Movies That Don't Suck

Old Asian Ghost Movies Are Pretty Much The Only Movies I Can Tolerate

Movies suck. I really can't stand them. Especially anything coming out these days.

Sorry if it makes me a WEEB (I'm not sorry), but Azn horror- especially old ghost stories- have a unique ability to not be completely pozzed and trash. They're not all gold, but all of them are at least tolerable to someone like me who gets physically ill when he tries watching anything made in [curent year].

Here's a list of some that stand out as particularly good and how I rate them. For reference, I'd rate, idk, any uh, what's a popular horror movie? All those Jordan Peele movies about how much he hates White people? I'd give those zero stars.

Pulse is one of the best movies I've ever seen.

If you're going to watch any, make sure it's the original. American remakes of Azn horror are atrocious. They butcher the stories and add monsters, screaming jumpscares, and everything else trash about Western cinema. Not everything on this list is the "slow burn atmospheric gut wrenching bone chilling character development driven jumpscare free" meme, but even the ones that do have a few jumpscares are taken to absurd levels in their remakes.

Here's a few BONUS American movies that actually isn't bad:

I guess that's it for now. I'll update this when I see more movies that don't suck.