Powder Keg Economy

powder keg

Suspicious Pricing

okay, so you know the Goron Powder Keg Shop?
In Majora’s Mask, you probably never realized this, but it’s “clear as crystal” as Willy Wondka would say lol.
Well, once you know the secret lol
now, it is of course mandatory to visit the Powder Keg Shop in the Goron Mountains to become certified in power-keg usage. Afterwards, you can purcahse powder kegs from this giant goron for 100 rupees (this is what most players do) but there’s actually a secret goron hiding in the bomb store in clock town, who ALSO sells you these powder kegs!
And guess what he sells you them for?
FIFTY rupees.
Now, do you remember who creates these powder kegs in the first place? The big goron or the small goron? (exactly, lol) So this begs the question of course. What’s a 3rd party doing selling powder kegs for LESS than the manufacturer!?
Exactly! It doesnt add up. So we have to ask ourselves: “who’s lying?” and “why”
is the big goron lying about the cost of manufacturing the powder kegs? Is he ripping link off? This seems unlikely because Gorons are very honorable, even though they’re based off of Dwarves who are of course greedy.

Divine Intervention

So then HOW is the small goron able to sell link these powder kegs at such killer prices? The answer goes back to my Deku Stick theory, do you remember it?
? oh im sorry lol I forgot you were asleep. Ill just continue xD
so, when something is “illogical”, what works as the solution? (at least in video games lol). Exactly: “divine” intervention! now, which of the goddesses in hyrule might govern “EXPLOSIONS?”
let’s go over the goddesses again.
Fayore: Goddess of Earth...
Naryu: Goddess of Water...
see how it all works out?
Just in case you dont let me explain lol:
Din is telling the goron to give you the powder kegs at a lower price.
(this is doubly-fitting because Din is the goddess of gorons, whereas nayrue is the goddess of the soras and faire is the goddess of the deku lands)
get it? Din is compelling the goron, aiding you in your joruney just as she always does. Which begs another question: if Din is doing all of these things for you: preserving your deku sticks, “mind-controlling” gorons to give you cheaper bombs, then what’s YOUR goddess, Farore doing for you?
It almost seems like she’’s absent! Ill hagve to investigate further in the future lol. Ill figure it out dont worry lol.
(look closely in the "Bomb Store" and you will see a "Goron" hiding--look at the brown rock!)