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Writing is such a pain in the ass. The Daily Asker? More like the Daily Dick Around in a Word Processor Like a Retard Because You Can’t Be Satisfied Just Writing in the Neocities Editor Like a Normal Person

1 sec, I can’t write and listen to music with singing at the same time…

Okay, I switched it to L’s Theme. The perfect writing music lol

Get it? L. oh. L.


I spent a too-long part of my early afternoon today arguing with a guy about a freaking comic book.

[unnecessarily long post explaining that how I DESTROYED someone and they DELETED their comments, as if I’m a war hero]


When I posted that nerdface emoji today, I knew what I was starting. There’s no excuse for it.

My head hurts just a little. Owie, owchie. I might be a little hungry, too.

I… my head hasn’t been hurting TOO much the last few—weeks? But uh...well, I don’t want to talk about medical sheeeeeeit. I’m not crippled, thank God.

Arguing with other men is probably gay. My head hurts too much right now for me to support that statement, but I don’t have to. What are you going to do, argue with me? FAAAAAAAGOOOOOOOTTT.

Remember that bullying commercial in the locker room with all the boys stomping toward the camera and slurring? That’s me to you right now.

Hey you’re a queer, aren’t ya?

I remember some comments in that video of people not understanding that kid’s tone lol and being like “I love how that one’s like not even being mean! He’s just like, asking genuinely!”

Those are the people who get eaten. Not me. I’m—you know what I am? A retard who drags out blog posts a hundred times longer than they need to be. Am I hungry? I miAERGAER5GHRETHGA

TTYL. Pls take care. Have a comfy day.

God bless ,fren

06/18 By your cover shall you be judged

Zzzzzzzzz hey fren, hope you’re feeling well.

Where am I… I’m typing this in LibreOffice lol

It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough. For today.

Everyone knows to not “judge a book by its cover” but how often really do we remember to withhold judgment? Knowing me, I’ve probably spent more time arguing Ermm ackshually it’s usually safe to judge things at face-value. And even if that’s true, when it comes to *actual books*, maybe it’s worth the time and energy to just open it and read a page or two. Especially if you like the cover.

Tomoe/Witchblade Fire Sermon sucks. It’s not written by Billy Tucci. The internal art is MEH. But it has a really nice cover.

I’m being unfair to it because I’m comparing it to Shi. It is bad, but you know what’s worse?

I just skimmed through YAIRA. It was a nightmare.

If you dooooon’t know, Yaira is the latest comic from some black lolbert YouTuber who started his own comic company. All the books suck. I read them. They’re fun for me to read because I follow some draaaaaaama related to their creator, but if I made you read any of them, it’d be like, torture.

Yaira’s written by two torture-porn producing feminist witches.

It’s all just awful and ugly. The artwork is 3d/stolen assets including a sword lifted from Skyrim. There’s a jail riot scene where I was sure I’d find some identical poses. And I did. It’s worse than Fire Sermon by far. The writing is just gross. Everyone sucks. There’s some kind of Aztec transgender god. And I think the cover isn’t even nice, so this doesn’t support my post at all, does it? Errmmmmm, aaaackshually, it’s usually safe to judge thi—okay. Fine. I don’t care.

Fire Sermon still wasn’t good though.

My shoulder’s killing me, I have to go throw myself against the wall or something. I hope you’re h—was there any point to this post at all? I can’t believe this. I’ll write soemthing better later, I haaaave to go


pls take care, have a comfy day

God bless, fren

06/01: Heavenly Bride

Dragon Quest V’s preddy cool

You, Maria, and your fren were all slaves. Maria was getting whipped, so you and fren entered WHITE KNIGHT mode and clobbered the slavedrivers. Maria’s brother was a guard and sends the three of you off in a barrel, and that’s that.

I finished the childhood portion of the game. It was good.

Then uh, you know, you get caaaaptured and 10 years later youzzzzzzzz escape fromzzzzzzzzzz slazzzzzzzzzz im tired.

Uh… game’s good though. Very pleasant uh… everything. It’s just pleasant to LOOK at. PS2 was like, the height of—ahhh you know, I once saw an anon put it very well, and I can’t quite remember what he said. Something about the graphics being juust good enough while also still requiring a good art style for everything to look nice. You know, the demo for Unreal Engine 420 comes out, it’s indistinguishable from reality, and it’s just fucking ugly. I don’t want to look at this at all. Is this really what real-life looks like? I guess it’s pretty close, but why is it offensive to my eyes? Get away from me.

Anyway… I finally got muh tracking number for Inglorious Rex 2. I’m really excitedargergeragaerg. And they’re already working on 3. But I didn’t want to back it until I got 2 -_-

Because Shane Davis’s uh… order shipping department is just his wife and mother-in-lawlmao it uh… you know, you’ve got, say 1,000 books that need to be packaged and sent out, and you’ve just got 2 women, even though they’re Asian women, it’s still going to take a while! That’s understandable. But I want muh book. Rly glad it’s coming now. 1 was reallyyyyyyyy good.

Anything else? Yeah actually, Kitaru Witch Hunter’s starting to ship too, so that’s neato.

I’m tiiiiiiiiiiiiiired man. TOMORROW THOUGH? Tomorrow’s gonna be a fuuuuun day. Wanna have a watch party? A neocities UFC watch party? I know you do, but maybe you’ll be too busy. Just lemme know. I’m probably going to be listening toooo… hmm… it’s a toss-up between Lucas Tracy and MMA Guru. Lucas is more comfy, but Guru’s funnier. I’ll probably go back and forth throughout the card.

Enough nonsense now, I’ll let you go.

Oh, picks? Give me a sec… okay

Lemme get…

lol is Andre Lima the guy who got bit last time? Whatever, I’m picking him. Uh… wtf are these stats? His opponent is 138lbs but it’s a flyweight bout? How am I supposed to interpret that? … I hate the way fighters cut weight, they’re all such faggots, literally all of them.

Lima by KO.

Uh… lemme get Ailin Perez by DOMINANT decision

The Battle of the Losers at Welterweight. Lemme get… Bassil Hafez. KO.

I’ll take… Jake Matthews by decision,

Grant Dawson by submi--… … … idk, decision.


Uhhh… Kopylov by KO

Dos Santos by decision.

Morono by KO

Ol… Ole...Oleksiekjkzueeieck by decision.

Strickland by ...he actually could KO Costa, I know he has pillow hands, but … eh. Decision.

Aaaaaand… Islam, however he wants. No, uh. Submission. I can’t imagine Poirier doing better than Volk did, even if he’s bigger. But I… I mean, I GUESS it’s possible

im so tired. I’ll ttyl. Pls take care of yourself. Aaaaand have a relaxing day.

God bless, fren.

05/31: Heaven and Earth

That’s better. Thanks, Billy Tucci.

Checked out a Shi comic actually written by Billy Tucci, and what do I get instead of “Um, akshully, Japan doesn’t belong to the Japanese and Christ isn’t God”

I get Saint Michael appearing as a samurai. Awesome. No comically stooopid villains going “Ha ha! How Delightful!!”

To be more fair than—actually no, no matter what, any way I slice it, Tomoe/Witchblade sucked. It was just stupid even if I ignore the blasphemy in it. BUT I will say that part of it might be that Witchblade’s story might be incompatible with Christianity. As in, it was just an impossible task no matter what to make it work with Tomoe. Or to be good in general. I don’t know, I’m just *guessing*, there probably is a lot of uh, jewish mysticism (Satanism) in Witchblade. Like the ancien—forget it, I don’t care.

It’s easy to tie that in with the vague spiritualist LSD Everything-“””God”””, it’s not-so-easy to make it work with Christ. And I’ve come to learn that if it doesn’t work with Christ, it’s probably really gay and stupid.

Tomoe deserves her own story! But afaik that’s it for her. At least as far as her own books.

There’s still plentyyyyy of Shi books, though. And Heaven and Earth, from a brief skim, seems really cool. I GOTTA MAKE SURE I only read Billy Tucci’s books. But I’m not going to really read it until I’m done with uhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The manga I’ve been reading... Drakkun. And then probably Caravan Kidd. And also Zzzzzzz I have so much to readd… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Dragon Quest V for the ps2. I briefly started it, and it’s craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy good. I’d just-as-briefly started the snes version, which is also r—like this is the first Dragon Quest game I’ve played that actually has a more “personal” story. You know, 1 is Save the Princess and Kill the Dragon Lord, 2 is Meet Your Cousins and Kill the Evil Wizard. And 3 is uh… your dad tried to kill a Demon King or something, Go Do What He Did. And Bring a Party With You.

And those all rock in their own ways.

But in V (4 doesn’t have a translation afaik other than for the official DS release, which is rly gay and generally hated even by people who aren’t really sensitive Christians like me)...where was I… oh, in V, you start the game as a little kid wandering around with your dad, everyone loves him, I’m preddy sure he’s like, a king but you don’t know, you meet a girl you you’re obviously going to marry one day, she tries reading you a book but she can’t read LOL, it’s got uhh… a lot of personality. Even on the SNES version, but on the PS2 version, it really comes to life in a very neat way that’s not new to me as far as jrpgs go, but is new to me for Dragon Quest. And I like it. Obviously something’s gonna happen to Dad, so that’s gonna hurt my feelings. But that’s what makes it—actually you know what, in II, you DO see your cousin’s father get killed by the evil wizard, so that’s something. But, you never really knewww him.

You know what’s cool about V, too? You save the game by praying in Church, and the g in God is always capitalized when someone says His name. Uhhhhhhhhh. Yeah. I’m gonna have to say it’s based, I have no choice.

Oh, and the crosses are still up. Idk what game it was where they started censoring the crosses, but it’s not this one. Very cool, thanks Enix. It was still Enix, right… yeah.

Hey, did you know they made an rpg called Just Breed?

Okay, I’m dying now, so I’m gonna let you go. I am … tired. I’m kinda tired. I’lllllllllll ttyl. Pls take care of yourself. Aaaaaaaand. Have a comfy day.

God bless, fren

0 5/29: Fire Sermon

I’m so glad I didn’t spend money on this lmao

I decided to not buy Tomoe/Witchblade to find out what happens to Tomoe. I’m pretty glad I didn’t, because it’s kinda gay lmao. Whereas Shi is well-written, supremely based and Christpilled, Tomoe/Witchblade isn’t written by Billy Tucci and is much moar “All Religions Are True”ish and uh… the villain is a samurai who was murdering jews who were just minding their own business in Japan, which is, of course actually their ancient homeland. And by offing an innocent jew—who was, of course, a superhuman—the samurai absorbed his power. So lol.

Tomoe isn’t ordered to off herself for her failure in NYC, instead she’s given a TASK of uh… whatever. Cleansing some temple or something. And … … whatever the woman’s na—Sara. Tomoe and Sara team up and uhZzzzzzzzzzz… beat the bad guy… whatever.

All that really matters is that Tomoe’s okay. On the other hand, I can’t possibly consider this canon so who knows, maybe she’s not okay after all. No, I think she is.

That’s all I needed to know. Now then, there’s still a lot more Shi. But I think I’m going to uh… I mean the difference is just night and fucking day. This was a lot more like a typical capeshit comic. On top of like… you know… On top of all that, it was also just like, goofy. I don’t want to say it sucked, because I like Tomoe. But it suckedlmao. So I have to make sure I only consoom Shi written by Tucci.

You know what isn’t goofy? GODLIKE by Jon Malin. It’s preddy cool. And brutal, though. Like uh… not actually depicting, but *describing* what genocidal aliens do to human prisoners of war. And the aliens can reproduce with humans. So, you know. All the women are raped until all of the humanity is eventually gone over generations. All the men are castrated and brainwashed into fighting other humans. You might call the whole thing something like a Great Replacement.

But the uh, the ROMULUS will save humanity. Presumably, idk. The end of the book is him getting his sword and learning who he is, now I have to wait a freaking year.

Uh, it was good though. It has lmao it has like on one side, it does kinda acknowledge Jesus Christ was God, and on the other hand, there’s a bad guy who’s dressed a loooooot like a crusader and his name has “kristos” in it.

I’m just over-analyzing it. Idk if he’s actually even a bad-guy, because he’s feuding with another ba—and besides, there’s just a lot of borrowed names just all over the place that are just cool-soundinglol I don’t think. It means anything.

But it’s uh. Overall, pretty good. I’m glad I didn’t miss it. The art is insanely good, the story’s interesting, it has a cool blend of uh, you know, technology and uh…

I’m so freaking tired.

I wanna write about mma or something, but. Maybe later.


So Islam has staph infection lmao. If Dustin Poirier actually wins on Saturday, I’m going to lose my mind.

I mean, let’s see… Islam won’t be cleared to fight unless he’s not contagious. If he’s not, he’s gotta be on antibiotics. And just like Dustin’s last opponent, said antibiotics could compromise him.

Then we’ve got the Paulo Costa curse competing with the 35 curse, presumably neutralizing each other. What an exciting Saturday it’s going to be.

Speaking offffff Costa… I think Strickland’s probably going to win. And I’m okay with that. Should I do all muh picks rn? No, I’ll do Friday or Saturday. I know you’re really interested in my picks, don’t worry, I won’t forget.


vidya? no. I stopped playing Chrono Trigger lmao it uhhhhh… got a little boring.

Dragon Quest 3 though, for SNES, I’ve be—oh here’s something cool. The uh… guy(one of the guys, whatever) who may-or-may not have been bullycided by Kiwi Farms helped with the translation I think. I saw his name on the credits. That’s exciting.

It’s been a lot of fun. Although, you can’t Get Rich Quick betting on monster fights in this version. But a lot of other th—like it’s not COMPLETELY better than the GBC version, but a lot of it is just reallyyyyyy nice. I can’t bah-lieve a game like this was on SNES, it feels impossible somehow. But idk, my first console was like, the Nintendo 64, what do I know?

Hmm… I wonder if the N64 has any games besides Ocarina of Time and Mario 64…

Anyway, I’M GONNA GO now so uhh… sorry for wasting your time lmao I forgot what I wasssss… hmm.

Anyway that’s ALL! Ttyl. Pls take care of yourself, and have a comfy day.

God bless, fren

05/27: [Uncommon SECRET Blog Post] CAN’T WAKE UP & The END of Neocities???

Devs: She looks too female—not that that exists—add some more “””peach fuzz””” and lengthen her jaw a bit.

This is not a blog post about Uh… the Nikocado game girl.

It *was* going to be about Alan Wake 2, but it’s likeeeee… I don’t… care… enough. What is me complaining about White replacement(real and a problem) going to do for YOU?(you already know about it)

These blog posts have to have VALUE. Otherwise, why should I inflict them upon you?

“This sequel to a video game about a White man is about a black woman now. Can you BELIEVE that?” 🤯

What am I, the blogger version of The Quartering? Just kill me. Alan Wake 2-buyers get exactly what they deserve without me KVETCHING about it.

Maybe I should be Keemstar instead. LET’S GET RIIIIIIIIGHT into the neeeeeeewssss… Here’s something.

Today On Neocities: The fearsome [REDACTED] called out rising-star [REDACTED] today for what some might call spammy behavior in the form of following and liking everyone and everything. Is it?

Uhhhhhhhhhhh. Well yeah duh. Actually what—and you know… he’s got a nice site and everything. But this is actually the very reason why I left Wordpress to come to Neocities. To get away from niggas just “””liking””” my posts that they’re not even FUCKING reading.

I write a post like pretty much every day. It’s the DAILY Asker, you know, I take a lot of inspiration from the legendary Andrew A.lin. I cannot POSSIBLY expect anyone to read everything I post. Even if you(you) should because I’m, of course, one of the greatest writers alive today.

It is common for people to drop uhh… the quick supportive likes on their favorite pages without necessarily checking their updates, or just skimming through. But that’s different, that’s at least still somewhat special. If you’re just following and liking everything, it’s likeZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz what is Neocities? The “social” portion of it is just fucking dead then, it’s not real. It’s Wordpress.

There’s REALER sites like DC’s I don’t follow just because their profiles are too “busy”. They’re not spammy, but Neocities isn’t uhh… there’s not a lot of options to customize your feed, so when DC takes his adderall and suddenly gets a bunch of ideas, I’m going to miss everyone else’s posts for the day. And that’s him being REAL, and I love it.

Sooooooooooooooo… idk, who cares lmao. What am I saying, why am I saying it… I think [REDACTED] is right, and everyone should try to be less-concerned with Followers, and more concerned with the content of thlmao

Judge not a man by his Follower count, but by the content of his website.

I have a dream that one day I’ll be able to play Alan Wake 3, and it’ll actually just be about Alan Wake. And on that day, everyone will uh… read my blog post all the way to the end and—they’ll have a good day.

And they’ll tak—actually no, YOU do this NOW: have a good, comfy day, pls take care of yourself

and God bless, fren

05/26: [Rare Blog Post] Way of the Warrior

Billy Tucci is a genius

Zzzzeyhey—hey fren, hope you’re well. Want a Shipost?

I wish you’d read it instead, but I know you won’t. I understand, everyone’s got too much to do already.

So here’s how Shi ended: Perfectly. *spoilers begin here*

Ana goes to confront Arashi, the Yakuza who murdered her father. He fills a hole in her memory.

Her father had the upper hand on Arashi, and would have killed him. But something happened that allowed Arashi to kill her father instead. She could never remember what it was. But Arashi remembered.

As her father had Arashi in his clutches, Ana ran over, crying Thou Shalt Not Kill! as she’d been taught. As her father had been, too.

From this distraction, Arashi was able to draw a blade from his coat and end it.

Ana had saved Arashi’s life and caused her father’s death.

Lemme just wrap it up now—Arashi bests Ana, and spares her life, claiming it’s the only way for them both to defeat their true enemy—Shi, death.

Arashi takes responsibility for all of the “Shi-killings” and allows himself to be arrested rather than commit suicide. He’s kinda done with that lifestyle, Ana took it from him.

Ana leaves for Japan with the new life Arashi gave her.

Everything perfect?

Almost, yeah. A few loose ends. Blind Dad’s still hunting the Tengu, Sis still wants to kill Tomoe, and the cop-killing Civilian Review Board are still around. Although a female detective Ana saved at the beginning of the series is now hunting their asses. Maybe she—hmm… well anyway, it was great. *spoilers end here*

Comics in general suck, capeshit especially is gay and stupid. Shi: Way of the Warrior was just different. It was incredible. That’s all. From beginning to end, well-paced, consistently surprising, you get to see the artwork improve over time, the characters are cool, the action is cool (Detective Chad and Mercguy’s fight in Central Park ended up with a motorcycle and a police horse) and the whole thing’s based and Christpilled. I’m glad I read it. You come for the hot Azn girl, you stay for the story.

So that’s all. Shi: Way of the Warrior, 10/10, go check out Billy Tucci's site

Get something from his store, you can get the same omnibus I got there, get it siiiiiigned, the guy’s a freakin genius, this story is GREAT, that’s all. No wonder he became a freakin millionaire from it, he deserved it.

Uhhhh… are we wrapping up the post? Yeah. I’m definitely going to be checking out some more SHI, I think Ana has a DAUGHTER at one point, I gotta find out what happens to Tomoeeeeeee, it’s all very. Cool stuff. Shi. Billy Tucci, go check it out if you want a cool comic that isn’t uh, stupid bullshit like “Durrr Supermad Dead Hulk from Universe 3N’s healing factor allows him to eat the Sun and become strong enough to kill the Living Tribunal at the edge of the Universe!!” lmao eat the Sun, I’m using that.

Anyway, I’m gonna go. Ttyl. Pls take care of yourself.

God bless, fren.

05/24: [Epic Blog Post] The 36 Strategies

Or: Great, Now I Have To Get More Books

Hey hoooooooope. You’re well. Where am I… Shipost?

Tomoe and Ana have been reunited. Tomoe’s going back to Japan to face the Nara monks, claiming she’ll end her own life for her failure, if it’s required of her. I DON’T LIKE IT. But it’s also unlikely to be that simple, since Sis wants to kill her now.

Blind Dad is still just running around NYC right now chasing after the Tengu that caused the death of his daughter. BUT. Detective Chad, who has now quit the force, claims it’s actually a Pan and saves people! WAT.

Detective Chad has now been accused of killing Mercguy’s idiot GF, because it turns out Koji DIDN’T kill her. But Detective Chad also obviously didn’t. SO WHO DID!? Whatever the answer is, Mercguy and Detective Chad are going to have a 1v1 sniper duel in Central Park now. Very neato.

Ana, once again Shi, intends to FACE ARASHI. How’s it going to end? Is she going to kill him? Whatever her choice is, the fact that Tomoe basically killed every single gangster in the city is going to make things easier for her. It’s *not* going to make it easier for her to convince Arashi that she doesn’t want to kill him.


I think Tomoe’s story is continued in other books. Which. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhlmao. I wanna know. I don’t want to BUY MOAR BOOKS.

Also there’s… ...moar Shi, too. Senryaku sounds reallyyy cool.

“a pin-up book that combines beautiful artwork with the 36 Strategies, a classic Chinese treatise on war and living. Each pin-up is themed around one of the 36 Strategies, accompanied by a short story that illustrates how the strategy can be applied in different situations.”

It hurts lmao. That’s soooooooo cool, I want it. I think Billy Tucci’s selling it on his site, I’ll check itout. But the OTHER stories, like Tomoe’s? ;_; I think she—wait no, but… yeah, I think she’s in a Shi/Witchblade book. It had a note on one of the pages, I’ll ------- anyway, lemmejust finish reading what I have on hand before I start agonizing about the future. Idk if I want to… I’ve got 1 full box of comics, I don’t really want to uh… become a comic collector.

Anything else? Chronoposting? I’m in Magus’s castle, and I’m about to yeet his last general. The game’s growing on me. Not TOO MUCH. But a fair amount.

Emblemposting? Dragonposting? No, all just Chrono rn. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz iaaaaaahhhhhhhh im so tired. Im gonna gooooooooooo. Pls take care of yourself,illlllll. Ttyl.

God bless, fren