Stop Watching Porn

There's nothing I can say that hasn't already been better-said, so maybe I'll just turn this into a resource page.

There's a million things I want to say, but that would literally just become my entire website, and I don't want that. There's smarter people than me out there who can explain to you why exactly porn is basically fucking evil.

Maybe I'll just jot down some of my own notes when I think of something.

Basically, you're a clown.

sorry, i didnt mean that. actually i might-- if you come up with excuses why you have to fap to porn like "i dont want testicular cancer", then yes, you are a clown.

Have sex.

i know that's a meme, but it's also true. If you're actually worried about testicular cancer (i dont believe you), then meet a girl and start a family.

use your atrophied imagination

remember before the internet, when you could either just use your imagination or steal your parent's magazines? I do. so we know that it's humanly possible to have orgasms without watching 8K-VR videos of other men fucking.

Do you think you're better off now than you were in the days when you didn't rely on porn?

Do you think it's healthier to need to rely on specific things to experience pleasure? People (addicts) who talk about how "healthy" """expression""" is, frankly, aren't qualified to be talking about health, because they're fucking broken. It's objectively less healthy to REQUIRE THINGS than it is to NOT REQUIRE things. That's called math, and it's the language of reality. QED. Spend 1 week not fapping and you'll be fucking AMAZED at how your sexuality "resets" itself. You'll go from NEEDING TO WATCH VIDEOS to being able to appreciate a girl simply existing.

it's spiritual cuckoldry

i know, i know. when *I* was a male feminist, just like you, I also used to deny this. "i-it's not actually MY partner, s-so it's not actually cuckoldry." Yeah, that's true. But something not being LITERAL cuckoldry is like stepping in puke instead of stepping in shit. it's in the same "direction". you're watching a girl who-- whether you admit it or not, you DO have a kind of "relationship" with. It's not real, it's one-sided, but she has a place in your mind. You CARE about her in some way-- that's the reason you're watching her.

it's cheating

hard pill to swallow, i know. but expending your sexual energy in a way that's separate from your partner is cheating. yeah, yeah, same as above? "I-i-i-i-i-i-it's not the same!" Yes, it's not the same, but it's SIMILAR ENOUGH to the point where you SHOULD care. time and energy you spend with your dick in your hand is better spent on the person you profess to love. "we're not always together" isn't an excuse, because you can SAVE.YOUR.ENERGY.

it's gay

lmao im sorry, it's just funny to say. there's a "you're touching a guy because you're touching yourself" argument, but i dont really care about that. i just thought it'd be funny to suddenly drop "it's gay" in H2-size. and i was right.

actually yeah it kind of is

you ever do an image-search for a higher-res pic of a girl, and you come across an edit with a giant autistic story about a boy being transformed into a girl? that or "cuck" shit. How often do you think the people who write/fantasize those comsume pornography? once a week? or several times a day?

it's not a coincidence. whatever the science is behind it more complex than "when you lower your test, you become more suspectible to becoming a fucking lunatic freak who abandons his masculinity", it's something that no-one can deny. Everyone who's into cuckoldry and other forms of self-abasement are porn addicts.

if this shit were in any other context than SEX, psychiatrists would condemn it as self-harm. That's because it is self-harm. I'm supposed to believe that a teenage girl cutting her legs with a razor is less mentally-stable than a grown man on watching hundreds and hundreds of videos and leaving comments about how badly he wants [CENSORED] to [CENSORED] his [CENSORED]? No, sorry.

pornographers are not your friends, they are not scientists, and they are not smart

last year i think during "no nut november", i saw a meme of some porn actress complaining about the month and saying addiction doesnt exist. that's a really interesting claim for someone whose job is "lying down." I know, I know, there's that one woman who quit and uh... went to college and earned a degree or something, right? WOW, THAT'S INCREDIBLE lmfao.

you PROBABLY wouldnt trust an oil company to tell you about why global warming is a meme, right? Why the fuck would you EVER trust a pornographer to tell you what's sexually healthy? And that does include social "scientists" who "study" sex-- these people outright call themselves "allies" of pornographers-- the idea that they can be trusted to give you information about THEIR OWN PRODUCT is ridiculous.

i once saw--idk what he called himself, either a doctor or a therapist, whatever-- on twitter write : "Don't yuck someone else's yum." Wow, that really sounds like science, right? I fucking LOVE science! The way these people talk--forget about them being wrong--it's so fucking ANNOYING.

so no, fuck these people and their sales-pitches poorly disguised as honest scientific arguments.

instead, listen to/read the stories of the thousands of men who realized they had an addiction (including your hero Terry Crews, you fucking idiot nerd), and decided to do something about it.

porn adds nothing to your life

you already know that, but you might not know what it *takes*

if you're fucking bad at introspection, you might not have noticed that before and after your have an orgasm, there's a drastic shift in your energy.

I know when I was your age, I didn't understand that energy is an actual resource, but mother fucker, please believe me when I tell you that it is. Time and energy are more valuable than gold, and no-one has more time or energy than the young. Don't fucking waste it hunched over a screen like a goblin.

just as an example, i've often seen people claim(lie) that they don't have enough time in the day to exercise.

there's 24 hours in a day. you might spend 8 of them sleeping. I'll be super-generous to how hard of a worker you are and say you work TEN hours a day. What the FUCK are you doing for the other 6 hours that is preventing you from EXERCISING?

for a lot of men, the answer is jerking off, and it's a fucking miserable answer. there's literally no excuse to be watching pornography in 2021. you're on the wrong side of history, etc. etc.

"Bloo Hoo Hoo, I Have Erectile Dysfunction Now!"

Oops, I guess it wasn't so fucking healthy after all. Is it a coincidence that advertisements for erectile dysfunction pills are constantly served on porn websites? No, it's not a coincidence.

Remember when you were a teenager and when you were going to lose your virginity your one cool friend gave you advice to "jerk off before you hang out with her, so you'll last longer"? That was actually good advice. The problem with porn consoomers is that they're literally-always jerking off, so they're so great at "lasting" that they can't even get hard lmfao. Hey, that's not just me saying it. You think advertising teams for these medications are specifically choosing to serve this demographic ads because they're just bigots? No, it's because porn isn't fucking healthy and people who are addicted to it literally require medications to feel sexual stimulation. Oops.

it harms women

there's a good reason, if you care about stuff like thatlmao.

people love throwing around vague terms like "empowerment", but what the fuck does it actually mean? what REAL, DEFINABLE benefit do women get from pornography? Well, 1% of the most attractive women make as much money as, what... an average plumber? that's just my guess. say they make DOUBLE that. what the fuck is money? holy shit lmfao look at all the dollars i have. i can buy all kinds of STUFF. Uhmazing.

the idea that women are "empowered" by prostitution is misyognistic, sorry not sorry sweeeeeeeeeeeety :)

sex is sacred. women are sacred. the idea that sex should ever be "casual" is fucking disrespectful, and if you disagree, then go let some guy cum on your face and see how empowered and respected you feel afterwards.

this is just a side note too, but keep a close eye on "sex-positive" male feminists lmao. at some point you have to accept that it's not a coincidence that so many people whose identities revolve around "sex" are fucking predators.

I know, I know, "correlation doesnt equal causation". keep telling yourself that until the day you fucking die. throw in some "slippery slopes" too. oh sorry, is this a "straw man?" Fuck you. Slopes CAN be slippery--especially when you're fucking dealing with people who believe in "deconstructing" social norms, and not all corollaries might be causes, but all causes are corollaries.

it doesn't take a fucking rocket scientist to see the way people "descend" when it comes to sexuality, and it doesn't take a brain surgeon to notice people saying shit like "well, logically there's no reason why I shouldnt" while they do shit that they shouldnt do. in other words...

you are not a genius

i know you think you are, and i know you think that your grandpa was a RETARD because he was RACIST and RELIGIOUS, but your grandfather was more than likely a better man than you could ever dream of being. and instead of watching porn, he made half a dozen kids with your grandma. your grandpa probably invented something or made some important medical discovery, too. what's your contribution to society? not being racist? (literally nothing)? generating ad revenue to fund the mansions of people who film women being degraded? incredible.


sometimes ill see women say addiction affects them too. I totally believe that, but i can't speak to how badly it fucks up their brains. I only know how badly it fucks up male brains. sry.

ok :^)

At some point, I'll add some better(read: actual) resources here for people interested in quitting.

For now, my personal advice is:

*better and smarter men will recommend you go cold-turkey

but I won't pretend I've followed that advice myself.

I still struggle sometimes personally. Like a lot of young men, I've been consooming this drug since I was a kid. But compared to how bad I was a few years ago, it's genuinely fucking night-and-day. The first step to any kind of recovery is admitting that what you're doing is fucking wrong. Is that all for now? I guess it is. Stop watching porn.