Death Mountain Rocks

Be careful to not accidentally mistake a Goron for a rock when farming for hearts/rupees! Gorons are not hostile enemies, but attacking them might cause them to attack you!

>tell me about the Death Mountain Rocks please

you reallu dont know about them? Lol… essentially, they're the Hyrule-counterpart of Din's Secret Blessing of Fire in Termina
remember how she makes the secret goron in the corner of the bomb shop sell you cheaper powder kegs?

>of course

well her blessing is less… "explosive" in Hyrule lol xD but it's still deeply related to fire and to gorons of course lol
and so here it is:
If you are missing any hearts… the rocks in Death Mountain will ALWAYS have hearts inside of them! And we know that it's not a coincidence because when your hearts are full, they always have rubees.
Therefore we know it's intentional. Now who might have the power to affect the contents of a rock? (who else besides the goddess of the gorons lol) Now how's that for a blessing lol xD


so there's yet another example of Din looking out for you (strangely, not Faroroe once again… makes you wonder if she even WANTS link to succeed…)