You Are Not God

What a nightmare that that even needs to be said, right?

The other day I was listening to a podcast about uh.. what is it... "Christ consciousness"? You know, that drug-induced hippie "we are all one" shit. A quote from Oprah was brought up and it was so blasphemous that I had to go take a shower after listening to it.

I was always kind of "aware" of it, but I had never really noticed how sinister it is.

When I was an atheist, it used to drive me insane that Christians would DARE to deny that certain people were Christians. After all, that's a FALLACY. It's even got a name: No True Scotsman.

But when the first lie ever told was "you can be like God", and now there's people self-identifying as "Christians" and saying shit like "We can be like God", I finally understand. And it really fucking annoys me now when I think about how many people are probably walking around calling themselves Christians, when what they actually believe is essentially Satanism with extra steps.

People give the Westboro Baptist Church shit for being mean and calling people gamer-words. They're pointed to as the biggest example of "not real Christians". But the WBC's members don't call themselves God, they don't say "Jesus was actually just a man and only became 'Christ' because he took DMT and we can do it too lol"

This kind of vague "Everything is love" spiritualism is precluded by basically any random passage in the Bible. Watch. Give me a sec... Oh look, I was right.

Impersonal, all-encompassing... "everythings" don't do favors for obeying their rules. Also they don't have rules. It's not an exaggeration to say that "new-age crap is meaningless" when all of their definitions are just "everything". "Love" is "everything"? Great. Go everything yourself. Sorry, you don't have a self. Go everything your everything. Oops, I'm sorry, "go" implies that you're not already there, but of course "you're" omnipresent. Everything your everything. Oh gwarsh I apologize, "your" implies an ownersh---------- Everything :^)

People might think it's innocent to pretend to be God as long as it brings about "love". I'd say that's misguided at best. Anyone who grew up on the Internet should know that human beings cannot be trusted to define "love" for themselves.

C.S. Lewis warned about this like what, a million years ago? More recently, there was a-- oh man, can I copy it into-- oh I can, epic. In Sam Hyde's book, Jaihoo's Trip to the Future, a young lad enters a DMT-dimension and has his mind blown by some totally-not-evil entity:

Everyone knows that hippie new-age spiritualism exists to justify doing whatever you want. That's why 100% of the people who practice it say that they don't like "organized religion." Organization is lame, man. So is doing anything that I don't want to.

It's worse than atheistic humanism. At least atheists don't pretend to have magic powers. They don't pretend that THEY ARE GOD.

So no, Oprah's not a fucking Christian. What is the practical difference between her and a Satanist? Nothing. No, sorry, she's worse. Aren't most Satanists just edgy hedonists? And again, thinking about this makes me wonder how many more of our politicians and pop-culture idols are walking around calling themselves "Christians" while they preach what is the exact fucking lie that caused the Fall of Man. Imagine how fucking easy it must be to just think that because you were raised Christian, you just "are". And any ideas you pick up while reading """"""""""Christian"""""""""" books about Jesus fucking prostitutes and having kids, or your inate ability to bend reality--well that's just part of it too :)

Christians need to understand that heresy is real. Just because you're reading a book penned by a self-proclaimed Christian doesn't mean it isn't actually fucking demonic. You want some Christian literature? Read the Bible. Or hey, there's no shortage of books written by men who aren't pretending to be God. People got offended by the Harry Potter series, but JK Rowling never wrote "this is all true btw and you can also use magic."

What else-- oh yeah. I know Catholics and Protestants shit on each other constantly. Protestants say Catholics worship Mary or the Pope, Catholics look at the trillion different Protestant branches and see a lot of [REDACTED].

What do they both generally have in common, though? Neither of them teach that you actually are God. I think that's kind of a big deal. Like, what is actually a worse example of Christianity than that? Worshiping Baal?

I know it's really hip to self-identify as things that you are not in 2020 and "gatekeeping" is like, soo lame, man. But it can't hurt YOU to at least start noticing things and just not fall prey to... i dunno, pizza-loving DMT-demons posing as Christians.

is that all for now? I think so. Oh, here's a link to that podcast I was listening to ... where is it................... ok here