... although, it was just a matter of time. "Fly away, little bird. I'll be watching." And Bilbo disappeared, but not before cutting off a guy's arm with Sting!

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!" the guy cried, and he turned into a wraith!

"My servant, go terrorize the countryside!" Bilbo chuckled.

But then, a smoky white smoke ninja appeared before him and drew a sword.

"OwO wats dis?" laughed Baggins. "You want to dance?"

The ninja lunged into the air at him, and so did a dozen others!

Bilbo felt a dull thump on his shoulder.

"W-what the hell was that?" he roared, swinging around to see a guy with a pompadour smirking at him.

Bilbo ducked and rolled to avoid the ninjas, and prepared to counter-attack. And then he heard it.

"It is time! You have accrued interest!"

Meanwhile, Leorio was using every last doctor trick he knew to try to keep Gon from turning into a hobbit wraith like Bilbo!

"I can't do anything else, he's going to turn into a hobbit wraith," Leorio said. "If Killua doesn't come back within 1 week with a solution, then Gonis as good as wraith."

The Octopus guy started crying. "DAMMIT...*sob* he's my friend..."

"He's my friend too, but we have to face the fact that in 1 week from now, Gon might be our enemy and he'll try to kill us."

"That's exactly right, heh," said Bilbo in their minds with telekinesis.

"WHAT? WHO IS THIS?" thought Leorio looking aorund.

"Don't bother looking aorund," spoke Bilbo into his mind. "I'm miles away. I'm just checking on my future disciple. Tell me, how is he doing?"

"You're the enemy, huh?" asked Leorio. "Well Killua will be back, and he'll save Gon! We've dealt with bigger problems than YOU."

"AHAHAHAHAHAHA" wheezed Bilbo. "You really think so, huh? Well let me give you a little taste of my power, then."

The octopus guy exploded right then and there.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" roared Leorio.

"That was just a taste. A little morsel. There's multiple feasts waiting in the wings, be assured of that. Your friend WILL be my minion, you WILL submit to the Dark Lord, and the Hunter Association WILL 1 sec im getting a phone call...

ok. anyway, the Hunter Association will FALL!!"

"Don't be so sure-- wait a minute, I thought Morel and Knuckle were fighting you!"

"AHAHAHAHA you IDIOTS. One of my countless abilities is to make COPIES of myself. They're fighting a mere clone. And having a difficult time even with him."

"Grrrrrr..." growled Leorio.

"That's right, let the anger flow. It's so delicious. Mmmmmmm!! MHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM hm hm hmmmm, YUMMY!!!" roared Bilbo, dancing with glee.

But then, suddenly? A blaster bolt came flying through the air at him. Bilbo just BARELY dodged it and spun around, snarling.