"If God exists..."

"...then why doesn't He meet the demands of me, a retarded 25 year old porn/drug addict who plays video games all day?"

Great question. I wish I could answer it, but I can't. You really got me.

The "Problem of Evil" (If God exists, then how come bad stuff happens) is maybe the most popular Atheist argument. (Edit: In fact, it was pulled on me just the other day on /v/ of all places) I try not to remember my days as an Atheist, but I probably loved throwing it at Boomers. And it truly is devastating to the unlearned Christian.

But it's really just a serious lack of imagination from people who adore shit like Rick and Morty.

You'll accept shit like multiverses where you're an anime girl, but you can't imagine why the Pancreator would allow trials and tribulations to exist? Give me a break.

It's also a complete misunderstanding of Christianity.

The idea that Christianity is disproven by bad stuff happening would mean that Christianity teaches that "bad stuff never happens".

Christianity doesn't exist because the world is perfect, it exists because Man had to not do one thing, failed, Fell, and just got progressively more retarded from there. That's it. The entire point is that we suck, and everyone LOVES saying that when they're talking about the environment, or how morally-superior animals are because they kill each other with their teeth instead of guns-- but when it's religion telling you, yikes, that's like, ummm... unhealthy. Please tell me more about health while you have a bottle of anti-psychotics on your nighstand and you're on your dozenth romantic relationship

"S-s-s-so you're saying I can't have everything the way I want? T-t-t-then why call Him God?"

I guess because He's God.

Where did the idea come from that the creator of the Universe has to do whatever I say? Who am I?

"W-w-w-well then, I refuse to worship Him!"

Okay, have fun in Hell.

"S-S-S-SO YOU'RE SAYING I DESERV--" okay im sorry, ill stop.

There's really no good moral arguments against Christianity lmao. There's no good arguments period, but people really love moral arguments.

The tricky thing, for me, about morality, is that I look at 99% of the people who talk about morality, or "love", or "empathy", and I see mean-girl twitter addicts who are just nihilistic hedonists. They do nothing good for anyone and their idea of "love" is something that I can't even say because I'm trying not to be overly-vulgar for Lent. And then the other 1% are just Christians.

That's (a little bit) unfair, I'm sorry.

But that "unfairness" doesn't exactly disproven Christianity. There's an infinite number of reasons I can imagine why God lets things you don't like happen. I'm sorry that I can't read the Lord of the Universe's mind to give you a DEFINITE answer, but that shouldn't really be a problem since you don't believe in objective reality anyway.

Maybe it'll help you if you picture Him like Dumbledore. Remember how complicated Dumbledore's schemes were? Of course you remember, it's the only series of books you've ever read. You're perfectly fine with Dumbledore-- who people like you always say "is like the god of the Harry Potter universe"-- having intricate schemes, but you can't accept your actual God doing it? Why?

I know why. It's because life sucks. Sorry. It's not easy. No-one ever said it would be.

It's definitely not going to improve by denying your Father.

All of the "I'm so glad I cut ties with my oppressive Christian family" stories I heard as an Atheist make me cringe now. "I'm better off without my family". This is what "health experts" actually want you to believe. I know from personal experience that it's hard keeping your gigantic mouth shut about your beliefs. But if I had just swallowed my pride and read C.S. Lewis at the time, I wouldn't have tormented my parents for three years by making them listen to Atheist rap music in the car. I'd also probably be married and significantly more wealthy.

Now that's not necessarily the outcome of the Christian life, but boy oh boy will literally-everything be easier for you when you accept that it isn't all meaningless. Midwits will call this "cope". But what they don't realize is that ALL OF LIFE is either coping or seething. Which way, Western man?

Ultimately, Christianity's acceptance of suffering is hardly different in practice than stoicism. What, do you hate stoicism too? Then there's really just no helping you.

Is that everything? I guess so.

I might have gotten triggered by a YouTube comment and gotten into a stupid debate when I stupidly turned off my adblock for some reason. Sorry.

(I told him at the beginning "I bet you're going to say 'why does bad stuff happen'" and idk if he just couldnt help himself, but it really made it a lot easier for me to make fun of him when he did)

Internet debating is cringe and pointless, don't do it. I should whip myself with razor wire for slipping up like that. Go read a book. Bye.