Mein Komfort

Despite making up just 13% of the population, over 50% of desks are designed for people over 6 feet.

5'11 man at a normal sitting desk designed for 6'0 men

That's a real stat that I'm not going to source because I can't be bothered to find where I read it again. Look, can't you just BELIEVE me you idiot? You BELIEVE plenty of things on a daily basis without verifying them for yourself. Medical information, political news, literally-anything-ever-said-by-NASA. Is it really SO difficult for you to accept that some industry standard might be "not so great for most people"? Every day, people sit at their desks in agony. And it's for a reason.

A few years ago I suddenly became an old man and started experiencing chronic debilitating shoulder pain. Any time I'm awake I basically feel like dying.

Eventually I would learn, after consulting many ancient and esoteric tomes, that I was being oppressed, systemically AND systematically, by the Lanklet Menance.

Proper sitting posture demands that your shoulders be not hunched, and your arms be bent at a 90-degree angle at your keyboard. For the overwhelming majority of the population, this is not possible at a typical desk.

Because desks are designed for an extreme minority of the population which enjoys vastly-disproportionate societal influence, the rest of us have to suffer. We have to either use flimsy keyboard trays that we can't lean on and that push us away from the desktop, or we have to raise our chairs so that our feet are no-longer firmly planted on the ground. (A metaphysical attempt at disconnecting our spirits from God's earth--a common demoralization tactic which lanklets have used throughout history to weaken our resolve and spines)

So what can we do?

If you want to fight bacc against Der Schlaksig, your options are limited, yet effective.

You can get some wood and build a custom desk to suit your own height. Alternatively, you can build a "foot rest" platform which actually surrounds your chair, allowing you to raise it without confining your feet to the small surface area of a standard foot rest. We don't have to live in their world. We can resist. We MUST ensure the survival of our spines and a future for painless posture.

Things to remember:

If you adjust one thing, you have to adjust everything else. Not one element of your desk can be out of place, or you'll merely be changing which part of you starts to hurt.

Cushion-y chairs are your enemy. Do not trust them. They were designed by and for demonic lanklets who want you deadlmao ok bye