Male Feminists and Small Brain(AND Small Penis) Energy

here's a different scenario, but the male feminist is always the same

Don't worry, ladies! I'm not like those misogynistic incel nerds!!

earlier today my friend sent me another stupid twitter screenshot because he hates me.

it was some guy(male) making a really funny joke about nerds complaining about jocks getting girls, but they're both misogynists so of COURSE women(females) choose the jocks, who are better looking, uhHHHH , LIKE, DUH YOU STUPID INCEL oojioeirgjeoriajg balahearoigjaeoigrjaerij whaaa ha ha ha haaaaaaablaooo aAWOOOOOHAHJJAHAHAA.

i decided to check his profile out, and i was


to discover that he's a twitch streamer who is 1- fat, 2- ugly, and, 3- at least in his late-30s.

but there he is, acting like a badass on twitter. acting like he's a rock star lady killer, an EXPERT on the female mind, because HE isn't A MISOGYNIST. he's a fucking MESS, but because of his ideology, he thinks he can larp as Fabio Rico Suave Don Juan 90s Michael Bolton. but no, im sorry, that's giving him too much credit, because """"""""""men"""""""""" like this dont just do that outright, they hide behind a layer of criticism of others. Call them out and it'll be "H-hey, I didnt say IM any good with women, im just saying that YOU arent!!" But no, of course they're larping by implication.

male feminists are just sneaky pick up artists. they're all--excuse me for using such a gay word--CREEPY. CREEPY and RAPEYlmao. they spend as much or MORE time posting about women and what women like than any kind of Andrew Tate character. WOMEN ON THE BRAIN, 24 HOURS A DAY. everything they post is essentially about LMAO PICKING UP WOMEN. they're just approaching it from a different angle. the pick-up artist goes to bars, the male feminist goes to twitter. both of them want female attention.

the difference between a male feminist and a male chauvinist(not talking about pick-up artists anymore, idk anything about them, they're probably gay liars too) is that the chauvinist is honest. the male feminist is a predator-- a shitty little chameleon pretending to be something he's not: a good, strong man. every social media post aggressively attacking other males is nothing more than a mating dance, exactly like what im doing right now, BUT IM SPOKEN FOR TEE HEE SO DONT TRY TO FLIRT WITH ME. YOU CAN TRUST *ME* because I have a gf, and hey, i dont even like girls anyway.

im doing this SELFLESSLlylmao ok iiiiiiiii. i hate male feminists. i hate the aggressive, nasty way they talk about other men. Real bitchy Mean Girl shit. and it's especially annoying when THEY ARE NOT BETTER LMAO they ALL act like they-- when i see a male feminist call someone ELSE a "dork", my brain just overheats and smoke comes out of my ears. nigga, YOUUUUUUUU are NOT COOL, you're like a goblin. you're physically weak, you're NOT SMART AT ALL, WHYYYYYYY are you acting like you're a superior male? what is it that ACTUALLY makes you distinct from any of the fat neckbeard "NICE GUY" nerds you complain about on your subreddit? your rejection of traditional gender roles? that's it, isn't it? good luck with that, retard.

im allowed to shit on male feminists because i was one. the most powerful one. but it's a double-edged sword, because every time i talk about how dimwitted and gay they are, it forces me to relive my past and im forced to check my pride. how am i supposed to chimp out on a retard, when i was that retard? it's terrible.

There but for the grace of God go I. but i can still chimp out a little.

anyway what else-- oh, another thing that's INTERESTING, dont you just think it's really INTERESTING the way that male feminists use women they've fucked as ammunition to win arguments? I got news for ya fellas, women arent uhhh, some kind of VENDING MACHINE, that you can stick your dick into, and then you can use her as validation on the topic of sex relations for the rest of your miserable life. The concept of not objectifying women flies out the window at the speed of light when you can use "a woman let me stick my dick in her" as a weapon in a debate. There's something really doubly obnoxious about that because it's not just Muh Hypocrisy, which i dont care about fine whatever, but it's also lmao nigga you hidin' behind yo girl's skirt? fine, bring her on so she can tell me that i could never make her squart with my tiny dick

JK because you dont have a girl. male feminists arent having regular sex. 90% of them, like normal(female) feminists on twitter, people of gender especially, and every other reddit-brain who whines about sexism/racism/everythingunderthesunism, are also L I T E R A L L Y involuntary celibates: They would like to be having sex, and they are not. Male feminists will use a girl they fucked and had a Failed Relationship With Because Their Worldview Is Wrong(Not Christian) YEARS ago as proof that they are still heckin' valid and better than the evil shy autistic incel guys they seethe about who have NEVER had sex(therefore are inferior)

"You see, as a male feminist, every failed relationship I have with a woman is ACKSHUALLY a great success, because it allows me to act really foul and bitchy to men who are more shy and, frankly, less lucky than me. Lucky because free will doesnt exist of course but if you dont think most women can play chess as well as men, you're actually A PIECE OF SHIT, AND I HATE YOU and BY THE WAY, I BET YOU DONT HAVE SEX LIKE ME. I BET I COULD BEAT YOU UP, NERD DORK, FUCK I HATE ELON MUSK SO FUCKING MUCH GRRRRRRAWWRRRRRR FUUUUUCKING FUCK SHIT DOUCHENOZZLE POOPOO FUCK FUCK!!!!"

clowns. I've said it before, every man on the Internet--including me dont worry--acts like he's fucking Achilles storming the beaches of Troy when he's posting on social media about An Issue. A hero at war. A uh... lmao culture war.

But the reality is male feminists arent heroes. they're stupid. their brains are small. and they also have small dicks. girl dicks, you might sayLMAO AMIRITE

anyway, sorry for a stupid bitchy post, i didnt mean to do this to you. but, you know, free will doesnt exist so why dont you have a little empathy for me??????????? well?????? it's called being a good person, and i hate you btw!

anyway, leftists are dumb, male feminists are dumb, and WOMEN? Women are GENIUSES, dont worry. every time i talk to a woman, im blown away by how wise she is, how insightful. ive never spoken to a woman who wasnt smarter than i am-- and let's just say my IQ is VERY high, also im tall. you're probably wondering about my penis. well i love women, and i dont have any outdated expectations of them whatsoever, i know they're no different than I am in any way shape or form, so you can rest assured that im packin'. and good thing too, with all the sex im having with my harem of brilliant and stunning women of all races and body types and genders Ahhhh yes... the benefits of being a good ally... hmm... *smiles* i bet you're jealous arent you, dork? *shoves you in a locker* shouldnt have hated women, incel *gives you a swirlie* maybe next time *gives you an atomic wedgie* youll THINK before you hate women!! dont let me catch you around here again... or else...

ok im done. i wanted to work Elon Musk into this somehow because everyone who hates him suffers from Male Feminist Syndrome where they pretend to be WAAAAY cooler and less-online than they actually are and get rly mad when Elon's fans protecc him from their DEVASTATING AND HECKIN VALID criticism(lol) so they're like OOOHHH LOOKS LIKE ELON'S DORK FANS ARE ATTACKING ME NOW!!!!!!! lmao so weak "Looks like the Russian bots are out in force tonight!!!!" WOOWWWWW LOOKS LIKE I PISSED OFF THE NAZIS!!!!!! maybe that's just an issue with twitter users. i guess ill just say that regardless of anything else, i love how angery Elon makes retards. he's like Trump 2, Electric Car Boogaloo. this isnt an elon post though, so NO MORE, DONE. i didnt appreciate his Halloween costume -_- do you think it cancels out his frenship with the Babylon Bee? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MORE THE POST IS ENDING

take care of yourself pls. SOWWY FOR ANOTHER FEEL-BAD POST. ill REALLY try HARD to not let loose like this, because it's really pretty gay and not good to be so negative. but uhhh, idk. ill make it a resolution maybe. i hope youre doing well, pls stay hydrated. i started eating salads. i dont have to, im already underweight by now and lmao but uh... the salads are pretty good. no dressing or anything, i basically just shove leaves down my throat. idk why im telling you about my diet now. im still sick, sry, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... okay. that's it. POSITIVE POST tomorrow, no matter what. ttyl. God bless.